Simple Tricks On How to Make A Protein Shake Without a Blender Bottle

From my experience, it truly can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to make a protein shake without a blender bottle. True, the mixing cup is the first choice for most workout buffs and sportspersons, but let’s say you went to visit a friend but forgot your shaker. Will you start moving up and down on the streets searching for a store with one? Or how else can you mix your protein powder without leaving clumpy remains floating around in your drink?

how to make a protein shake without a blender Well, at this point, you don’t need to buy a shaker bottle if you have another sitting somewhere. There are several other ways that you can employ and still have a smooth protein shake without it being lumpy or grainy.

What You Need: any type of a jar with an air-tight lid, open container (bowl) and spoon, or any type of a kitchen blender (personal or countertop).

3 Best No Blender Protein Shake Recipes

Alternative 1: How to Make a Protein Shake with a Food Container

This method is pretty straightforward as it involves making a paste, then mixing with milk/ water gradually- just like when making sauce paste. You don’t need any mixing machine, rather instead, a cylindrical container/ bowl, a teaspoon, and your protein powder. 

protein shake no blender Directions:

  • Put a little mixing agent (milk/ water) into a clean container
  • Add your protein powder as per your daily intake
  • Mix the content to create a dense paste 
  • Then, add more milk/ water gradually while stirring
  • Finally, transfer your shake into the drinking cup and enjoy

If you do everything right, you should have a smooth protein shake that’s no lumps or floating grains. The method can still produce results if you use the drinking glass as your mixing container.

Either way, make sure you mix all your powder by “step 3” as adding later has high chances of leaving chunky bits.

Alternative 2: How to Make a Protein Shake with a Kitchen Blender

Overall, this is the simplest method that can help you achieve a silky and delicious protein shake. The process is relying on a powdered motor and spinning blades to do the mixing. So, you can even add other solid ingredients like bananas and ice cubes to give an extra unique taste.

protein shake without blender In this article, I’ll use nutribullet for reference since it has smaller cups that you can even drink from directly.


  • Put milk/ water in the blending cup
  • Add a scoop/s of protein powder 
  • Secure the blade lid on the cup
  • Place the cup onto the power base. Then, press it down to switch the machine on
  • Continue blending until your protein shake looks smooth 
  • Release pressure from the cup and disengage from the base

After unscrewing the blade assembly, you can drink your shake then, or take it as a to-go drink. These personal blenders usually come with sip and seal lids. So, you won’t need to worry about hurting your lips or how to carry the drink to the gym.

Alternative 3: How to Make a Protein Shake with an Old Jar

In this method, the whole idea is to use the ordinary jar as the blender bottle. The method is just an alternative solution, which (if I may say) isn’t 100% perfect, but it may work out for you.

no blender protein shake As you know, however, a shaker tends to have a mixing cup, a tightly sealed lid, and a mixing device (mostly spiral metal ball). So, our old jar also has to have an airtight lid, then, for the mixing ball, we can replace it with a couple of ice cubes. The container, obviously, has to be clean on the inside and even out.


  • Take your jar and put 2 or 3 ice cubes inside. As I’ve just said, the ice will help break up the protein powder and mix the ingredients.
  • Add skimmed milk as per your preferential measurement. 
  • Then, add the protein powder
  • Secure the airtight lid onto the jar
  • Now give your jar a vigorous shake, up and down, to make sure all the content is perfectly mixed.

Due to the absence of a dedicated mixing device, your drink will likely have some solid bits, including ice cubes, that didn’t mix. So, you’ll need to filter your shake. But since it’s not a shake juice that we want, you will sieve the content with a colander as it has bigger holes. 


A blender bottle, no doubt, is the best way to mix your powder for a protein shake. The device uses no power, plus the mixing cup is very easy to clean after finishing up your drink.

The kitchen blender, on the other hand, is the best way to go if you’d prefer to add solid ingredients into your shake.  Its use of a powered motor means you can make your shake fast and with high consistency. Furthermore, the spinning blade can break up even the toughest ingredients. So, each grain of the ingredient has a better chance of dissolving.

However, if you don’t have a blender or a shaker cup at hand, you can still get a smooth drink using the ordinary glass and spoon. You just have to make sure you create a thorough paste, then add your mixing agent (water/ milk) while stirring up perfectly. You may also check some quality article at Blenders Pro.

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