8 Practical Tips to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

how to maximize kitchen space

No matter if you’re struggling with storage or battle with food prep space every time you prepare a meal for more people than one, this text will definitely help. Here are a few easy and effective ways you can maximize your kitchen space.

Hang up a Pot Rack

how to maximize small kitchen space

If you always have issues with storage, we feel you. You can never have too much storage space in the kitchen, but if you have a tiny space to work with, you can really struggle with cabinets and shelves. But, if you’re so lucky to have a kitchen island, use the space above it to add a pot rack to store all your stainless steel and ceramic cookware that sit on the stove, take up your cabinet room and clutter your counters. This will not only give you space to place all your cooking necessities but also create a gorgeous display for your kitchen.

Organize Your Lids

how to organize kitchen cabinet space

For many people with small kitchens, storing lids is the absolute worst. They never seem to stack and they tend to come out clattering all over your kitchen every time you open the cabinet doors. So, make sure to make some space for these lids by installing pan dividers. These can also be used for baking sheets and cutting boards and will always keep them at hand yet neatly stacked. The kitchen island trolley is another extra space-saving option for a more organized kitchen. You can shop different kitchen trolleys online depending on your need and space. We recommend assessing your kitchen needs before buying your first island trolley because every kitchen has different specific needs.

how to maximize kitchen drawer space

Do you have all that unused vertical space in your cabinets? Well, it’s time to utilize it with some risers for your dishes. This will keep your dishes perfectly sorted and you don’t have to go digging through stacks of dishes in order to pick something from the middle. These wire shelf risers are also perfect for mugs, mismatched dishes that don’t stack and all your cute and colorful bowls.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

how to maximize kitchen storage space

If you’re really struggling with kitchen space and no matter what you do it doesn’t give you enough space, you can consider creating an outdoor kitchen. These are very popular today and they allow you to get away with two full kitchens on your property. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for BBQ parties and hangouts while you can use your indoor kitchen for smaller family meals. If you live somewhere colder and can’t really spend a lot of time outside, invest in a separate shed. Today, you can find many different models online, so contact people from Best Sheds and opt for the one that will match the best with your backyard space. Once your shed arrives, you can easily turn it into a master chef’s kitchen of your dreams.

Get a Portable Induction Cooktop

best way to maximize kitchen space

If you can’t employ your outdoor space to serve as your kitchen, you’ll have to deal with what little space you have indoors in order to get more cooking room. Luckily, there are practical portable induction cooktops for those messy situations and complicated meals when you need to prepare many things at the same time. Just whip your portable cooktop out of your cabinet and you’ll get space for one more pot or pan.  These are also perfect for all those families that love to travel, because you can easily bring it on your trip.

Utilize Your Sink

how to organize small kitchen space

If you have a stove that serves you well but you struggle with food prep space, here’s a solution. Since counter space is premium real estate in the kitchen, you can add some space for chopping and pealing by placing a cutting board over your sink. Some specialized models even come with a built-in colander which will make your meal preparation easier and cleaner.

Grab a Lazy Susan

how to maximise small kitchen space

Most kitchens have those corners that can barely be accessed. So, what do you do with all that unused yet precious space? Place a Lazy Susan in your corner, fill it with containers with cooking utensils, frequently used spices or your favorite recipe books and voila! You have an easy to reach storage that will keep your cabinets from overflowing.

Install Hooks for Mugs

how to organize kitchen sink

No matter if you’re a tea person or a hardcore coffee lover, you need mugs! But, they take up a lot of cabinet space because most of them stack horribly. But, if you install some hooks under your shelf or cabinet, you can hang your mugs by the handle and free up some space.

With extra elbow space, you’ll get to try out many new recipes and enjoy a relaxing cooking experience instead of panicking every time you have to prepare a meal.

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