GE Profile PHS920SFSS Induction Range

The GE profile PHS920SFSS may be high-end, but it’s well worth the cost. Being an induction range preferred by professional chefs now-a-days, it is certainly one of the best ranges tested by’s 2014 Best of the Year Award program.

GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range

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GE PHS920SFSS is an Induction Range

Instead of gas, the PHS920 induction range cooks through the use of electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. It doesn’t heat indirectly as electric and gas cooktops do.

The gas and electric ranges heat underneath with either a heating element or burner to produce a radiant energy that is passed onto your food.

However, the induction cooktop of the PHS920 uses a series of magnets causing the iron atoms in a pan to generate heat instead of the use of heating elements or burners underneath. It’s most likely no surprise that it is hugely more efficient to heat food in cookware directly. 

For instance, induction delivers approximately 80 to 90 percent of its electromagnetic energy to the pan, but gas,on the other hand, only delivers a meager 38 percent and electric only 70 percent. 

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The Oven and Broiler

The broiler is said to be “eight-pass” because its optimal performance coverage is reached by its element doubling back eight times on itself. To reach 602°F takes only 6 minutes. The time needed to preheat the oven without the convection turned on took 17 minutes, but you can reduce the time to approximately 8 ½ minutes, by half, by turning on the convection. The roll-out rack increases the preheat time slightly, therefore, you might want to remove them if you want to quickly heat up your oven. Even results can be delivered by the PHS920’s oven with just a little care. The oven does behave a little differently; but with some adjustment to your style of baking, you can get better results.

Why Induction Cooking Become Popular

  • They reach a wide range of temperatures.
  •  They require a lot less time to boil than electric or gas.
  •  Cooking surface always stays cool. There is no need to worry about burning your hand. You can actually put a paper towel in a frying pan and on the induction burner in order to keep the cooktop free of spattering oil. Basically, induction is easier, faster, safer and more efficient than both electric and gas.

Besides Being an Induction Range, the PHS920 Also Includes the Following Features:

  • A true 5.3 cu. ft. European convection oven large enough to fit any Thanksgiving turkey
  • Self-cleaning rolling racks
  • Eight-pass broiler
  • Temperature Probe
  • Warming drawer that has variable temperatures
  • 4 heating elements
  • Fast Preheat
  • Stainless Steel
  • Powered by electricity
  • ADA Compliant


The overall design of the PHS920 is smooth and glossy with sleek edges. The trim and range top flaunt various, contrasting gray shades. Since its look is neither modern nor traditional, most people would consider its total look to be “transitional”.

This induction cooktop technology of the PHS920 provides the chef with innovative cooking that is both fast and efficient.

In addition, GE offers a guarantee that the slide-in range’s design makes it possible for it to always fit the standard 30” free-standing cut-out for ranges.

The usability of the PHS920 is second to no other range due to the following features:

  • The range top has 4 induction burners that include an 11 inch Power Boil element as well as a rear central warming zone
  • It has the ability to set the induction range top to 19 different power levels. The levels can be set in half-level increments by pressing convenient plus and minus buttons.
  • Both the oven controls and digital range top controls are handily found on the range front.
  • Besides the standard oven features, the oven also includes a probe for measuring internal food temperatures.
  • The self-clean option of the oven allows for the roll-out racks to remain in the oven during the cleaning cycle. The oven also has a steam clean option for lighter messes.

Four tips you might try when using the oven are:

  • Instead of greasing your pan, use parchment paper.
  • Use light-colored bake-ware.
  • Halfway through, rotate your baked goods.
  • It is always important to check your food all through the baking process in order to avoid burning.

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