Some of The Common Problems While Using Induction Cooktop & Solutions

Using an induction cooktop is a wise choice to make these days.You cannot find more precision in temperature and lower risk facility in any other cooktop than an induction.Though some users are complaining about some minor things that disturb them.

To clarify, the disturbance is not at all in the cooktop itself. But as they are happening, we would very much like to give an insight about those.

The problems users frequently point to are with the noise, vibration, LED lights etc.

  Here are some of the problems and their solutions:  

induction cooktop problems

1. I have turned on the switch, but why isn’t my induction starting?

  Best Solution:  

Please check if the controls are locked. If so, unlock the controls to get going.If it doesn’t start then, it may be for the power outage or may even for a circuit overload. In that case, contact a professional electrician.

2. Why is my induction shutting off while cooking?

  Best Solution:  

It may happen because of the following reasons:

1. You have the automatic feature turned on.

The automatic shut off takes place when you’re cooking exceeds the maximum cooking time limit.

Please see the user manual for detailed information on this.

2.  The pan is not correctly placed on the cooking surface.

If there is no pan on the surface or the pan is misplaced, the sensor cannot identify the cooking vessel and shuts the cooker.

Check and place the cooking vessel rightly to avoid this problem.

3.  High internal temperature.

Sometimes, your induction cooktop may shut off before the time limit.

It may happen if the heat sensor detects too much heat inside the cooktop.

In this situation check and make sure that the vent holes are not covered or blocked.

3. Why is my food not cooked or heated properly?

  Best Solution:  

Check if your heat setting is perfect for cooking. If it is too low, adjust it to meet the requirement.If it is not the problem, then check if the vessel is placed suitably on the cooking zone to ensure the heat passing.

And please do ensure that your cooking vessel has a ferromagnetic bottom.Another thing to remember is that the bottom of your cooking vessel covers the whole area of the cooking zone.

If you are using a cookware that has a low bottom circumference than the cooking zone, the vessel will not get all the heat your cooktop is generating.

4. Why is my food burned?

  Best Solution:  

Read and follow the required temperature setting guideline for cooking carefully. but still, your food gets burned. Why is that?

Probably because you are using a lightweight cookware that heats up sooner than expected and burns the food in that process.

To avoid such problems, choose best cookware that is lightweight and suit with the induction cooktop.

5. What’s with the noise and vibration?

  Best Solution:  

If there is a soft ‘hum’ that you are hearing in an induction cooktop, it’s from the cooling fan inside.You can’t help but listen because you don’t want it removed. If you do so, your induction will stop working after merely 6 months of buying.

But if the noise is too much than a soft buzzing, it may occur for something else that is entirely not related to your cooktop.

The same goes for the vibration. An unevenly bottomed vessel, or a lightweight lid or even a loosely fit handle of your cookware can induce the vibration.

6. Some LED lights are flashing the hell out of my eyes. Should I be worried?

  Best Solution:  

No. Don’t worry. The lights are flashing because you have forgotten to turn off your induction cooker after you are done with your cooking. It’s a safety option.

Using an induction has its advantages. And so far, the disadvantages that are stated by people are found worthless. So don’t hesitate to buy yourself one.

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