Protecting the Planet: Choose Your Kitchen Appliances Wisely

Choose Your Kitchen Appliances Wisely

It goes without saying that the kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Plus, we spend plenty of energy in there on a daily basis, but not all that energy has to be spent. We can save a lot of it if only we choose our appliances wisely. That is why you should turn to energy efficiency and appliances that fall into that category. Also, you can look for appliances with Energy Star label, but that’s not all you should do.


When choosing cooktops, you practically have three options – gas, electric or induction. It is entirely up to you which you would like to choose, but there are more and more people who switch from gas to electric. Everything comes down to efficiency and how much heat you lose or save. With gas, you usually lose up to 40 percent of energy, so that’s why many people opt for induction or electrical. With induction cooktops, you lose the least amount of energy, but if you choose electric ones there is always the possibility of losing even less energy and saving more money if you were to switch to solar power for the entire home.



As far as the ovens are concerned, their energy consumption will depend on their size. Wall ones are available in three sizes defined by their width – 24, 27 and 30 inches. So, if you feel like the smallest one can fit all your needs, then you will be using the least amount of energy. Even if you have the needs for a bigger one, it still pays off to have two smaller ones than one big one. Also, keep in mind that you should look for an oven with a fan that continuously circulates heated air around the food, which further means shorter cooking time and using 20 percent less energy.


Refrigerators are known for hogging energy and they use up to 15 percent of the entire home’s electricity use. That’s when the Energy Star label comes in handy! Look for fridgets which such stickers and you will be sure that those appliances meet all government standards. Another thing to remember when it comes to refrigerators is that size matters. If your fridge is too small and it’s constantly packed with food it will have to work extra hard to keep things cool; the same goes for too big fridges with little food when they are cooling too much space. The best option would be finding a medium-sized fridge with an Energy Star label. Luckily, Electrolux appliances are one of the best options and you can easily find a fridge which can satisfy all your needs and keep your kitchen green.


Just like refrigerators, dishwashers can consume plenty of home’s electricity and energy. That’s why you should rely on Energy Star ones. Variety of manufacturers have them, as well as Electrolux, LG, and many others. The thing you should concern when buying a dishwasher is to look for a model that has several options for wash cycles, such as “no-heat drying” and “energy saver”. Additionally, since these appliances take energy from the water heaters, you can look for a model that is a water miser.



Microwaves can save plenty of energy since they consume up to one-half as much energy as a conventional stove. So, buying one is a great decision; just make sure to look for one that can work as a fast-speed oven as well, which automatically saves you money and energy on buying a separate oven. Additionally, you won’t have to turn on the oven if you wish to heat up or defrost small portions and the food can be cooked significantly faster. Lastly, during the warmer seasons, all the built-up the heat in the kitchen can be reduced by using a microwave.

Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust hoods are important for the kitchen because they will eliminate all the smells. However, you should watch out, because they can use plenty of energy. That’s why Energy Star-labeled models are betters since they use up to 65 percent less energy; plus they are much quieter. If you do opt for one of the efficient models, you don’t have to shy away from using it. It is even recommended because hoods get rid of excess moisture and hazardous combustion by-products, both of which are harmful to your home, your health, and the environment.

There you have it, six of the most used kitchen appliances and how you can choose the best model for your home. Preserving the environment is important, and that’s why you should do your best to consume less energy in your kitchen.

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