DIY Guide How To Replace Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are great for remodeling the kitchen and for replacing the previous wood doors. They are great because they offer many benefits for home wherever you use them. 

Tools And Materials Required For A Glass Cabinet Door Replacement

To upgrade your cabinet doors to glass cabinet doors, you will need the following tools and materials.

  • Drill
  • Glass sheets
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Router
  • Measuring tape
  • Caulk
  • Glass fasteners or clips
  • Newspaper
  • Soft cloth/microfiber cloth
  • Hand gloves

DIY Procedure To Replace Ordinary Wooden Cabinet Door With Cabinet Glass

glass cabinet doors


To start this project, get the door out of the kitchen cabinets with glass doors. This is to make the work more comfortable since we are only installing cabinet glass on the cabinet door.

Step 1

Make use of a screwdriver or drill to unscrew the hinges of the cabinet door. 

Step 2

Separate the door from the cabinet once all the screws on the hinges are completely removed. Place the cabinet door on a flat surface and make sure the interior part is facing you.

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Step 3

Please measure the size of the tongue and groove joints above the panel using the internal part of the corners where they meet. Measure from one edge to another to determine the full size. Please write it down and keep it somewhere safe. 

Step 4

Drill a hole in the bottom left corner of the raised panel or tongue and groove using a large drill.

Step 5

Drill a separate hole on top of the hole you just drilled. Drill the holes right above one another until you complete aside. This is to make the holes big enough for the jigsaw blade to be inserted.

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Step 6

Move to another corner and follow the same procedures for the hole drilling until you have completed drilling for all sides and corners of the wood cabinet door.

Step 7

It is time to remove the wood panel from the cabinet door. Position the blade of the jigsaw, with the jagged edge of the blade pointing towards the wood cabinet door, into the first hole in the first corner. 

Update Kitchen Cabinets With Glass

Step 8

If this is the first time you are making use of a jigsaw, you may want to practice with a spare piece of wood before cutting your cabinet door.

Also, note that the jigsaw moves in a forward motion so that you will be cutting forward to the top and not downwards.

Push the button on the jigsaw to set it in motion and slowly move. Stop when you get to the next hole in the next corner.

Step 9

When you get to the next hole, stop the jigsaw and pull the blade out. Observe your first cut to see if the line was fine and straight. Do not worry about it too much if it is a little wobbly.

Put the drill in the second hole and position it firmly. Put on the jigsaw by pushing the button and hold securely. Then move carefully along towards the third hole using the drilled holes as a guide. 

kitchen cabinet doors with glass fronts

Step 10

When you get to the third hole, stop the motor and pull the jigsaw blade out. Observe your cut. Insert the jigsaw and position in the third hole in the third corner. Push the button to turn the jigsaw on and move carefully towards the fourth whole along the panel’s bottom.

Step 11

Once in the fourth whole, take out your jigsaw and position it back in the fourth hole. Now cut towards the first hole to complete all corners. Once back in the first hole, you have successfully cut out the wood panel, and this should remove easily.

Step 12

Smoothen the interior rim, where the cut was made with a sandpaper piece. Sand the edges because the jigsaw blade will leave a rough finish. Use a moist microfiber cloth to clean the dust.

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Step 13

Use the measurement put down earlier to cut your glass to the needed size. Add a one-quarter or half-inch extra on all sides. Place the glass sheet on the cabinet door frame.

Step 14

Lay a newspaper on a flat surface and place your cabinet door with the outer part facing down on the paper. Apply a slim line of caulk on the complete perimeter of the frame. Use a moist microfiber or soft cloth to clean up caulking stains on glass immediately.

Step 15

Allow the caulk to dry up. This should take about 30 minutes. 

how to remove panel from cabinet door

Put fasteners over the glass to add them. Double-check to make sure they are not visible through the glass. To make this easy, use a small drill to make holes in places where you want to put fasteners and use a screwdriver or drill to screw them in. Do not make the screw too tight so you do not break the glass.

Step 16

Fix the completed glass cabinet door back to the cabinet by screwing it back on its hinges. 

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