NuWave PIC Titanium 2015 Model | New Face of Modern Cooking

When we look on to earlier cooking methods the points that bother us is the high risk of accidents, tedious work that drains mental and physical energy, no proper control over the heating and huge money spent on fuel. NuWave has come up with an induction cooktop that will remarkably solve most of the problems with its excellent functionality. This NuWave PIC Titanium has some advanced level features that make it the winner.

Nuwave PIC Titanium

Nuwave Pic Titanium

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Common Features Of NuWave PIC Titanium

Digital LED Panel

The product has got an elegant design. The control panel is beautifully designed. It has got a medium central LED panel. The panel is easily visible and the display is big enough to be easily read. There are five buttons on either side of the display which helps in easy control and operation. The temperature can be precisely controlled. It can be increased and decreased with buttons in the immediate vicinity of the LED display. The LED displays the current temperature. The temperature control helps in getting a wide range of settings as per the usage.

Temperature settings

This NuWave induction cooktop has also got 6 pre-programmed temperature settings. This feature saves the time and effort of manually setting the temperature according to cooking preferences. There are 94 manual temperature settings available. The cooktop is extremely safe to use and is built to last long. The automatic shut off feature is also provided. It has got a delay timer. The time when set will automatically shut the induction cooktop off after the specified time. Thus reducing human effort and providing safety.

Key Features of NuWave PIC Titanium 

Larger Heating surface

The heating surface provided by NuWave induction cooktop is large and efficient. It is large enough to hold a wide range of utensils. It has got a nine and a half inch heating surface. The overall surface measures 12 inches so that it can accommodate large pots. The heating surface is strong and sturdy. It is easy to clean and minor spills won’t affect the working. Heating surface is safe to use and helps in avoiding accidental burns.

94 temperature settings

The Nuwave PIC Titanium induction cooktop comes with a precise temperature control options on the control panel. There are in all 94 temperature settings. The 94 temperature settings come under manual adjustment by the user and cover a wide range of cooking temperature requirements.

The temperature increment is in terms of 5 degrees for each click of the button. To make temperature settings less tedious 6 pre-programmed settings are also provided. The pre-programmed settings cover the commonly used temperature settings. If temperature settings other than the common range is required, then the user can go to manual settings.

The temperature settings provide a complete solution for problems usually faced by the user. The large heating surface and precise temperature control make it one of the fastest heating cooktops in the market. The induction cooktop is durable and can continuously be used for a long time.

New delay shut-off function

In addition to the temperature settings a timer setting is also provided. The shut-off timer shuts off the cooktop after the user defined time span. The delay in shut off time puts the cook at ease without making any errors.

Greater Average lifespan

The cooktop incorporating all these features also goes for high built quality. The induction cooktop is engineered to perform well under rough usage. It has been engineered to have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years which is definitely worth its price.

Watt adjustment

The power consumed by the cooktop can also be monitored by the watt adjustment provided by NuWave induction cooktop.

What We Like Most About This Beautiful Induction Cooktop

  • Saves money and time

NuWave PIC Titanium induction cooktop is one of the fastest heating cooktop available in the market. The cooktop has excellent features which are worth its price. The product saves time due to its efficiency and large heating surface. The delay shut off function also saves time and energy consumption. Thus saving money by less energy consumption. The wattage adjustment also helps regulate the power consumption.

  • Fastest cooktop

The cooktop is fast in operation due to its intelligent engineering. The large heating surface with efficient heating speeds up the process. It can boil water in 60 seconds.

  • Lightweight

Even after incorporating so many features the NuWave PIC Titanium cooktop is extremely light in weight. The product being lightweight is suitable for outdoor use.

  • Cook continuously for a Long time

It can be easily moved around in the kitchen area. The induction cooktop is made to last long. It can be used continuously for 100 hours without any damage. Normally the coils dysfunction after a certain period of time but in this case, it will last for an appreciable amount of time.

  • Safety

The product is designed considering the safety of the user. The heating surface only functions when cooking vessels are placed on it. No other material gets heated or catches fire on this surface. This makes it very safe to use in the kitchen compared to older cooktops. The delay shut off timer is one of the features that enhances safety. The product is a complete package of functionality with safety that too with a considerable price tag.


  • Slightly loud

The cooktop is a bit noisy when operated. The fan makes considerable noise when used. The problem persists from the start. There is no increase in noise after long hours of usage and remains pretty consistent.

  • Cord becomes warm

The induction cooktop is safe to use regarding the heating surface and coils. It will not cause accidental burns but the power cord gets warm after some time. This does not cause any severe ergonomic impacts but normally it should not get warm.

  • Accommodating problems

The size of the entire product is a bit large. The space available to install it should be considered before buying it.

Final thought

Talking about its overall functioning and performance, we can say, without a second thought that the product is worth buy at its price. If you overlook the slight noise that it creates, and if your kitchen doesn’t have the space issue, it is good in all. Its amazing bundle attributes offering various utilities makes the daily cooking work much less a headache.

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