8 Things You Can’t Avoid To Buy a Commercial Coffee Machine

When you look for a machine, you need to consider such things that will lead you to a reliable espresso machine. To invest in a coffee machine, make sure your enough research – for what you don’t need to regret.

 In this pandemic situation, it is hard for a coffeeholic like me to restrain from the coffee shop. Then I and my wife made a plan to buy a machine that came with a great disaster. Because we were not aware of it.

coffee machine for businessAfter being puzzled, we searched the best commercial coffee maker to know every detail (what we didn’t before). It introduces us to Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG that works best. And we have emerged what to look for when buying a coffee machine.

Let’s dive into sharing the experiences!

Things To Consider From Not Being Cheated 

Experiences talk about reality. If you follow this, you won’t regret – as it comes from my experience. There are plenty of tips you can find. But if you avoid these – have a chance to be cheated. My wisdom includes:

Grinding Capabilities

commercial coffee machine buying guideHow to taste your coffee (bitter or creamy) is going to depend on grinding capabilities. There are different types of grinders- some with a burr and some with a blade. 

If you want espresso, the burr coffee grinder is the best – as it squeezes the coffee beans in a consistent manner. A burr coffee grinder is expensive than a blade shape grinder.

Steam Wands

Steam is generated reasoning to boil water. When you vaporize water at 100°C and above – it will kill 100% of bacteria. But most of the steam wand allows at nearer 90°C that won’t brew you safe cappuccinos, americanos, and macchiato. Be careful !!

Try to avoid Electric Steam Brewers – it will make the water hotter than ideal range resulting in high acidity and bitterness though these brewers can make a good shot of coffee.

 Commercial Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Water Storage

It depends on you – how many cups you want per set. For instance, if it is for home, you can find machines that can allow up to 8 cups. But for a busy coffee shop, you can find a high one having a water source for self-refill. 

Temperature Stability

Water temperature is an important factor to make your coffee appetite. It can make or break your brew – if the brew is too hot or too cold. 96 degrees Celsius(205 degrees Fahrenheit) is the ideal temperature to brew any coffee. 

The consequence of brewing too hot can cause your coffee to over-extract – that leads to bitter, low quality and unpleasant taste. Too cold water can affect the flavor and aromas of coffee – it makes your coffee sour in taste. 

commercial automatic espresso machine buying guide

Boiler Fed or Heating Block Machine

It depends on how you are using the machine. For business purposes, a boiler fed machine suits your needs that provides hot drinks always. Having large quantities of water storage boost you to use at a high volume in a short period.

Whereas, to meet your low demand heating block system works well. It won’t allow you to heat the milk and water at a large volume – for what it works for cold coffee.

The Coffee You Want To Serve

Manual Machine: Having low demand and very few manufacturers used to produce it.

Automatic Machine: An automatic machine is designed to grind and brew fresh coffee that is dispensed in a minute. It’s close to the super-automatic machine but having some redundant features that make it identical.

Semi-Automatic Machine: It is one step ahead of the ‘automatic machine’ that allows you to control the grind settings and pull time. My personal choice as it is easy to use.

Super-Automatic Machines: If barista can not serve for you, bean to cup machines works best – when you would allow customers to serve themselves. 

It is specially provided in offices, meetings and so on. It has 8-12 drink options. Having its own built-in milk frother and grinder –  keeps it apart from others.

buying tips for commercial manual espresso machine

Want a Machine With Metal or Plastic Parts

I think none of us want a machine with plastic parts. Because plastic parts are used BPA free that leads to cancer. Being more muscular than plastic makes it identical. Though metal parts are a little bit heavy nut lasts long.

Your Budget

Explained in detail as you can adjust to your budget. There are four types of coffee machines(manual, automatic, semi-automatic, super-automatic). You have to choose which one suits you. If you have a medium budget, automatic is for you – semi & super-automatic is for a high budget.

Other Coffee Machine Buying Tips:

These steps are working well to be more conscious about your desired machine. They include:

Maintenance: If you want your machine for long last, maintenance is a crying need. Durability depends on whether you use hard water or soft water. 

Using hard water leaves your machine obsolete. I recommend servicing your machine every six months and one year – that I overlooked before. 

Warranty: There is an argument of whether buying a machine with a warranty or not. Though buying a good machine doesn’t require a warranty. But It can reduce your risk for the short term. 

Repairs And Servicing Cost: This term will remind you to take care of your machine. Because servicing costs $ 125 – it’s huge. After 6 months, you can do the service for longer-lasting – it’s ok. But for your unconsciousness, requiring servicing cost is embarrassing.

Speak To An Expert: You have read all this guide. To find a perfect machine you have the all information. Moreover, you need any information you can talk with experts or those who use the coffee machine.

The last word

Picking out an espresso machine is one of the most important parts of planning your coffee program. Before committing to a particular machine you should consider these key features. 

You need an appliance that gives value to your money. For more query shop around, do research and ask questions -that will help you to reach your desired espresso machine.

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