BergHOFF Single Burner Induction CookTop Review

The BergHOFF Induction CookTop is a single unit home induction device that is both economical and effective. Induction ranges are excellent tools for cooking for a variety of reasons, including efficiency, cleanliness, and safety.

This single cooktop uses electromagnets to directly heat your pot or pan, as opposed to the standard gas or electric elements that heat from below and radiate their energy up and into the cookware.

The magnets use an inductive effect to generate heat using the very iron atoms that make up your pot or pan, eliminating the need for a radiant heat source.

bergoff induction cooktop

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Benefits and Advantages of Using Induction Cooktops

Cooking through induction is significantly more efficient than using standard gas or electric elements. The loss of excess heat to the environment when using gas allows for only 38 percent efficiency, and electric elements only allow for 70 percent at a maximum.

On the other hand, induction systems offer up to 90 percent efficiency due to no loss of heat from an element. The energy savings alone are enough to warrant upgrading to an induction cooktop, but other features make them even more attractive.

Induction cooktops like this BergHOFF Single have several distinct advantages over traditional gas or electric stoves. They can reach a wider range of temperatures at a faster pace, and the surfaces remain cool to the touch even when in use.

The risk of burning your hand during meal preparation vanishes as an issue, and you can even place a paper towel on the induction surface before use to help avoid splatter and make clean up even easier.

Induction burners like this are safe, fast, and easy, and they completely outperform their traditional counterparts.

Design and Quality

The BergHOFF Single is well designed and has a functional yet sleek and modern appearance. At just over a few inches in height with a footprint just over a square foot and weighing under seven pounds, this cooktop will fit on just about any counter and can be a perfect addition to any preexisting cooktop setup.

A touch screen control pad allows the user full and easy control over the cooking surface, and up to 150 minutes on the timer. With temperature settings for both cooking and rewarming and a shatterproof non-skid surface, this induction burner is a marvel of design.

The system has an LCD screen and a portable construction for both storage and convenience. It also heats up immediately and has a system for protecting against overheating.

Potential Negatives of Using Induction

One potential downside to the BergHOFF Single, and to induction cooktops in general, is that you must have an appropriate set of pots and pans. Some cookware isn’t compatible with induction cooktops due to the iron content in them.

A quick way to test your cookware is to attempt to attach a magnet to the bottom side of each pot or pan. If the magnet sticks to the surface then an induction cooktop will work.

There are products available that act as a heat transfer agent between your induction cooktop and your incompatible cookware, but this defeat the purpose of using the induction system in the first place.

A New Standard For Cooking

Induction cooktops like the BergHOFF Single are quickly becoming prevalent in the culinary world. This system is priced moderately compared to many of the high-end, premium systems, but the functionality available from the BergHOFF is more than worth the comparatively low price.

This product is perfect for those looking to branch out and try a new way of cooking for themselves without investing in a complete four-burner system, or for those who need the portability and convenience of something like a hotplate while still enjoying the advantages of an induction cooktop.

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