8 Safety Precautions for Induction Cooking

It is one of the most intimidating jobs to buy a cooktop, especially when it is induction.

The induction cooktops have gained popularity for their quick-cooking capability, energy efficiency, etc. Apart from that, you can easily control it using the buttons on it.

is induction cooktop safe for cooking

Induction refers to a specific method that is used for generating heat. The electric stove uses radiant heat for cooking, while the microwave ovens use micro-small energy waves for cooking. In the same way, induction cooktops uses electromagnetism for cooking.

If you have decided to buy a new induction cooktop, check how it works and the safety precautions for handling it.

How does an induction cooktop work?

Unlike the thermal conductor, the induction cooktop uses magnetic power to generate heat. The induction cooktop is simply an electromagnet that they use.

Inside of its glass cooktop, there is a metal coil that is controlled by electricity. As soon as you turn on its power, the coil receives current flow and creates a magnetic field in all directions around itself. Until you place a third object or cooking pan above it, it cannot produce any heat.

After placing the cookware, the magnetic field inducts to it, and the metal cookware heats up.  It is how the fluctuating magnetic field causes the electricity to flow through the metal.

The induced current on the pan surface is called eddy current. This eddy current is produced for a changing magnetic field nearby. This induced current dissipates energy in the form of heat on the metric surface of the pan. Now you can cook in the pot.

Are Induction Cooktops safe to use?

Yes, this is safe to cook on an induction cooker. The automatic sensor gets switched off when this is not in use.

Apart from that, using the induction cooktop, the vessels also remain clean. You can also keep the children around its surface. The spillages are also easy to clean.

It requires a minimum voltage range of 220-240V. An efficient induction cooktop consumes less power than an electric iron or heater. You can control the temperature within seconds, so no risk of brunt foods.

It gets switched off automatically when the vessel is empty. In case it gets too hot, it starts and shuts down. You can use its pause button to stop cooking midway. The child safety lock button is useful if you have kids at home.

8 Safety precautions needed for induction cooking

It needs ferromagnetic flat bottom cookware

The induction cooktop needs utensils that can be heated up through the heat transfer of the electromagnetic field. The specificity type of stainless steel may work with it.

However, the induction cookware contains its particles so that it can interact with infection heaters. In that case, the smooth and flat bottom can be an ideal choice for induction cooking.

Preheating is not allowed

People who use a gas stove have a habit of heating the utensil until they finish slicing the veggies. You should not continue this practice with induction also.

The induction can heat the utensil within just seconds. So, the veggies can burn there immediately.

Keep the magnetic items away from it

Since the induction cookies use electromagnetism to heat the utensil. So, items like kitchen cutlery, kitchen foil and mobile phone may get overheated by the induction cooktop magnetic field and may burn the user’s hand. So, keep those items away from the induction cooktop.

The source of electricity should be standard

Don’t forget to keep the underneath area of the induction cooktop clean for ventilation. Just like other kitchen appliances, induction cooktops also need a dedicated power circuit for operation.

Usually, the circuit needs a 30–40-amp range of power. However, if you have previously used gas stone, install the power circuit for induction by your electrician.

The cooktop should be placed wisely

Never place the induction cooktop on any metal surface. The magnetic field gets sprayed like an invisible ball around the cooktop. In that case, the metal can heat up quickly with its magnetic field. Wood can be a safer option as it doesn’t interact with the magnetic field.

People with a pacemaker should not handle it

The patient with implanted cardiac pacemakers or any other medical implant should avoid using any magnetic field d such as an induction cooktop. In that case, the pacemaker’s patients should maintain distance from the induction cooktop. Extra attention is needed when placing utensils on an induction cooktop as the electromagnetic field may prevent the pacemaker from working actively.

Cool it down after cooking

The induction gets cool in the self-cooling cooling system when they are in operation. In that case, when you power off the cooktop, it lowers its temperature first and then turns it off. However, after cooking, the surface remains hot. So let it be cool.

Apart from that, you should check its ventilation area when cooking. If any object is blocking its ventilation, the cooling system of the inductor may not work well. As soon as the temperature increases, the cooling efficiency lowers. It may lead to further damage to the cooktop. In case you see the cooling fans not working, immediately stop using the cooktop.

Keep it clean and well-maintained

Make a practice of cleaning the cooktop immediately after cooking. Some spills need immediate action for removal; otherwise, they may damage the surface. You can use an oven mitt for the hot surface if you cannot wait until it gets cool.

Don’t use any abrasive cleaner, a scrubby sponge, etc. Rather use a damp cloth for cleaning the surface. If you have hard water in your home, you should often clean the surface with distilled vinegar.

Final Thoughts

Induction cooktops use electromagnetism for cooking. It is not detrimental until you maintain a distance of 1 foot from the cooktop.

Apart from that, it would help if you ignored metal spoons when cooking as they may flow current through its body. If you had a pacemaker, then the 1.5-foot distance will not harm you.

However, induction cooking is the bliss of technology for them, who want fast and delicious cuisine in just a few minutes.

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