Quantum 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

Trying to hunt down a cooktop with appropriate energy efficiency and faster cooking and heat management? Here is what you need. Quantum portable induction cooktop, 1800W is the one you can rely on for your cooking needs. The unit comes accompanied with a 5 foot power cord, warranty certificate and a user manual  having detailes instruction, guidelines and information. This quantum cooktop offers efficient, relatively faster cooking.  It comes in a lightweight, quite portable and efficient structure. Moreover, it has got an elegant design and look, which shall certainly add to the beauty of your countertop. Sure enough, it is an eye catcher.

Quantum 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

Quantum 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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It seems to come in an apparently user friendly design. you can simply turn on using th On/Off button once the LED lights are on and can set temperature as per your requirements, Most importantly, this cooktop is the best one can get at its price. For its design, functioning, quality, and features, each penny shall be worth it.


Without any bit of doubt, Quantum 1800W portable cooktop comes with an efficient and attractive design and structure. It moreover boasts of 83 percent of efficiency. At this rate of efficiency, the product is estimated to cost mere 12 cents an hour- standing in sharp contrast with gas burners, which cost about $1.7 per hour.  Even in its lightweight frame, the cooktop is quite sturdy. The shiny surface is strong and sturdy as well. The short legs under the surface enable proper ventilation and heat-managed operation. The design is compatible with induction stainless steel as well as cast iron. However, it would not function with non ferrous utensils. (Quick tip: proper induction iron utensils can fetch better and faster functioning)

With its average dimensions, it can fit in anywhere, while it can hold most average sized utensils. It is equipped with some basic features like inbuilt countdown timer with a range of 1-170 minutes, automatic pan detection and shut off, diagnostic error alerts and voltage warnings etc. Also, some cool features like safety lock key are there as well. The base of the utensil you use on the cooktop must not be less than 5 inches in diameter.

It is designed to operate quietly. That’s the good news for all who become itchy with that buzzing sound of cooktops. Well, that is until you don’t mess the dish up yourself, of course!

Temperature and Heating

Power range of this Quantum cooktop is 200 – 1800 watts. There are 8 power settings available for this range. Rated at 120 volts, the cooktop is ETL approved. The cooktop offers a temperature range of 140 Degree F to 460 Degree F. You can adjust or control the temperature, according to your needs, using the plus and minus buttons. ( Plus button to increase the temperature and minus for decreasing).

The cooktop can put out some real heat. It hardly takes a minute to boil two cups of cold water. So, it does have a cool heating capacity. While it is great at one part, you can very easily end up with burned food if you don’t handle it with care. So you must always be a little careful while doing your cooking on this induction cooktop. Also, be sure never to put utensil with the cooktop on without some water or any other liquid.

Safety Features

Quantum 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop accompanies some good safety features. It includes features such a child safety lock, voltage warning etc. Safety lock features prevent heat up beyond a particular level. With this you don’t have to carry the tension of your child getting burnt. Also, the high and low voltage warning feature adds to the safety as well as durability of the cooktop.

Key Features:

  • ferrous metal compatible ( Cast iron, magnetic stainless steel or sheet enameled steel etc. )
  • 83 percent efficient functioning
  • 8 power levels, ranging from 200 to 1800W
  • Automatic pan detection and turn off
  • safety lock key
  • full digital control panel
  • diagnostic error alert system
  • voltage warnings
  • inbuilt timer
  • Dimensions: 15 x12 x 2.5 inches

Benefits of the Cooktop:

  • Efficient functioning implies greater savings; in terms of money as well as energy.
  • No worry about burns, thanks to the cooling ceramic surface and design. The portion that might remain hot after use is marked with a beautiful design.
  • Inbuilt Digital countdown timer to add to the convenience of cooking. No need to stand around for the entire duration.
  • Quick heating to reduce the time taken for cooking.
  • Quiet functioning offers a noise free cooking.
  • Very easy to clean; you can simply use a cotton cloth or a sponge for simply wipe-cleaning the surface
  • The product works just like it is shown in the description.


  • Though it is energy efficient, it pulls a greater than reasonable amount of power which may lead to fuse troubles in some cases.
  • Quick heating can cause food burns.
  • There is some grade of inefficiency in temperature settings. Several complaints are noted in the matter of temperature cooking inaccuracy.

For those concerned about guarantees, the product boasts of 100 percent ‘No questions asked’ guarantee. This implies that in case you are not fully content with the functioning of the product, you will get the entire amount back. Also, you have the amazing support team, should you confront any troubles.

So far, he performance of the Quantum cooktop has been reported fine. Except for the temperature inaccuracy, the customers at large is apparently content with the product. To wrap up, Quantum 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, with its ideal functioning, elegant looks, and high quality, sturdy design, is sure to meet your expectations.

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