Chef’s Star Countertop Portable Induction Cooktop Burner 1800W Review

While cooktops are leaving stovetops behind in several aspects, Chef’s Star 1800W Induction cooktop seems to leave other cooktops behind. The product has the dimensions of 16.4×12.7×3.4 inches which make is spacious to hold larger sized utensils. The cooktop, a though bit larger than many other cooktops available in market, is quite portable. It is quite helpful for those traveling in an RV, or have limited cooking space in kitchen or accommodation. Also, for those looking for an extra cooking material in a crowded kitchen, it is the perfect companion. It is an ideal replacement for a microwave or bulky stovetops as it is relatively least harmful, it is more portable than microwaves as well.

Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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The Chef’s Star 1800W Induction cooktop comes with a user manual, guarantee certificate and 5 feet long power cord. The cooktop is backed by the guarantee of 1 year (manufacturer’s guarantee).

Read on to have a closer look at the features and to know more about this amazing cooktop from Chef’s Star.

Design and Structure

The well-chosen color combination of black and gray along with the beautifully set control panel surely makes the product attractive. The metallic touch and sloppy panel adds to the elegance. With the dimensions of16.4 x 12.7 x 3.4 inches, the Chef’s Star 1800W cooktop offer larger cooking space than most others. The cooktop is compatible with induction ready utensils or the ones made of ferrous minerals. Cast iron or cast aluminum enameled iron steel etc. can fit in.

The cooktop comes in an absolutely user-friendly design. The controls are surely easy to operate. The unit works just as described. You can refer the manual that comes with the set in case of any doubts. Also, you have their amazing support team in case you face any more issues.

The cooktop is designed to operate noiselessly. However, if you don’t get the right utensil with right base, there can be a bit of high pitched sound with clad utensils.

The induction heats just the utensil detected unlike other cooking means, which involve generation of heat first, which the give heat to the utensil. The cooktop actually makes the utensil the heat generator through the electromagnetic field. It does not heat up the surface (the plate). So there is no need to worry about the accidental burns from the cooktop. It will not be very hot, and thus safe to handle even after cooking. Chef’s Star 1800W Portable Induction cooktop is thus different from most other cooking options.

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Temperature and Power

Chef’s Star 1800W portable Induction cooktop comes with a stunning 15 temperature settings. This is one of the extra benefits you get with this cooktop in comparison to most other cooktops. Temperature range is the standard one- 140 degrees F to 465 degrees F. Generally, most cooktops come with 10 temperature setting and users often face the trouble of inaccurate temperature setting while cooking due to lower temperature choices. In this case, however, with a greater number of temperature levels in the same range, users can set the accurate temperature that they require for a particular dish. This is, thus, much appreciated by many users.

Similarly, Chef’s Star 1800W portable Induction cooktop has 15 power levels as well. The power level range from 200-1800, each level with a gap of about 100-200 watts.

You can control the temperature or power levels using the plus and minus buttons. Plus, for increasing the levels, and Minus, for decreasing the same.

Digital Control Panels

Chef’s Star 1800W Induction cooktop have a beautifully set digital control panel. The controls are quite user-friendly as well. There are two buttons, having plus and minus symbols for adjusting or controlling temperature, power etc. There is also a built-in countdown timer to ease up your task. You can set the timer from 1 minutes to 2 hours and 59 minutes that is 179 minutes. Cooking made easy huh?

The cooktop has got automatic pan detection property. It shall remain non functional until the unit detects the appropriate utensil over it. The diagnostic error detection system enables warning in case you accidentally or unknowingly use non compatible utensils on it.

Key Features

  • 15 temperature settings from 120 degrees to 465 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Automatic pan detection. In case if the cooktop is without any utensil on it, it will turn itself off after a signal.
  • Diagnostic error system to warn the usage of non-ferrous utensils.
  • 120  Volts, 60Hz AC and also ETL & FCC approved.
  • Has a cooking area of about 12 inches in diameter.
  • Product dimensions are 16.4 x 12.7 x 3.4 inches
  • 15 power levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts.
  • Compatible only with ferrous utensils or induction ready cookwares.
  • Silent functioning.

Advantages You Have with Chef’s Star 1800W Induction Cooktop

  • Larger space available- so user have an option to use larger utensils over the cooktop.
  • Very easy to clean the mess on the cooktop. Simply wipe using a slightly wet sponge or a cotton cloth- that simple.
  • In contrast to other cooktops, which generally have 8 power levels, Chef’s Star 1800W Induction cooktop has 15 power levels. This enables a better and accurate power adjustment.
  • due to the extra 5 temperature settings available, the user can set it for cooking more accurately precisely.
  • User friendly- easy to understand the functioning and use.
  • No worry about getting burns from heating. The plate (surface) do not get hot.
  • Safe to use around children.
  • The unit works just as it is portrayed.
  • Noise-free, efficient operation.

Shortcomings of Chef’s Star 1800W Induction Cooktop

  • If you don’t choose the right cookware for coooking of this cooktop, there can be slight noise.

So, to sum up, Chef’s Star 1800W portable Induction cooktop countertop burner meets the expectation of is users, hoffering you a perfect cooking time.

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