Ivation Portable Countertop Induction Cooktop

In the kitchen, countertops are significant components to ready the meal for you and your family. As well as cooktop is an essential part of the countertop by which you can be ensured about your cooking food.

So need to think right now, what type of Cooktops is using you? If that is traditional Cooktop then you need to replace the current one with the latest one Cooktop. Because the latest technology in the cooktop; is capable of providing your food in the healthiest way. 

At the moment, you can give a look at the latest induction cooktop which is made by Ivation. In the latest stylish way, live your life with one of the leading first class cooktop. Prepare all of your family food done with the ‘Ivation 1800 watts’ series which brings modern facility of your cooktop. Continue the reading to know more about Ivation 1800 watts induction cooktop.

Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop Induction Countertop

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How to Look the Formation of Ivation 1800

The Ivation induction is well-designed with the control panel system and making easy to manipulate. Systematically, the power button is located on the control panel; it means the button is clearly indicated to you.

Having the ‘up and down’ buttons so that you can set off your desired temperature at a particular time. On/off and other buttons appear to you when you want to operate the cooktop and these buttons are touch sensitive with the symbolic feature.

All of the functions, to conduct it shows a digital display by which you can adjust the required heat to cook the specific food.

Special Features of Ivation 1800 Watts Portable Cooktop:  

Safety Features

This cooktop is providing a number of smart safety features. It focuses on child safety by including a child lock system by which you are ensuring; your child is safe from accidents.

It has an installation to detect within 60 seconds the pan for cooking; is fit or not. Whether it detects the absence of right cookware then it takes itself auto shut down unless you touch another function.

It has a message system to give you if it faces high or low voltage.


The Ivation induction cooktop is tiny and light-weight with the trouble-free to store. This cooktop is just about 7.4 pounds shipping weight and also portable for which it can be taken on any apposite place indoor and outdoor.


Ivation Induction cooktop is made of quality materials as well as a premium quality glass top it makes sure you about its durability.

Besides, it is ETL (Extract, Transform, and load) & FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certified and this product is built to North American Electrical Standards.

Digital timer with lock system

This cooktop has a digital timer which serves 180 minutes. You can set your desired cooking time so that it will automatically shut down or lock after finishing your cooking time.

And this lock system is the finest feature of Ivation and it ensures you that your child is safe. Whenever your child, especially at home will touch on the surface of the cooktop, then it will lock automatically.

Besides, the time high and low electric potential of electricity to avoid any accident; it can be locked by the lock feature.

Made of premium glass-top surface

Making this induction cooktop from good quality materials to make sure perfect setting controls, high-power output, consistent heat levels, and durability.

The surface area of this induction features the precision-cut glass. It has two models one is full glass-top and another is a partial glass-top.

This glass top provides fantastic features when someone touches during cooking on the surface, it will not a cause to burn fingers because this glass top does not hold enough heat to burn fingers.

  •  Safety locker features to save your child from harm.
  • Allowing to set the actual temperature and heat
  • It has twenty programmable power levels (10 for heat and 10 for temperature).
  • The surface of this induction is a ceramic glass top, consequently, it is easy to clean and looks like a smart cooktop.
  • Digital display monitor and a touch-sensitive button which implies it has a smart control panel.
  • Provides the error message whether it diagnoses any problem during cooking.
  • It is flameless and easy to store
  • Straightforward to store
  • It cannot be customized by the user to set temperature or heat unless it is at 20 programmable levels.
  • Sometimes, too high or low heat cannot be generated by the lowest or highest power level settings.


Final Verdict:

Are you searching a latest cooktop or portable induction cooktop with nice features and that prioritizes your kid’s safety? Then it’ll show the symbol that you got.‘The Ivation 1800 watt portable induction’ is a latest smarter cooktop by which you can be offered by number of handy features.These handy features like faster, timer, digital display, and touch button can make much easier to your busy life.You can be ensured by visiting the Amazon site where the majority of persons who had bought the Ivation cooktop are very happy with it.

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