Professional Tips to Select the Best Custom Glass Table Top

A custom glass tabletop is a trendy design element that significantly augments the aesthetic appeal of the living space. The contemporary world of design greatly values minimalistic design trends which enhance the beauty without compromising on accessibility. Besides this, durability and resilience do also hold immense significance in today’s design world. Homeowners prefer such ideas that perfectly abide by these contemporary design needs. 

custom glass table topA tabletop is a highly versatile design element which protects the beauty and splendor of new and old design elements of the interior space. However, selecting the best tabletop can be quite tricky and confusing for many design enthusiasts and homeowners. The perfect solution to such design concerns lies in the custom cut glass tabletop replacements available online. The design enthusiasts of today can modify and alter numerous parameters of glass design in a hassle-free manner. The following are some professional tips for revamping the interior space with the ideal custom glass tabletop made up of aesthetically-brilliant glass.

Steps to Buy Perfect Custom Glass Tops for Your Tables


 1. Choosing The Perfect Shape

Selecting the perfect shape is one of the most essential design considerations for a customized tabletop. With tons of amazing options available, the homeowners must select the glass tabletop shape which perfectly blends in with the unique themes of modern-day design. There are lots of incredible regular and irregular tabletop shapes at the disposal of design enthusiasts and every option has perks of its own. To attain a perfect design harmony, there must be a strong coherence between the shapes and geometry of various elements of interior space. However, there is no hard and fast rule in design and quite often creativity leads to phenomenal results.

The selection of tabletop shape must also take into consideration the location of the table, the availability of space, and the overall design theme. For instance, dining area table tops are usually in the shape of round, square, and rectangle as it results in seamless interaction. Such confined shapes are preferred in areas where there is a strong need for interaction and communication. On the contrary, more creative shapes are preferred in living areas. There is an endless availability of design options and the homeowner must always select a shape that appeals to them the most. 

2. Considering Seating Capacity for Custom Cut Glass

Seating capacity is another important consideration for selecting a customized tabletop. The dimensions of the tabletop play a pivotal role in determining the seating capacity. The tabletop shape also plays a crucial role in selecting the perfect-sized tabletop. Smaller families tend to prefer square and round shapes as it utilizes minimal space and is perfect for three to four-member family. outdoor glass table topMeanwhile, oval and rectangle shapes are ideal for larger families and can seamlessly fit a greater number of people. The common practice is to select such a tabletop which is neither too small nor too large. Practicing moderation in design is always admired by contemporary lovers of minimalistic design.

3. Selecting the Best Custom Cut Glass Type

The choice of glass is certainly the most important design consideration and greatly contributes to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the custom tabletop. There are tons of incredible glass options available that are designed specifically for the ever-evolving needs of contemporary design enthusiasts. Some types of glass attained their popularity for their enhanced strength while the others are widely admired for their augmented aesthetic appeal. Selecting the best glass tabletop custom requires the homeowner to go through various choices of glass. oval glass table top

From standard clear glass to modernistic low iron glass, the choice of glass type must perfectly adhere to the homeowner’s unique design preferences. Tinted glasses are incredibly common in modernistic design themes and various color tints are available in today’s online marketplace. A customized tinted glass seamlessly blends in with the interior space themes and acts as a coherent focal point. Besides this, there is also a frosted glass type available for design enthusiasts who loves the concept of seclusion. The best tip is to select the glass type which seamlessly blends in with the interior space theme and is also popular and trendy. There’s always a great space for creativity in design and unique selection often results in astonishingly appealing results. 

4. Selecting Thickness and Strength

In the world of design, the thickness and strength of the glass go hand-in-hand. Thicker glass is stronger and durable as compared to thinner glasses. The thickness and strength are also dependent on the usage of the tabletop. The indoor tabletops often used in kitchen spaces and living areas are often pretty thin. The common thickness range for the indoor glass tabletop is ¼” to ½”. In terms of the outdoor table tops, thicker glass is often preferred which is usually around ½” to 3/32” thick. The selection of glass thickness also depends on the structure of the tables. Thinner glass works well with well-supported tables while the thicker glass is needed for unsupported tables. glass table top thickness

Another way to augment the strength of the tabletop glass is by selecting the tempered glass over the conventional annealed glass. The tempered glass is 3-4 times stronger than normal glass and can withstand the test of time. These strengthened modernistic glasses had solved the common durability concern associated with normal glasses. Besides strength, tempered glass is also safer than the standard glass as it breaks into harmless pieces which cause minimal to no harm. 

5. Selecting Edge and Corner Finishing

The modern-day design enthusiasts now share the luxury to select from a variety of different edge options for their tabletop glass. The custom cut glass can be designed with a beveled polished edge, flat polished edge, ogee polished edge, and pencil polished edge. The choice of edges majorly depends on the aesthetic preferences of the design enthusiast. The beveled polished edges are preferred by homeowners who admire sophistication in design. The flat polished edge is designed for creative lovers who want to inject a touch of glossiness in design. The ogee polished edge portrays a sense of innovation with its unique ‘S’ shape. Lastly, the pencil polished edge is the type most widely preferred by trendy homeowners of today. 

In terms of glass finishes, the homeowners are again offered two common options regular or tempered glass. Durability plays an essential role in determining the type of glass finishing and homeowners often opt for a more durable and trendy option such as tempered glass. The important tip for selection edge and corner finishes is to select on the basis of interior design themes. Proper choices lead to a greater level of design coherency which is greatly admired in the contemporary world of design.

6. Never Compromise on Creativity

replacement glass table top

Creativity in design is widely admired by the minimalistic lovers of innovative design. Having loads of customization option ensures the homeowner never have to compromise on creativity. The most important design tip for selecting the best tabletop is to get to know the unique needs of your interior space. This knowledge helps in building up a design element that is perfect for your space and succeeds in satisfying your unique design needs. A right tabletop selection can revamp the outlook of entire living space and creative thinking often leads to amazing results. 

Benefits of Custom Glass Table Top

triangle glass table top

The needs and requirements of the contemporary design change rapidly and customization has become a mere necessity. The creative homeowners tirelessly search for design ideas that perfectly abides by their unique needs. The customizable tabletop options provide an ultimate solution to common concerns of such design enthusiasts. Having the luxury to design glass from the grounds up is a luxury widely admired by the modern-day homeowners. The amazing customizability of contemporary glass ensures there is never a compromise in design. Having a custom tabletop helps the homeowner maintain design coherency. 

Nowadays, aesthetics and durability go hand-in-hand and homeowners crave such design ideas that satisfy both their needs for beauty and longevity. The incredible glass customization options available make sure homeowner designs their desired design element without having to compromise on strength, aesthetics, and durability. Fab Glass and Mirror offers such design enthusiasts numerous options to design their unique perfect tabletop. The seamless customization process helps design enthusiasts attain the highest level of design satisfaction.

The online store offers incredible design features such as a glass weight calculator and weight load calculator which helps design enthusiasts order glass without having to worry about breakage. There are numerous uses of table tops in the home and office environment and selecting the most appropriate glass is essential for the overall interior space design. The aesthetic appeal and beauty of the patio area, dining area, kitchen space, and living area can be augmented with the right choice of the tabletop. The custom glass tabletop is a perfect solution for homeowners’ need for design versatility and is the perfect choice for the ever-evolving design world of today and tomorrow. 

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