The Kitchen Storeroom Search: How to Decide on a Kitchen Design Style

As the most functional room in your house, selecting the style of your kitchen can be a rather daunting affair.

You want to make sure that whatever kitchen design style you settle on will adequately cater to not just your cooking style and habits but that it also complements the other interior spaces in your wider home.

How to Decide on a Kitchen Design Style

Rest assured, there are some factors that you absolutely must consider when selecting a kitchen style that may help narrow down your choices and ultimately assist you in making your final decisions.


Read on to discover what you should consider when settling on a kitchen design style.


Kitchen fixtures and appliances

First and foremost, you’ll want to think about the style and size of the fixtures you’ll be looking to incorporate into your kitchen space.

Walking through kitchen showrooms in Melbourne and other fashion-forward cities, you’ll most likely see a myriad of design styles, ranging from industrialist to contemporary modern, and from sleek and stainless steel Euro appliances to rustic copper faucets and the like.

Consider what fixtures and appliances adhere best with your dream kitchen, and plan the rest of your design scheme around these kitchen essentials.

It’s also worth noting that style is by no means the only consideration you should be making when selecting your kitchen fixtures.

Always prioritise functionality and modernity wherever possible, if only to ensure that your kitchen’s fixtures are as energy-efficient and user-friendly as possible. Of course, some of the most popular kitchen design styles are popular because of their ability to incorporate modern fixtures with ease.

Storage considerations

One of the most vital elements of any functional kitchen is both the amount of storage space available to you, as well as the versatility of that storage space.

Clever storage ideas for small kitchens

Whether you’re looking to incorporate pull-out drawers or hanging pot racks, there are beautiful and unique storage options that work for every household, and for every kitchen design style. Take some time to consider exactly what types of storage work best for you and your intended kitchen design scheme.

Accents and accessories

Kitchens are generally not a space that invites designing with accents simply because highly functional spaces don’t demand decoration. In truth, design accents aren’t a top priority when it comes to putting together a kitchen space for many homes, but if you do have some accents in mind, consider what design styles they may thrive in.

For instance, decorating with vintage decor and naturalistic accents like watercolour paintings and macrame wall hangings may add a sense of rustic country living to your kitchen. Of course, these naturalistic accents would clash in a contemporary minimalist kitchen, which may boast accents like a bold, geometric light pendant or similarly styled wall art.

If you’re looking to go totally utilitarian with your kitchen design, you may choose to do away with purely decorative accents altogether, and opt for functional accents like a display of bartending equipment or a rack for knives or cutting boards. These tools that double up as accents can also have a great influence on the overall design scheme of your kitchen!

Light availability and other natural elements

If you’ve considered all the above elements and still haven’t been able to totally pinpoint your kitchen’s design style, look no further than the light availability in your space.

Your kitchen’s natural sunlight availability can help you ascertain what the flow of energy in your kitchen space is likely to look like, and paying mind to feng shui can greatly support you in your quest for a design style! Take some time to notice how the sunlight interacts with your kitchen space over the course of a day so that you can design with this light in mind.

kitchen natural light

If you have a decent amount of early morning sun, you should absolutely consider incorporating plants and other natural elements into your kitchen space as well, to ensure that the space always feels fresh and inviting.

You can never go wrong with a windowsill herb garden to help elevate your cooking habits, or even some hardy indoor plants like a well-placed fern or some windowsill succulents can add that little extra touch of hominess to any design scheme.

When selecting any kitchen design style, it’s important to note that even if your kitchen fixtures feel as though they’ve been designed to adhere to one specific design scheme, you can still incorporate a myriad of other elements into your final designs that can ensure your kitchen space is not only highly functional but is also personal to you.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match between styles as well in order to strike a balance between prescribed styles and your very own personal flair! This is, after all, how the most eye-catching and cohesive interiors are developed.

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