Ballarini Cookware Review: The Italian Treasure

Ballarini is a brand name in the cookware world that results from its proud employees’ hearts and hands. An Italian cookware brand, owned by parent firm Zwilling J. A. Henckels, a German kitchenware manufacturer, is renowned for its traditional values of craftsmanship and communion in the workplace. 

Ballarini specializes in nonstick aluminum cookware, which according to many chefs and avid cookers, is the best combination to have for your cooking needs. A nonstick cooking surface is always hassle-free and saves you valuable time and energy. And Ballarini just does that with their top-of-the-line nonstick aluminum cookware pots and pans. When you pile all that up with the superiority of hand and machine at work, the results are the best nonstick aluminum cookware in the business. 

At a Glance

Editors Rating

cuisinart hard anodized cookware set

Overall Rating-4.8/5

Ballarini's professional stainless steel range provides improved value and comes in various cookware sets and particular features.

  • Saves resources and avoids hotspots

  • Triple coating aluminum and real thick aluminum

  • Outer ceramic coating is incredibly highly durable

Easy to Clean- 4.8/5

Heat Distribution- 4.9/5

Value of Money - 4.8/5

Product Quality - 4.7/5

Durability - 4.8/5

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 Ballarini Cookware Set Reviews 

Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Cookware SetThe Very Best of Ballarini Nonstick Cookware

A combination of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and easy-to-use convenience in the best nonstick aluminum cookware would be a fitting description. The Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Cookware set that comes with ten pieces, is a must-have. It provides the best nonstick, and unlike the Pisa range, the nonstick is their signature Granitium. 

ballarini cookware reviewsThe cookware is abrasion-resistant, their nonstick isn’t prone to metal-utensil damage and that’s a major plus point. The nonstick coating is ceramic-enforced and triple-layered, and this makes it stand out from its competition given it offers superior heat distribution. In general, aluminum is lighter and an efficient heat conductor, and the Parma forged aluminum construction makes it more durable. The glass lids are snug-fitting, so the heat and flavor are sealed inside, and you can monitor your food as it cooks. 

The Positives

Scratch-resistant and cold-forged aluminum construction enhances durability. PTFE-free, triple-layered, Granitium nonstick coating ensures even heat distribution and minimal oil use for healthier cooking. Handles stay cool and provide a comforting grasp.

The Negatives

More expensive and heavier than stainless steel cookware. Customers have complained regarding warped pots and pans upon delivery. Moreover, their lids aren’t interchangeable. 

Two Cents

Boasting the best cookware title in the Ballarini range, the Parma range is known for its durability and convenience. The dishwasher-safe option makes cleanup quick and easy. Their unique Thermopoint technology allows you to control food temperature and get perfectly cooked food every time and sustain the nonstick coating in the long run. 

Ballarini Como Forged Aluminum Nonstick Cookware SetExtra Thick, The Best Durability Deal Out There!

The Ballarini Como Forged Aluminum Nonstick Cookware set of pots and pans in black is one tough nut. Crafted from multi-layered aluminum, it is much thicker than its relevant competitors, even within Ballarini’s other collections. Thicker aluminum always equates to higher conductivity of heat and higher retention. The thicker aluminum retains more heat over longer periods, which lets you cook that chicken broth for those extra minutes and sear your meat to perfection when it matters. 

ballarini cookwareTheir slightly effective difference to their toxin-free, ceramic nonstick coating base is that the coating is triple-layered. Therefore, not only do you get evenly cooked food but a guaranteed metal-utensil safety. Another plus point is that the superior nonstick coating allows for flawless food-release, so don’t worry about those sticky bits of eggs, and the use of minimal oil is a good health benefit. This is a benefit felt because you can cook sticky and oily foods with minimum fat. 

The Positives

More and more customers globally are shifting to ceramic-based nonstick cookware due to their safety. Ballarini Aluminum cookware specializes in its use of ceramic material within its nonstick layers of coating. On the other hand, being PFOA-free, their pots and pans are durable in the long run. They are easier to clean and prevents chippings and peelings. 

The Negatives

Ceramic nonstick is not as well in performance as aluminum and mostly stainless steel. Moreover, stainless steel is easier to clean than aluminum-built cookware. There have been complaints of damaged packaging of Ballarini’s cookware products; therefore, that is one factor to keep in mind before making your order. 

Two Cents

The Como Forged line of cookware from Ballarini is known for its premium quality and its higher-end reputation; approved by celebrity chefs and the likes, this might just be the final piece in the kitchen puzzle you’d be looking for. 

Ballarini Asti Nonstick Cookware SetSpeckles and Freckles 

Another reputable nonstick cookware set from Ballarini, the Asti speckled ceramic-bonded nonstick 10-piece in granite. The cold-forged construction built from the core with aluminum (99.9%) makes it one sturdy set of cookware to own. Durability as a result is sky-rocketing, and purchasing the Asti cookware set will be an investment for the ‘now and then’. This cookware set also features their famous Granitium and ceramic layered nonstick coating that is abrasion-resistant and absorbs heat efficiently. 

italian cookware brandsThe cookware set comes with ergonomic cool-to-touch and easy to hold handles and knobs on the lids. Their shatter-resistant and tempered glass lids allow you to supervise your meals as they cook, while also sealing in the heat and flavor inside. The rough texture makes it very easy to clean, as well as the smooth nonstick base, (a simple wipe will do), and is definitely dishwasher-safe. 

You sure will be confident next time you invite guests over for a feast night when you have the Ballarini Asti Nonstick Cookware set sitting in your kitchen. Plan a comprehensive course of appetizers, the main course, and desserts all in one, and sip that extra glass of wine unbothered about the cleanup later, as they’ll be safely washing in the dishwasher after. 

The Positives

Highly durable, even heat distribution, and resistant to metal utensils damaging the surface. The cookware set is very easy to clean and requires little to no oil to cook. 

The Negatives

According to customers, Ballarini’s high-end thicker aluminum and granitium nonstick cookware are better at dealing with heat and damage, while the opposite is said to be the case when it comes to the low-budget ones. Customers have also mentioned how Ballarini’s Asti cookware line performs poorly in high heat and are discouraged to do so, and so it takes more time to cook food that can be done quicker. 

Two Cents

If you invest in an entire cookware set, it is worthy to look at Ballarini’s different ranges. A heavy-duty performing option would be the Como Forged line while the Asti line is slightly thinner but uses the same Granitium and ceramic-bonded nonstick coating. 

 Ballarini Pots And Pans Reviews 

Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan SetHard as Granite; You Can Crack Some Eggs! 

‘Granitium.’ What a cool word, right? Sounds like a rare stone found in an antique shop. Well, in fact, it is not so dissimilar in that regard. We learned to create fire with stone from cavemen, and we learned the archaic way of cooking on stone. Granitium became that evolution-inspired material that transformed the way we perceive nonstick cookware. We either have nonstick on aluminum that isn’t a generally effective surface to cook on, or the nonstick wears off, or there’s always something missing. Ballarini Granitium nonstick coating became the missing piece in the puzzle. In granite color, the Ballarini Forged Aluminum Granitium Nonstick Fry Pan does look rock-solid. 

 ballarini pots and pansThanks to Granitium, also a PTFE brand, we now have the most complete pots and pans. A frying pan that is absolutely resistant to metal-utensils, scrapings, peelings and damage altogether is a deal sold. However, Ballarini goes to great lengths to ensure the highest quality, as the Granitium is reinforced with ceramic material, the food release is marvelously good. Toss your noodle pack, flip your pancakes, scrape off the gravy left behind in your chicken tikka masala meal, and be in awe of just how effective Ballerini nonstick cookware are. 

But that’s not it. This brilliant collection of nonstick fry pans is way ahead of the competition in terms of heat conduction, they retain heat quickly and easily, and allow the heat to grow into your slow-cooked meals. Browning or braising strips of chicken tender, salmon fillets will give you the utmost satisfaction. And when everything is said and done, this set of Granitium nonstick fry pans from Ballarini is the best at what it does.

The Positives

Ballarini uses their innovative Thermopoint technology on their handles. They are sensitive to heat and turn red when it’s too hot and green when cool enough. This not only adds safety to your kitchen concerns (imagine not worrying about your toddler running around the kitchen when something hot is cooking on the stove) but also allows you to monitor your food as it’s cooked while controlling the temperature. Now you’ll be certain just when your chicken is fried to perfection. Moreover, they are renowned for their durability, and will last you longer than you’d expect. Their rigid texture calls for easy cleaning and on that note, this might just be the one cookware you can rely on for dishwashing

The Negatives

The Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Granitium Nonstick Fry Pan set can relatively be heavier than stainless steel and harder to carry around. Cooking on PTFE-based nonstick coating is only safe upto certain temperatures like 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

ballarini pan review

Two Cents

The Como Forged line of cookware from Ballarini is famous for their heavy-duty performance and durability both in structure and nonstick. Ballarini went the extra mile with adding three layers of nonstick coating to their ceramic-enforced Granitium nonstick cookware and hence, your set of frying pans will stand strong against the tide of time. This is a very convincing case for customers all around. 

Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven with Lid, 4.8 quart Perfectly Fit Any Cooking

The beauty of Ballarini Forged Aluminum Nonstick cookware is truly felt when using their individual pieces. For instance, their 4.8-quart dutch oven in granite. They come with all the cookware line features and fit in perfectly with each cookware piece’s specific needs. 

ballarini parma cookwareWe want a dutch oven that is magnificent in heat conduction and retention so we can cook our slow-cooked meat using less heat and saving energy; the multi-layered Parma Forged aluminum construction does just that. We also want a dutch oven that distributes heat just right and the cold-forged-aluminum ticks that box as well. You can just set your dutch oven on top of the stove, let the water heat up, not worry about their stay-cool handles, sear your meat while monitoring it, and stir the gravy around without damaging the surface, thanks to their Granitium nonstick coating. We want a dutch oven that delivers it all, and Ballarini has delivered more than we could ask for.

The Positives

Easy cleanup process thanks to the dishwasher-safe feature. The toxin-free nonstick coating gives flawless food release and requires minimal oil for cooking adding to a healthier lifestyle. Despite its construction, it is relatively lightweight and easy to handle, also thanks to its ergonomic handles. 

The Negatives

There have been mentions of Ballirini cookware lids not fitting, and the same has been mentioned regarding their Parma Forged Aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven. This is worth considering as lids have to be snug-fitting to dutch ovens because of their entire purpose. 

Two Cents

A quality dutch oven is a necessity; it is great for family dinners, food for all your children, and just getting the most out of a big pot. Its hard body, top-notch nonstick performance, and ability to maintain temperature and save energy make it hard to refuse not to buy it. This is a good deal. 

Ballarini Professionale 4500 Aluminum Nonstick Deep Fry PanBest at Conductivity, Best at Delivering Quality Food!

A frying pan is like a floor; we all have one. Whether you go for a walk or stand by the kitchen counter, there’s always a floor beneath. Likewise, any kitchen needs a frying pan for those early morning breakfasts with eggs, bacon, the whole nine yards. And yes, the conventional thing to do is purchasing one of those cheap frying pans that will last you a year or two until you can’t differentiate between the browning of your bacon and the pan’s surface. However, allow your mind to contemplate. Why? Let’s dive in. 

ballarini pansThe Ballarini Professionale 4500 Aluminum Nonstick Deep Fry Pan gives you all that plus more. Yes, they are slightly more expensive but imagine a frying pan that you don’t have to worry over replacing in years. Its aluminum-build is unlike any because of the 5mm thickness that enhances even heat distribution and conductivity, so you can save energy and still cook the best food. The KERASTONE professional nonstick coating molded with ceramic particles makes this frying pan value for that extra cash you’ll be spending. Add all that with the fact that this Ballarini Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan is abrasion-resistant, therefore more durability. 

The Positives

The Ballarini Professionale 4500 Aluminum Nonstick Deep Fry Pan has stainless steel handles that are heat-resistant. Moreover, there are general complaints regarding various pots and pans about their unergonomic bases; this fry pan has a flat base that will fit your stovetop like two peas in a pod. 

The Negatives

Generally, aluminum-built frying pans are heavier relative to stainless steel ones. We prefer lightweight frying pans for flexibility and movement over the stovetop, especially when flipping pancakes and tossing sticky pad thai. In many cases, a stainless steel pan would do a better job at that. 

Two Cents

Given its excellent craftsmanship and durability, especially when you consider its value for money, it is a must-have for customers worldwide. 

Ballarini: A Brief Juxtaposition 

Ballarini has various cookware lines in its portfolio, and this will be a quick look into which line of cookware suits your needs best. The Ballarini collection includes the Como collection, the Parma collection, the Pisa collection, the Modena collection, and the Asti collection. 

First, we have the Ballarini Parma range; it offers the cold-forged-aluminum body that is so reputable. The Parma collection also provides the Thermopoint technology used on their handles in particular cookware sets such as the Parma Forged Fry Pan set. They are dishwasher-safe, and the nonstick needs no introduction. The Parma collection features the Granitium nonstick surface, unlike the Pisa collection, and is, therefore, easier to clean and cook on.

ballarini cookware prices

Ballarini Parma vs Modena

Ballarini Modena is much the same as the Ballarini Parma range. It features the cold-forged-aluminum construction, the ceramic-enforced Granitium nonstick coating, stay-cool handles, and performs just as well. However, the Modena range of cookware comes with a softer handle for a more comfortable grip and stainless steel rims around the tempered glass lids for additional durability. In terms of pricing, they are within similar ranges as well. 

Ballarini Parma vs Pisa

The Ballarini Pisa collection features their signature Keravis triple-layered nonstick coating, giving effortless food release and hassle-free cleanup. Its cold-forged-aluminum build calls for even heat distribution and efficient heat conduction and retention. However, the Pisa collection has had complaints of their nonstick layer peeling off. Moreover, Ballarini Pisa cookware does not support induction stovetops, which may be a dealbreaker for some. 

Ballarini Parma vs Asti

Ballarini Parma cookware offers a handle with Thermopoint technology that allows you to control temperature; the lights on the handles change color as temperature varies. That is not the case, Ballarini Asti cookware, although they have stay-cool handles.

Ballarini Parma vs Professionale

A different option in the Ballarini range would be the Ballarini Professionale range that offers stainless steel cookware sets. They give a better nonstick performance than some of the Como collections; however, they are more expensive.

The Best of The Best

ballarini parma cookware

Ending it with the Ballarini Como cookware collection would be justice. It is their best cookware range in durability (cold-forged-aluminum), mainly because it has a thicker aluminum of 4.6mm than the rest. They have the ceramic-bonded Keravis triple-layered nonstick and are induction compatible. They are also dishwasher-safe and are three times more efficient in terms of energy and lighter than in weight. However, the Como range is more pricey than the Parma and Pisa collection in general. 


Is ceramic-based nonstick safe? Does it do the job?

Yes. More and more customers prefer ceramic-based cookware and nonstick coating because of their safety. It does the job, especially when you consider that the ceramic particles are bonded with Granitium; hence, heat conduction and retention are better. 

Which range of Ballarini cookware is generally the most expensive?

The Como line is relatively expensive but is built with multiple-layered aluminum and hence is durable as well.

Is Ballarini an Italian brand or a German brand?

Ballarini is an Italian brand whose parent firm is the German company Zwilling J. A. Henckels. 

Ballarini cookware is said to be ‘resistant’ to abrasion; does that mean I can use metal utensils?

No, ‘resistant’ in this case means its ability to incur the least damage, but using metal utensils repeatedly will eventually resulting in damages.

How do I wash Ballarini cookware the best?

Even though they are dishwasher-safe, wash them manually. Simply use non-abrasive sponges and gently scrub them with soap and water as their aluminum texture would be easy to clean and wipe off. 


Ballarini is not a name you hear in the mainstream market. An Italian treasure, its resilient efforts in sustained quality and durability, innovative technology, and craftsmanship makes it one of the best contemporary cookware brands in the market at the moment. Their economical prices are just added bonus. 

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