How to repair a Glass Cooktop In Your Home!!!

One third of contemporary kitchens are now intended with a glass cooktop. The glass cooktop provides some extraordinary remedies in your culinary world.  For example, you should have much less difficulties with foods burning up onto the surface, and children cannot burn by themselves just as easily on the glass cooktop.

Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to be able to glass cooktops. They don’t fully trust some types of cookware, as well as there are a number of the ways to be able to damage the outer lining. A few problems that you could experience with a glass cooktop are easier to restore than these.

That’s because, in contrast to traditional enamel-coated stovetops, glass cooktop surfaces need special care and servicing. They can effortlessly grow to be damaged and discolored-destroying the way the cooktop appears as well as performs.

A glass cooktop needs a bit more attention and servicing when compared to a traditional burner-type cooktop. But when an individual take appropriate step swiftly to cleaner up spills and also tidy up after food preparation, you’ll be able to maintain your appliance seeking brand new and functioning successfully for years.

How to remove scratches from glass cooktop:


Remove scratches with care

How to repair a Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktops are inclined to scratch. Heavy scratches can’t be restored. Nonetheless, in case your cooktop provides mild marring or even streaking, this can be buffed out there.

Scratches upon glass cooktops may be the effect of a number of factors, including moving the cookware over the cooktop area or perhaps by saving home appliances or any other things on the cook-top if it is not being utilized. You may either use a paste preparing with baking soda and water or use a metal polishing cream or simply use toothpaste. Rub the actual surface employing a delicate cloth inside a round outline.

Clean the particular surface away using a fresh fabric right after. If you feel that it was not resulting too much to remove scratches just stop rubbing. Too much rubbing may dull the top of the surface. The scratches may be too deep to be repaired. Do not make use of something also abrasive on the cooktop, as possible add more scratches.

Clean the particular surface away using a fresh fabric right after. If you feel that it was not resulting too much to remove scratches just stop rubbing. Too much rubbing may dull the top of the surface. The scratches may be too deep to be repaired. Do not make use of something also abrasive on the cooktop, as possible add more scratches.

Best Cleaner Kit to Handle This-  Check Here

The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit is one of the best choices for stovetop cleaning you can get your hands on. It is the magic potion behind the shiny, streak-free, and polished look your cooktop achieves time and time again.

Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit


  • REVEAL – Non-abrasive technology in their cooktop pads effortlessly eradicates stubborn stains from burned on foods, oily residues, etc.
  • REVITALIZE – The innovative technology that utilizes micro-bead magnificence adds robust scrubbing performance while ensuring the cooktop looks polished without a mark.
  • The SHINE that matters – the cooktop cleaner kit achieves an efficient combination of a shiny, grease-free, protected glass, ceramic, or induction top.
  • Comes with a Cooktop Scraper that removes the toughest grease and residues with ease.
  • Comes with a Heavy Duty Cooktop Cleaner & Polish that does the magic to remove burned-on stains.
  • Comes with a scrubbing tool and pad for efficient and strong scrubbing performance.


  • Comes with non-abrasive cleaners.
  • Comes with heavy-duty scrubs and pads.
  • All-in-one cooktop cleaner.
  • Not only leaves cooktops clean and shiny but does so without a scratch or any damage.


  • Only compatible with glass, ceramic, and induction cooktops
  • Better scrubbing pads available from brands like Magic Eraser


The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit is an all-purpose package that eases your kitchen burdens by a lot. It comes with useful scrubs and pads, as well as their scraper to give you maximum efficiency in cleaning. However, it is not compatible with cooktops other than the ones mentioned above, and there are specialized scrubbing pads from contemporary brands offering a better service.


How to repair a damaged glass cooktop


Solution for cracking the glass top

In the event you fall on thing around the cooktop, it is possible to chip or perhaps break the surface. Utilizing a broken glass is always dangerous and also poses the chance of power shock. The only method to make sure the cooktop is protected is actually to get another one or to replace the glass on top. The method associated with removing and also changing the glass surface may vary dependant on your cooktop.

So let us guide you to the process of how to fix a cracked glass top stove.

Step 1: Make sure the power has been switched off before making repair your glass cooktop. Remove fuse or circuit breaker of cooktop for preventing shock.

Step 2: With the help of user manual of your cooktop, check where the screws are placed. If you lost the user manual then you can download it free on the internet. Just Google it with your model number.

Step 3: Remove the screws by nailer that hold cooktop.

At times the glass is actually locked in place by screws in front from the cooktop, the glass top after that lifting out.

How to repair a Glass Cooktop

Step 4: Remove the screws of burner box that hold glass top.

At times you need to eliminate the supports below the cooktop and elevate it out to gain access to the particular glass.


Step 5: Replace the damage glass with new and fresh glass.

Step 6: Replace all the screws that was removed.

repair 3 

Check switches when not heating properly

May be your glass cooktop does not heat appropriately. A defective switch may cause of not performing your cooktop well. Check the switches through disconnecting the power, after that pulling off the H1 and also H2 cables from the switch hooking up towards the device that is not heating properly.

Check the particular wires by having an ohmmeter, which can register when there is continuity within the switch, or even whether or not electricity are circulating properly in the switch. If it does not have continuity, the cables possibly need exchanging.

And when you will find the power circulation has continuity, and then you must have to change or repair the switch immediately. For bad electric circulation the whole system may fall down. A poor switch may be the cause of overheating your glass cooktop.

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  • Your suggestions regarding diagnosing bad switches is not clear. Once the wires have been removed I assume that it is the switch itself has to be tested for continuity using an ohmmeter. You talk about replacing cables. Is this because the cables have to be tested for continuity to see if they will bring power to the switch? Obviously if there is no power, it is not the switch which is at fault but the power source. When testing the switch itself, should it have continuity or not when it is in proper operating condition? If the switch shows no continuity it should be replaced or should it be replaced when there is continuity indicating a short in the switch.
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