Aobosi Fry Pan Style a Cast Iron Pan Supported Induction Cooktop Burner

As compared to electric and gas cookers, this particular one is an induction cooktop of my choice. The product itself, as well as the raving reviews about this new method of cooking, is quite impressive.
Aobosi Fry Pan Style Induction Cooktop Burner

Aobosi Fry Pan Style Induction Cooktop Burner

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Induction cooking is unique in the sense that it heats the pans directly using electromagnetic energy. This is in contrast to the electric and gas cooktops. These heat the vessels through a heating element or a burner and the radiant energy is then transmitted to the food. Therefore, it does not heat the kitchen up. Heat up is a problem, especially during summers or while cooking for long periods of time.

The Aobosi fry pan style of the induction cooktop burner 1300 watt portable for a cooker is the one which I purchased. You might be interested in knowing the key aspects as well as the basic features of this product. let’s give you a brief.


  • It has a crystal plate of 11” diameter. This comes with a digital control panel
  • It comes with 6 menus. The menus are for milk, boil, soup, fry, grill and hot pot.
  • This works well with 120V and it has 8 power levels that you can adjust based on the requirements and needs. The power levels range from 200 to 1300 watts.
  • One can reach temperatures of up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit and the entire temperature range is from 140 degrees onwards.
  • There is a timer function which is very useful as the heating shuts off after the time has elapsed and therefore, one need not keep monitoring this and the user can rather use that time to do something else.
  • This is very easy to clean as the surface is smooth. You can easily clean it out with a soft cloth.
  • The induction cooktop burner is compact and portable. Therefore you can store as well as handle it quite easily.
  • This unit automatically shuts off after 60 seconds in case there is no cookware on it.
  • There is an auto-off protection which is there as well if there is no option after 2 hours.
  • This cooktop is ETL approved.
  • It comes with a diagnostic error message system.
  • There are warnings for high and low voltage
  • It offers an overheat protection as well.
  • The cooktop comes with a warranty of 1 year and therefore there are no problems which I have faced with regards the quality of this cooktop

In the package with the cooktop comes a user manual.  It consists of detailed instructions about the cooktop as well as about handling, storing, caring and maintaining this. It also explains the workings and the parts in great detail in the manual.

The reasons I personally liked this cooktop is that the size is quite large. The dimensions of the cooktop are 16.2 inches by 14.7 inches by 4.4 inches. It can thus be used for broad base utensils quite conveniently. Most of the times, size is an issue with most of those average induction cookers out there.

This also weighs just 5.5 pounds and so transporting this from one place to the other or even one room to the other is extremely easy.

One does not have to buy new vessels, pots, and pans, and in addition to stainless steel vessels, you even use cast iron pans on this with no problems. Simply get something that has some iron anywhere in it. Due to the size of the surface, it can accommodate almost all sizes of pans on it. This even allows you to use a 12-inch pan without any problem as long as the pan is made of stainless steel or iron.

I found this product useful for a variety of reasons. I set the temperature – something which I wasn’t able to do with my stove top.  Using the temperature set lets one can adjust the timing that the temperature as required by them. This helps me as I usually do a lot of slow cooking food like hot pots, making of broths as well as slow cooking of meats.

Based on the presets, the temperatures are determined. For example boiling will stay for around 20 minutes. You can easily change the mode by selecting of PROG. Using this function, you will be able to change the wattage. There is even a single 20A circuit breaker which allows you to select lower temperatures and use the toaster at the same time without fear of the circuit tripping.

There are various protections which are particular to the cooktop. Some of them are the notification if the pan is not right. When there is an aluminum pan, there will be a beeping sound. This is to inform the user that the pan is not the right one and must replace it. Thanks to this facility, the user know if the pan has some ferrous material in it or not.

As the cooktop does not heat up, this is safe especially when you have kids who run in and out of the kitchen. With your stove top, you might be tensed and scared that they would burn themselves. This, however, involves little or no risk at all.

Even once you cook the food, the unit, for the next few minutes, runs slow on battery so that everything can cook down.


Therefore, I would suggest if you are in two minds about whether you should buy an induction cooker or not, you definitely should go in for one. Especially this Aobosi Fry Pan Style Induction Cooktop Burner 1300-Watt Portable for Extra Cooker I can personally vouch for. You will never regret the decision you have taken,  for sure.

In fact, an average person would give up your stove top almost completely and use this induction cooktop almost always.

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