The Best Countertop Dishwashers For Your Home

Looking for a Best Countertop Dishwasher for your Kitchen?

A dishwasher is a necessary appliance for any kitchen. Not everyone can afford to get a full-size model though. That’s where the services of a countertop dishwasher can work for anyone’s needs.

A countertop unit provides you with a simple body that is easy to use and set up in your kitchen. You can add one of these washers into your space if you are in a small apartment or another spot that might not have a built-in washer. It is also convenient for parents who want to teach their kids how to use a dishwasher to clean cookware set. Those who want a washer that doesn’t use loads of energy or water will benefit from a countertop model.

But what can you find on today’s market? This guide will help you see what to find in a best portable dishwasher. You will also learn about ten washers that will help you clean off your dishes with ease.

Best Countertop Dishwasher 2020

  1. SPT Countertop Dishwasher Review – Useful Cycle Options

SPT Countertop Dishwasher ReviewStart your search for a best countertop dishwasher by looking at this attractive SPT model. Designed with a compact body, the SPT countertop dishwasher is easy to install.

Choose from one of six washing cycles by using the Program button. The light on the dishwasher display lets you know which cycle you are using. You can use light and heavy-duty modes plus a fast-speed option for lighter washing needs.

The washer weighs just 48.5 pounds. You will not struggle to clean the interior’s stainless steel body. A faucet adapter is also on the back to link to your water supply without leaking.

You can adjust the dish rack and silverware basket in many ways. Get up to six place settings worth of items added to the dishwasher at a time.

  • Produces little noise
  • Residual heat used in the drying process
  • Consumes less than four gallons of water in a cycle
  • Water might leak from a nearby side sprayer on a faucet
  • Only one tier for added items into


The convenient design of this SPT dishwasher adds a comfortable body you will want to add anywhere in your kitchen. By using less water and energy, the machine keeps your dishes clean without adding to your utility bills. The ability to configure the inside of the dishwasher to fit all your items with ease adds to what makes it valuable. Read more

  1. Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher Reviews – Easy to Maintain and Fill

best countertop dishwasher Danby DDW611WLEDThe second option to see is this Danby model. Designed with support for six place settings, this model uses a stainless steel inside and six wash cycles. The LED display lets you review how the cycle is running and how much time is left on it.

The automatic dispenser unit lets you add dish detergent into a port before you start up the washer. The detergent moves evenly throughout the inside.

The inside allows you to clean off the dishwasher and move the rack in and out as you see fit.

  • Needs a little over three gallons of water for a cycle
  • Does not produce lots of vibrations
  • Compact body fits onto most countertops
  • Water lines can protrude rather well
  • Some cycles take longer than others


The convenience of this Danby dishwasher provides you with a good body for cleaning that works fast. The simple design lets you place the dishwasher on a basic surface and let you wash things quickly and effortlessly.

  1. EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Washer – Great Jets All Around

best portable dishwasher EdgeStar 6 Place Setting WasherThe third choice to see is from EdgeStar. Like the other two models, it has enough room for six place settings. You will notice the more detailed LED display on the top-left part of the washer. This gives you full detail on the temperature inside the machine, the timing for a wash and much more. You can adjust the water temperature inside the unit through the display. The water can go up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

The five-foot hose on the EdgeStar washer provides you with a setup for linking the washer up to your water line. The design gives you more freedom to place the washer in any space.

The water is sprayed out of conveniently placed jets. The water pressure is strong enough to wash off your dishes while being gentle to keep them from being harmed. Best of all, the risk of water spotting is minimal. Heating the water up also makes it easier for you to kill off germs and bacteria from inside of the washer.

A child lock is also included on the outside. The lock keeps kids from trying to tamper with or get into the washer.

  • Simple body design
  • Quick to program
  • Easy to add anywhere around your kitchen
  • Hose is bulky and tough to flex
  • Warm on the outside when the water is hot


Being able to adjust the water temperature in your dishwasher is a necessity. The EdgeStar countertop washer gives you more control over the temperature, thus helping to kill off the bacteria and other troubling features around your dishwasher. The simplicity of this model makes it suitable for many washing needs that you may have.

  1. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher – Keep Your Dishes Streak-Free

hOmeLabs Compact Countertop DishwasherLook at this hOmeLabs model if you’re looking for a fine model that helps you get the best streak-free dishes possible. The dispenser on this design provides you with details on when you need to add new cleaning materials into space. A small indicator light goes off on the washer to let you know when you need to add rinsing agent materials.

There are six washing options on this unit. A delay button light allows you to delay a cycle if necessary. You can time the washer to start working in two, four or eight hours.

The washer has room for six place settings. It also includes a silverware basket can be removed and placed back in quickly as needed.

  • The filter is easy to cleanout
  • Heats water quickly
  • Timer feature lets you get the washer working as you need it
  • Buzzer is noisy
  • Does not have a pressure gauge or alert


The timer feature on this washer makes it a popular choice, but the ability of the washer to let you know when new cleaning materials are required help. This assists you with getting your dishes cleaned off effortlessly.

  1. Best Choices Products Small Spaces Kitchen Washer – Six Great Cycle Options

Best Choices Products Small Spaces Kitchen WasherBest Choices Products makes this next countertop washer with six cycle options. A speed wash option is available as well as a rinse option and a setting for cleaning fragile glass surfaces. The display screen lets you know what setting you are using.

You can also program the washer to go off at a certain time. The time of day can be programmed onto the washer. You would then set a time for the washer to start up. Be sure you have the proper detergent for your dishes inside the washer at this time and that you set the appropriate cleaning option for your use.

  • Guards on the sides keep dishes from shifting
  • Timer operates at up to 24 hours
  • Easy to clean stainless steel surface
  • Requires extra effort for programming
  • Silverware tray is small


Being able to program a washer to go off at any time of the day is always a positive. This Best Choices Products countertop washer provides you with not only plenty of washing options but also a convenient way to get your dishes cleaned off at a time that fits your needs.

  1. Black and Decker BCD6W 6-Place Setting Washer – 24-Hour Washing Support

Black and Decker BCD6W 6-Place Setting WasherBlack and Decker, an experienced name in home appliances, offers this countertop dishwasher model with a delayed start option that lets you program a cycle up to 24 hours in advance. The LED display shows the time of day and helps guide you into programming the washer to work at an appropriate time.

The six-place setting washer can handle dishes up to ten inches in size. The points around the inside provide you with spaces for securing your dishes without risking them moving around while in the washing machine.

The seven cycle options include options for fast cleaning as well as an extensive 90-minute cycle for heavy-duty cleaning needs.

  • Convenient controls
  • Clear timer display
  • Child lock keeps people secure
  • The surface can dent quickly
  • Heavy and touch to carry around


The design of this Black and Decker dishwasher provides you with a comfortable look. The design gives you control over the wash with many options for cleansing. The timer feature is particularly convenient as it ensures you will get your dishes washed off at a time that is right for your demands.

  1. Danby Dishwasher Review DDW621WDB – Use Less Water

Danby DDW621WDB Countertop DishwasherThis Danby dishwasher features a six-place setting capacity and includes a silverware basket. The dishwasher offers a quick connect feature that links up to most kitchen faucets.

The low-consumption setup of this dishwasher makes it a popular choice for use. The washer handles about three gallons of water on average, thus making it easy for people to utilize.

  • Carefully organized interior with clear racks
  • Easy to wash off the inside
  • Simple organization adds a comfortable space
  • Display lights tough to read
  • Small hose makes it tough to link up at times


Danby makes this countertop dishwasher model as a simplified model that anyone can use for any intention. The dishwasher has several convenient control options that make it easier for people to get their dishes cleaned off the right way. The fact that this does not use as much water as other models is a huge plus.

  1. SPT SD-2224DS Dishwasher – Plan Your Wash Right

SPT SD-2224DS DishwasherSPT makes this dishwasher with a delayed start feature. It uses seven wash cycles and lets you get any cycle started in two, four, six or eight hours. The control buttons on the front of the washer let you control the setup here.

The universal faucet adapter lets you get the washer linked up to an appropriate surface. The design gives you extra help for moving dishes along without them being likely to get in touch with each other while in a cycle.

The rinse agent dispenser is easy to use. A warning light lets you know when you need added rinse agent materials.

  • Convenient adjustable layout
  • Large utensil basket
  • Smooth interior is easy to clean
  • Tough to read display
  • Hard to program


Having a delayed start is helpful if you need to get your washer working at a specific time. This SPT washer provides you with a delayed start support setup to help you clean out anything you need to wash while on your schedule.

  1. Midea MDC3203DSS3A – A Sturdy Unit

Midea MDC3203DSS3AThis Midea countertop dishwasher model comes with a steel body that keeps the water inside while insulating the warm temperatures produced during the washing process.

The layout of the washer provides you with a simple design that lets you add dishes into many spaces. The locking feature also ensures the washer will not come open while in use, thus ensuring the washing process will keep working as well as desired.

  • Quiet in operation
  • Simple inside design
  • Easy to move dishes in and out of the washer
  • Heavy at nearly 50 pounds
  • Basic controls don’t offer much versatility


Midea makes this dishwasher with a simple body that is easy to support and gives you great help for getting your dishes cleaned off. The design of this great washer will help you get anything you have cleaned off quickly and effortlessly.

  1. Ensue Countertop Dishwasher – Use Less Energy

Ensue Countertop DishwasherThis last option is from Ensue and comes with a simple white design. The main point of this model is that it uses less energy than many other similar models. The Ensue washer provides you with six cycle options including a flash washing cycle that takes less time.

The faucet adapter included with the washer gives you more control over the washing process. Meanwhile, the washer provides you with a simple design for getting rinsing agents or detergents into the unit quickly.

  • Simple control layout
  • Helpful design setup
  • Silverware basket can be closed up to keep items from shifting
  • No real display features
  • Takes a bit to heat up the water


A countertop dishwasher will already use less energy than what you’d get out of a larger one. This Ensue model simple uses less of this energy to ensure that your washing experience is controlled and easy to manage.

Things to See When Buying a Best Countertop Dishwasher

As convenient and helpful as a countertop dishwasher can be, you must look at what you’re getting out of such a model. Here are a few points that should be noticed as you find a great model for your home use.

How Do Countertop Dishwashers Work?

Take a look at how well your countertop dishwasher works before getting it. Your dishwasher needs enough cycles to function. A typical model should have six cycles based on how powerful the water is or how long a cycle has to last for.

Many models come with internal water heaters that allow for the water to start heating up quickly. This works without any outside power sources needed.

How Effective Is the Washer?

The washer needs to be strong enough to clean off all the dishes you add. It should be capable of clearing off bacteria and other hard surfaces from your dishes, glasses and utensils.

How Long Does It Take?

The timing for getting the dishwasher to work can vary based on the model you choose. You can find dishwashers that take about 90 to 120 minutes to complete a cycle.

Energy and Water Usage

Be aware of how much energy and water will run in your dishwasher. A portable washer will not use as much energy or water as a traditional model. Some countertop models use less than half the energy that a full-size unit will produce. You should not have to use more than four gallons of water on a single cycle.

Cleaning Off the Unit

The inside of the dishwasher should be easy to clean off. Many portable models feature stainless steel surfaces that are easy to clean off without worrying about odors.

What Is the Capacity?

A countertop dishwasher will likely measure its capacity based on the number of place settings the unit can handle. You may fix four to six place settings on average. You must look at how large the plates and other items you add are. For instance, you might not be able to add plates greater than twelve inches in size into a countertop washer.

Handling the Dishes

You must also look at how well the dishes can be laid out inside the washer. Many models come with configurable layouts where you can add a utensil basket into many spaces. Supports should be included to keep plates, glasses and other items secured without being pushed around during the washing process.

Physical Layout

A countertop dishwasher has an average height of 17 inches. Adding it to your kitchen is easy, but you should have a connection hose that is long enough.

Connectivity Points

The back of the dishwasher should link up to a water line. An adapter helps you link the back hose to the line so it will fit without leaking. The connection hose should be a few feet long and flexible enough to reach the water line.

Extra Features

The added features that may come with your countertop dishwasher will vary. These include the following:

  • Rinse agent dispenser. The dispenser ensures that the water rinsed out of the dishwasher will not come back in, thus keeping bacteria and other items washed off of your dishes from coming back.
  • Spray Arm. A spray arm works alongside a delayed wash feature. You can use this to treat individual dishes by spraying added water on them before you start up the washing cycle.
  • Timer. You may configure a wash to take more or less time depending on how intense the cleaning has to be.
  • Cycle control. A few buttons should be included on the front of the washer. These buttons let you determine how intense or specific the cycle will be.
  • Detergent or soap port. A separate area should be included to help you add your detergent into the machine.

Final Verdict

The countertop dishwashers listed here have their own positives, but the EdgeStar countertop washer is the best choice. With more control options and the ability to adjust the water temperature, you will have an easier time getting your dishes washed off with this unit.

But no matter what you choose, you must find a model that adds a good body for cleaning purposes. See what you can find when getting a dishwasher ready for even the tightest spaces in your kitchen.

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