How to Cleaning Cast Iron Stove Grates within 5 min

Sticky tomato puree. Stubborn and cheesy grease from the pasta you cooked last week. Burnt bits of unrecognizable food residue. All are signs of a crime scene of your cooking facades. Cleaning any stovetop, especially cast iron stove grates, is one hassle. Getting rid of all the sticky and greasy evidence of your long-forgotten meals cooked weeks (probably months) ago is one tiring job. 

Every time you’re cleaning your kitchen, the little glimpse at your stove grates makes you want to go back to bed and never come back. You’re either confused about where to begin, or how to properly cleanse your kitchen stove of the gunky junk. Or simply put, you just haven’t had the time to plan it through. But worry not, there are numerous ways to get this bothersome task out of your way so you can enjoy your culinary sessions with freedom and stretched shoulders every day. Just remind yourself, the longer you procrastinate, the harder and more stubborn the gunky and stubborn grease will get, and you bet the stinking stench will greet your nostrils every time you step foot in the kitchen. Cleaning your cast iron stove grates isn’t as complicated or time-consuming as you’d expect; they’re practically the same as cleaning and seasoning your cast iron pots and pans. 

First things first, your cast iron stove grates require the same care routine as your cast iron cookware; no harsh cleaning agents such as ammonia, no metal sponges or steel wires, and to prevent them from rusting, let them dry before placing them back on the stovetop.

Now, if you are ready and excited to go, here’s how you can easily get this ‘hectic’ job done in the comfort of your home while sipping on a hot cup of tea.

A Step by Step Guide to Washing the Stove Grates

Out Of The Stovetop And Into The Kitchen Sink

clean stove gratesFirstly, take the stove grates off of your stovetop (let them cool down to the touch beforehand) and place them in the kitchen sink

A Warm And Bubbly Bath For The Stove Grates

how to clean cast iron stove

Next, sink the stove grates in hot water, and a squirt of mild dish soap. Let the stove grates soak in the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. This will allow the grease to loosen up and be easier to scrub off later. 

Scrub, Scrub, And Scrub The Stubbornness Away

how to clean stove top grill

Now, take them out of the soapy mess, sprinkle some powder detergent onto a soft-bristled brush and scrub away gently and thoroughly any baked-on crumbs and leftover residue.

Clean & Dry: The Laundry Treatment

Make sure you rinse the cast iron stove grates with clean water after the soapy mess. Let it dry out completely at room temperature (or you can speed it up by using paper towels to rub them dry). Now, apply some cooking oil on the stove grates to season them for the best performance. Use paper towels to wipe it all around to ensure it gets everywhere. Another paper towel to wipe the excess oil away, and the job is done. Now calmly place the cast iron stove grates back onto the stovetop and bask in your glory. 

clean cast iron stove grates

Concluding Tips

Firstly, make sure you clean your cast iron stove grates regularly in hot and soapy water and dry them before putting them back again. 

You can save the hassle and clean them in the dishwasher (if you got one), but only if they are enamel coated on the base.  

Season your cast iron stove grates every time you wash them to prevent them from rusting. A rusty cast iron stove grate will perform poorly, and deter the placement of your cookware causing avoidable accidents. 

An alternative to cleaning the cast iron stove grates can be using a degreaser. Simply spray enough degreaser on the stove grates so they are wet and shiny. Give the degreaser time to settle in for about thirty minutes, and check every once in a while to ensure they haven’t dried out because you will have to reapply the degreaser again if that’s the case. Now get a scrubbing brush and get scrubbing with all your might. Then, finally, you’ll have a clean and polished cast iron stove grate in front of you. Place them back onto the stovetop and cook something exciting right away to reward yourself!

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