GE PHP900DMBB Profile Bulit-In Induction Cooktop

Whether you’re a homeowner or professional chef, this GE Profile electric induction cooktop is the right choice for any occasion. With a wide range of cooktops on the market, a glass ceramic induction cooktop is the only design that offers:

  • Fast, effortless wall counter or island installation
  • Cool, touch-safe cooking surface
  • Full range of temperatures equivalent to a traditional stove-top
  • Even heating and efficient cooking
  • Rapid heat-up and faster boiling and cooking than electric and gas ranges

GE PHP960DMBB Built-in Induction Cooktop

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How Does Induction Cooking Work in the GE PHP900DMBB?

Induction elements heat food using electromagnetic energy. The magnets within an element cause the atoms in a pot or pan that contain ferrous iron to generate heat. In comparison, electric and gas range cooktops generate heat and then pass it through a cookware surface to the food.

The GE PHP900DMBB has four induction elements: The left front and rear 2500W elements are each seven inches in diameter. The right front 3700W element is a huge 11 inches in diameter.

It’s the perfect size for boiling and cooking meals for large family events and parties. The central (1800W) element is six inches in diameter – the best size for cooking or warming sauces, condiments, and sides in a small pot or pan.

Additional Features of the GE PHP900DMBB

Modern cooks don’t have to look anywhere else for a high-quality cooktop.

  • The lightweight surface is 21.4 x 29.8 x 4.6 inches and weighs only 41 pounds. This size and weight, along with a 36-inch power cord, allow for fast installation almost anywhere in a kitchen.
  • Nineteen temperature control settings at different power levels offer users more precise heating.
  • The electronic digital touch control system features an LCD digital display, a kitchen timer, and an accidental/child safety lock
  • The design is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for appliances
  • The glossy black surface matches a variety of kitchen color schemes
  • The glass ceramic is incredibly easy to clean.
  • Pan presence and size sensors detect when an element isn’t in use and automatically shut it off if you forget to do so.

Since the GE PHP900DMBB has a cool-touch surface, you can keep cooking supplies on it within reach as you work without them being damaged by heat. For example, you can place spices and oils on the surface and they will not lose their flavor or turn rancid.

The cool-touch surface also guarantees that spilled foods will never bake onto the glass ceramic or cause stains.

What other additional perks do we like most about the GE PHP900DMBB?

The LCD display is easy-to-read and only lights up when it’s in use. Unlike most electric and gas cooktops, the display turns off soon after you are finished using it.

This unit is also entirely frameless, which means that it can be installed flush with a counter’s surface, and there’s no stainless steel trim to try to clean around.

Tips for Optimal Use of the GE PHP900DMBB

  • Never clean with an abrasive cleaning product. Although glass-ceramic is scratch-resistant, you can still etch it.
  • Contact between the element and cookware bottom is necessary for even heating of any ingredients. Use flat, wide bottom pots and pans to get the best cooking results.
  • Since paper towels can’t burn on this cooktop, place a clean paper towel between the element and a pan to catch spills.
  • Some cooktops have bridge elements. You can get the same effect by using the six-inch element with the back left element for cooking or reheating foods in long pans.

Final Verdict
If you are looking for a counter-style induction cooktop that offers all of the features of a high-end model used by professional chefs in their restaurants and homes, it’s time to consider the 30-Inch GE Profile PHP900DMBB.

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