What to Find For the Best Whiskey Stone

Best Whiskey Stone

Whiskey is best when chilled properly, but that doesn’t mean you should add ice into your whiskey. The ice you add can melt and dilute the whiskey. That’s where whiskey stones come in handy.

Whiskey stones are solid soapstone cubes that are shaped to look like ice cubes, although they may also be made with stainless steel or basalt materials among other valuable materials. But these are not going to melt while in your whiskey. This ensures you’ll have a properly chilled whiskey on hand with no dilution of taste.

The market of whiskey stones has grown to include many choices. You might be impressed at how many types of whiskey stones are out there. But what is the best whiskey stone to begin with?

Let’s look at a few choices for the best whiskey stone you can get today. These options will provide you with a great whiskey experience all the way through. You will find that they will provide a positive impact thanks to how they won’t dilute your drink, not to mention how they give a classy look to your whiskey.

Best Whiskey Stones 2021

Elever Whiskey Stones – Sturdy Basalt All Around

Elever Whiskey StonesThe first choice to find is this Elever whiskey stone set that is so popular that the company frequently runs out of its inventory. The stones are made from basalt materials that are known for their impressive cooling qualities. The basalt stone will maintain a chilled temperature without wearing apart. At about 0.8 inches per side, each whiskey stone is sized to perfectly keep a drink chilled without adding lots of bulk into your glass.

The basalt stones come in a set that Elever sells alongside a few whiskey glasses and a convenient pair of tongs for helping you to quickly get those stones into your drink.


  • The solid basalt surfaces won’t shed
  • The stones conduct chilled conditions well
  • Just chill for three to four hours
  • Requires a bag for storage when being chilled
  • The grain on the stones might be too raw or rough for some


Amerigo Stainless Steel Whisky Stones Gift Set – A Fine Classy Style

Amerigo Stainless Steel Whisky Stones Gift SetAnother series of whiskey stones that comes as a part of a gift set, this Amerigo set features stones made with stainless steel surfaces. The steel material offers a smooth surface while conducting chilled conditions with ease. The steel adds a classy look to the drink too.

Rounded edges are included on each stone to ensure your whiskey glass will not scratch. The stones can also be quickly cleaned off by being rinsed with water. It only takes a few moments to get the stones ready for your next whiskey experience.

This comes in a gift set from Amerigo with matching stainless steel tongs and a carrying case. Two fancy reusable black coasters are included too.

  • Smooth surfaces all around
  • The stainless steel bodies can be cleaned in moments
  • A nice shine all around the stones
  • May not stay cold for too long
  • Requires secure storage to keep them from wearing out fast

JXWDesign Premium Whiskey Stones – Will Never Pick Up Water

JXWDesign Premium Whiskey StonesJXWDesign makes this next set of whiskey stones with non-porous soapstone materials. You will get nine of these popular whiskey stones in your gift set.

Each of the nine soapstones has a nice gray touch that fits in well with most whiskey glasses. The chilled conditions supported by the stones will stay intact while you ensure you can get the best-chilled whiskey experience you could ever look for.

  • The stones maintain their cool for hours on end
  • The beautiful carrying case included here features a solid wood design
  • Quick to chill up in an included storage bag
  • The gray material might look unusual for some
  • The stones feel rough to the touch
  • Some weaker glasses might scratch if you’re not careful

Spirit Stones Pure Soapstone Whiskey Ice Rock Stone – Stays Cool For Hours

Spirit Stones Pure Soapstone Whiskey Ice Rock StoneSpirit Stones offers ten soapstone whiskey stones in this set. The nonporous surfaces of these stones make them easy to clean off. Spirit Stones even encourages people to clean off these stones in a dishwasher if necessary.

The soapstone whiskey stone materials will maintain their cool for hours after you take them out of a refrigerator. The stones will keep a nicely chilled surface all around and produce a comfortable space for handling your cooling demands.

  • Can be cleaned off with most major dish detergent materials
  • Consistent bodies all around
  • The surfaces are smooth and will not get in your way while drinking
  • Needs to be dried carefully before use
  • Some stone materials might chip if you are not cautious with them

Black Titan Whiskey Stones – Strong and Capable

Black Titan Whiskey StonesLook at how well these balls of steel from Black Titan are made. These are made with brilliant gray soapstone materials.

The cubes are evenly shaped to be a little under an inch on each side. The small features on the cubes ensure that the whiskey stones will stay intact and feel their best.

A wooden carrying case is included in this set. Black Titan makes this attractive case to fit the nine stones included in a set alongside its velvet bag. The surface around the box can fit in well in any humidor or other fine spots that you wish to store the stones in.

  • Does well with all types of drinks, including non-alcoholic ones
  • The soapstone materials do not influence the quality of the flavor
  • Comfortable velvet bag for storage and for securing the cubes while being chilled
  • The corners are not all that rounded
  • The textures feel rough

Southern Chill Whiskey Stones – Great For a Good Southern Evening

Southern Chill Whiskey StonesYou will immediately notice the brilliant stainless steel surfaces on these whiskey stones. The bright silver-like tone will improve upon your whiskey drinking experience thanks to how smooth the stones are and how easy it is to get them chilled up right.

The stones come with a comfortable carrying case. The designs are also smooth enough to where you can get them washed off in moments without struggling to dry them off.

  • The stones stay well inside the glass even after you add whiskey
  • The moderate sizes do not take up far too much space
  • Comes with helpful freezer tray and tongs for keeping them organized and chilled
  • The stones need regular cleaning
  • May develop streaks on their surfaces depending on what you use for washing them off

Yvento Best Whiskey Stones – Comfortable In Any Glass

Yvento Best Whiskey StonesYvento sells this soapstone whiskey stone set in a set of nine stones with a brilliant case that has a magnetic closure for added protection. Rounded corners are found on each stone to create a good surface where the stones are not going to scratch the sides of the glass.

The natural soapstone material will not shed off inside your glass. Therefore, the risk of the flavor of your whiskey being diluted or impacted will be virtually eliminated.

You can even add these stones into the microwave if you need to heat up any drinks. The stones will not warp or wear out even when you heat them up for a while.

  • Flexible in hot and cold conditions
  • Retain their temperatures for a while
  • The stones look smooth and add a classy touch
  • The colors on the stones are inconsistent
  • Requires regular cleaning

Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers – Chilling For a Cause

Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink CoolersThe last options for ice-cold stones are these circular Balls of Steel stones. These are made from stainless steel surfaces to create a sturdy look while offering a nice shine on each ball. The circular surfaces also ensure that each drink will stand out with a great chilled flavor.

One interesting point of note about these Balls of Steel stones is that they are made by OriginalBros, a company devoted to producing nice drinking accessories. A portion of profits from each sale will also benefit the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s efforts in fighting and find a cure for testicular cancer.

  • The surfaces on each stone are consistent
  • Quick to chill
  • The smooth surfaces add a nice tone
  • Hard to wash off at times
  • You only get two stones in this set

Overall Verdict

Each of the options you’ve read about here when looking for the best whiskey stone are useful, but our pick for the best and most consistent whiskey stone is the Amerigo Exclusive Stainless Steel set. The brilliant stones here are easy to chill while the stainless steel surfaces add a rounded touch. These are easy to clean off without worrying about soap or water materials being stuck on those Amerigo stones.

But regardless of what you choose, you will find many appealing things that make these stones worthwhile for your chilling needs. As the growth in whiskey sale totals continues to thrive, you will surely find some additional choices that fit in perfectly with your drinking needs. Check around today to see what you can get out of the best possible stones for your use.

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