Need a large sink? Consider the role of styles and shapes

There can be thousands of things in a home, but when you compare their job with a kitchen sink, you realize why people obsess over the latter so much. No other feature of a home does the multi-tasking like a kitchen sink, which you need for cleaning dishes, washing hands, preparing meals, etc. That’s why getting the right choice is essential. Otherwise, your daily tasks can suffer, and you, too, can feel miserable about the whole experience.

Usually, homeowners choose large sinks if they don’t have an issue with space. But how do you know which size is large enough for you? There are a few factors, such as style and shape of the sink, that can influence your decision when it comes to finding large sinks for kitchens. So, let’s dive into those elements first.

Varying Styles of The Kitchen Sink


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Single Kitchen Sink

A single deep-bowl kitchen sink tends to be larger, allowing you to soak and rinse bulky pans or to prepare the meal quickly. You can face hindrance only when you have to clean veggies while a big casserole dish is already soaked there. But the diverse options available on the market today remove all the tension. You get broader and deeper basins to help you perform your routine tasks efficiently. Nowadays, most people select 33 to 36 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep single bowls for their versatility. These serve you well, whether you cook less or more.  

And since many current assortments offer a choice of functional accessories, you can prepare a meal and clean dirty dishes simultaneously. Many sinks like laundry sinks can make this task easy by improving the functionality while cleaning all the dirt.

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Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

This choice is interesting as you can find them in varying sizes of 60/40 or 50/50. A 60/40 sink contains one large bowl and one smaller bowl. It is a great arrangement as it provides you two distinct sections – one for dishwashing and the other for cooking. Their average width can be 18 and 14 inches, respectively. With such setup, you can expect the large bowl to help you with washing and the tiny one to make your prep task comfortable. Dual bowl sinks can also be advantageous when you don’t use a dishwasher. You can use one side for soapy water and the other for rinsing.

The only challenge is that the small basin may not be useful for large pans. Anyway, a sink with double basins is synonymous with flexibility. Many people prefer two bowls, and they are happy with their habits. In this context, it is critical to remember that a 60/40 ratio is not the only option. They are just standard choices.

Other than the unproportionate sizes, you also get equal-size dual kitchen sinks. Most homeowners love these for their clean lines. Then, two separate sections for different tasks is an added perk of this design. Some people enjoy working in this type of sink. But these are perhaps not as popular as the other products.

Different Shapes of The Kitchen Sink

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Farmhouse Or Apron Front

In the large sink, the farmhouse is arguably the best choice, and this shape is particularly famous for its exposed fronts. Homeowners believe this design has a vintage charm. A typical sink can extend about four inches from the counter. People with short heights and kids can find it comfortable to use. You can get this design in various materials, such as fireclay, stainless steel, granite, etc. Plus, the range of colors is also exciting.

As per the merit, the farmhouse is an ideal large single sink. But sometimes its design can seem overwhelming, which means you may want to replace it when your taste changes. Some farmhouse sinks come with two basins that offer enhanced functionality, just that you may not get the original vintage vibe from this style.

Top Mount And Under Mount

A top mount sink can typically be a sink with rounded edges. People choose a curved sink over square corners because of the cleaning challenge with the latter. You can embrace this shape in a large sink for your kitchen if you are interested in a detailed look. It might not be an apt choice for minimalist and smooth designs. Besides, another option is under-mount. These sleek looking sinks can settle down in the countertop, creating a beautiful symmetry between counter and sink. 

A Quick Brief On Materials

Material may not have any direct impact on the size of the sink. But you can give it a thought to make your selection better from an overall perspective. If you are aware, large sinks come in many types of materials. Nevertheless, stainless steel seems to be the leading choice among them. Stainless steel is hard-wearing, appealing, and utility-driven. It can match any interior theme effortlessly. When you browse through this collection in large sinks, make sure the metal is the highest grade and extra thick. It is essential for its durability and long-lastingness.

Other than steel, granite composite and fireclay are additional options in the large sinks. Granite is a stylish choice. It is a mixture of natural stone and acrylic resin. It can be slightly costly, but it covers all the expenses by giving you extended service than you expect. The color palette is also impressive with brown, black, white, and beige. With fireclay large kitchen sinks, you will not need to worry about cracking and crazing. This material also tends to be resistant to thermal shocks.

Anyway, when choosing a large sink, your primary focus has to be on the dimensions and shape. Both these can have an impact on their capacity. If you plan to order one from an online store, then make sure to read product specifications carefully. Manufacturers generally provide all the details about their width, length, depth, gauge, and other elements to help you make a decision. Check all the information thoroughly. And, if possible, keep your choices open. It gives you the flexibility to determine the best choice for your kitchen. So, what are you thinking about now? Search a credible brand and pore over the inventory. You will surely get what you desire.

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