Kitchen Must Haves for a Busy Family

The efficiency and setup of your kitchen are important if you want to run a successful household. If you are a working professional yourself, then time management becomes even more important. You need a well-stocked pantry so that you can be fast when cooking and yet serve delicious food. If your family is always busy and running around to activities, you need to be at the top of your game to serve them. Having the right tools will help you to do that.

The right kitchen accessories can make taking care of busy family less stressful, and maybe even fun!  Don’t be afraid to have the kids help with meal prepping and clean up too.

  1. Electric Skillet

Best Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is a corded pan that has been designed to have slanted sides and a flat bottom. It keeps food at regulated temperatures to cook evenly, and it is ideal for quickly stirring whole meals. The slanted sides aid stir-frying, and you can even serve food directly from the skillet. Skillets can be made from a variety of metals and may have glass lids for easy viewing. You should read skillet reviews to find the best skillet that is ideal for your purpose. You can use a skillet for pan-searing, pan-roasting and sauté. The electric option gives you the freedom to leave your food unattended while getting other components of the dinner ready.

  1. Heavy Duty Blender

Best Heavy Duty Blender

When everyone is in a hurry, smoothies are a lifesaver. A good heavy-duty blender will provide you with a filling and heavy smoothie which will be not only nutritious but also time-saving. Also, you can use blenders to create pastes and soups which can be part of your meal repertoire.  Invest in a larger capacity or heavier duty model so that you can create large amounts of smoothies and shakes on the go and feed everyone at once!

  1. Crock Pot

Best crock pot review

If you are aiming to save some time by making food for the entire meal with one appliance, then you can rely heavily on a crock pot. Thousands of recipes are available online, and entire cookbooks are dedicated to this single piece of cookware.  You simply put all of your ingredients into the pot at the beginning of the day, turn it on to the appropriate temperature, and return home after work to a hot and complete meal.  You can pre-prep meals at the beginning of the week and store in freezer bags so that your morning consists of opening and emptying the ingredients into the slow cooker.  Did we mention how great your house will smell when you walk in at the end of the day?  If you entertain or feed large crowds often, this will soon be your favorite appliance.

  1. Storage Container Set

best Storage Container Set

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One downside of having busy family members is that they are prone to missing meals and because they are late, or unable to show up at all. You make a meal for five that is attended by two people, so having single serving storage containers provides you with the option to have meals prepped for the rest of the family easily. Invest in containers that can keep food hot and are flexible between the freezer and the microwave.

  1. A Knife Set

A Knife Set review

We often make the mistake of using one single knife for all purposes. This not only dulls the blade, but it also doesn’t always do the job right.  We need to understand that different knives are designed for cutting different fruits and vegetables. The right type of knife, with a sharp blade, makes your job much easier when it comes to meal prep. So, have a set of sharp knives ready to help you out whenever you need to chop up salads or veggies for cooking or just a quick meal or snack. You’ll appreciate the efficiency of these tools when you have them.

Managing a Big Happy Family

The key to feeding a busy family is to manage your time as well as possible. You need to fill your kitchen with time-saving equipment that will let you cook quick recipes in a jiffy. Rice-cookers and electric kettles are also very helpful.  Talk your friends and neighbors to see what products they like as well.

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