Nuwave Induction Cooktop Review- In’s and Out’s

The NuWave Precision pro-Induction Cooktop is a fast, easy and convenient way to get your cooking done.

Used primarily as a cooktop it is also used for heating food as well as keeping food warm.

Referred to as a portable stovetop NuWave Pic pro can cook up a family meal in very little time with one of its 6 preprogrammed temperature settings that allow individuals to cook a meal at 100 degrees or all the way up to 575 degrees. Measuring 9 inches in diameter the cooktops frying pan is great for a variety of different meals and meal sizes.

nuwave induction cooktop reviews 1800W

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What Can The NuWave Pic Pro do?

The NuWave Pic pro  is extremely versatile and offers many different functions and ways of cooking food.

The cooktop can boil water to make pasta, it can simmer to cook soup, it can deep fry fish, potatoes, and chicken.

There are numbers of cookware set available which can be a great fit for use in nuwave pic cooktop, and T-Fal cookware set is one of them.

The cooktop can also saute, stir-fry, steam, slow cook and even barbecue food. Among all of those options, users can also sear, grill and melt their food with the cooktop.

Nuwave always keep releasing new and up to date products on the market and Nuwave pic 2 is one of them.

What Features The NuWave PIC Pro-Induction Cooktop Offers?

  • 12-inch surface area and the glass top is very easy to clean.
  • Built in preprogrammed setting.
  • one touch easy digital LCD control Panel.
  • Dual coil Heating technology increases your power in kitchen.
  • Built-in cooling fan with quiet technology.
  • 1800 watts power. More power than ever before.
  • 94 temperature setting.

The NuWave induction cooktop has many features that set it apart from other stoves and cooktops.

The cooktop is 14.5 inches big and as stated before the hard anodized frying pan measures 9 inches in diameter perfect for making smaller or larger meals. There is a function that allows the cooktop to save programmed temperatures and cooking directions so you can easily make the same meal the same way again and again with no worries. The pre-programmed functions make the cooktop easy to use but also very efficient.

Available colors

Nuwave Pic Pro is available in four colors . All of them are really gorgeous and eye catching. They are:

  1. Jet Black.
  2. Rich Red.
  3. White Diamond.
  4. Graphite.

Benefits Of Using The NuWave Pic Pro-Induction Cooktop:

  • Lightweight: making it easy to carry around or pack away for trips.
  • Uses less energy: Induction cooktops use a considerable amount of less energy than a regular stove or oven.
  • Automatic shut off: once the meal has completed the cooktop automatically shuts off making it safe for use around the home and kids.
  • Delay function: allows you to plan a time for the cooktop to turn on making cooking easier and more convenient for you.
  • Circular design: the circular design makes for less wasted space and more functionality while cooking.

Who Can Use The NuWave Pic Pro?

  • College Kids: perfect for small dorm rooms the induction cooktop can make a meal without any of the worries of leaving a stove on.
  • Individuals With Small Apartments: having a small house or apartment can make cooking a hassle from the unnecessary heat in the kitchen to all the preparing and clean up yet with. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop cooking and clean up are easier than ever. It is also great for small houses and apartments because storing it is very simple.
  • Campers: One of the best uses for The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is for those who like to travel or spend a lot of time outdoors. The cooktop is easy to carry and store and can make just about any meal in little time making it perfect for those on the go trips.


  • Lightweight- easy to carry it anywhere even on outdoor
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Built with hard anodized material
  • Quick cooking-boil water just in 1 minute.
  • The ability to cook foods many different ways.
  • Built in cooling fan is less noisy than other models

Final Thought

The NuWave Pic pro-Induction Cooktop is perfect for many different people for a variety of reasons. Anyone from a college aged kid to a senior citizen will find the cooktop to be quick, easy and even fun to use. Cooking doesn’t always have to be a hassle or a project when you have a great cooktop to use.

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