The portable induction cooktop is the best invention of science and technology, which save time, money and most importantly energy. SECURA 9100MC induction cooktop is a lightweight and compact induction cooktop. The versatility of this cooktop is unique and easy to handle and use. Those who do not have enough time to cook and always on the run, it is the perfect induction cooktop for them.

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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Features of Secura 9100MC:

The base of this Secura 9100MC induction cooktop is made of multiple layers of metal and the unique design of the body is made of plastic. The less use of energy is the best feature of this cooktop.  The cooktop has 15 power levels, 15 temperature range, digital control panel,  a digital meter which can increment from 1 minute to 170 minutes, auto pan detection system and auto shutdown system, low and high voltage warning, diagnostic error message system are the main and most important feature of this item.

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Digital Control Panel

Secura 9100MC is the most updated and greatest versions of all previous models. The front panel of this cooktop is angled just like other cooktops. So the chance of putting a hot pan on control is zero. The control panel is fully digitally optimized.  On the right side of the angled panel, there is one on/off & power indicator key. Along with this key, there are two buttons for increasing and decreasing levels to control the mode level of the indicator. Temperature mode indicator, power mode indicator, and timer mode indicator are on the left side of the panel. The LED readout display is placed at the center of the panel to monitor the device in an easy way.

15 Temperature Range

The temperature functions work independently in this induction cooktop. The temperature mode should be used when a specific cooking temperature is required.   The temperature is varying from 140-460 Fahrenheit with 15 different temperature mode. The temperature has 20-degree increments when it’s in its temperature mode. The modes are starting from 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 370, 400, 430 and finish at 460 Fahrenheit. When the Secura 9100MC power cable is plugged, default temperature 320 Fahrenheit will be shown on the LED display.

15 Power Levels

The power level selected directly relates to the amount of wattage.  Secura 9100MC Induction cooktop has 15 different power levels starting from 200-1800 watts. The first twelve power settings are in 100-watt increments from 200-watts to 1300-watts and the last three are in 1500, 1600 and 1800-watts. The default power setting is 1000-watts.

Built-in Count Down Digital Timer

The digital timer may be used with either the temperature or power mode. Time will change in 1-minute intervals each time if one of the increases or decrease button is pressed.  The timer with 1-minute increment up to 170 minutes.When the user is not around and the cooking is completed the timer will beep and the cooktop will turn off. The unit will shut down automatically in 120 minutes if no button or key is pressed. This timer provides required safety to the users.

Auto-pan Detection

The auto-pan detection system is an amazing feature of this induction cooktop. Secura 9100MC can easily diagnose the magnetic bottom of induction cookware in just a second. It can detect enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron. The magnetic cooktop turns itself off when the pan is removed from the surface. This system is adding an extra security feature to this system.

Error Message System

This is one of it’s another great feature when it comes to the safety issue. This system allows the cooker if there is anything wrong within the system. The error message will be shown in the LED display in the control panel.

Voltage Warning System

120 voltage is the default voltage of this system. If the voltage goes high or low the system detects the fault and shut down the system automatically. So it is the best for them who are really aware of the safety issue.

Rating of Secura 9100MC Induction Cooktop

Price 5 out of 5

The previous price of Secura induction cooktop was $99.99 but now the price of this product is $69.99. If anyone is thinking to buy this product he/she can save up to $30.00(30%) and also get the product at home without any shipping cost. It’s an amazing product with various features at this price and it’s the best in its group.

Functionality 4 out of 5

Though Secura 9100MC has so many variations of features it has some minor problems in functionality. The diameter of the cookware should not be more than 6” otherwise the auto-pan detection system cannot detect the cookware. All kind of cannot be used on this cooktop. The auto shut down system is a problem in the middle of cooking if anything is wrong in the cooktop such as- temperature, power and higher or lower voltage problem. The small sound of the cooktop can be noisy if somebody has the extra sensitive ear.

Durability 5 out of 5

The durability of this product is unquestionable. This is the best kind of cooktop in its group. The body is made out of plastic which is not very pleasant. But it does not affect its durability. Its glasstop material is very durable. The company is giving a 1-year warranty with this product. The body is heat resistant and nobody cannot harm by it especially the older and the children.

Design 4 out of 5

The design of this body is just like other induction cooktops of its kind. The company is not given an extra attraction with the body design. But the displays and touch keys are placed on the spot. The design of glass top makes it easy to clean within a second.  The diameter of this cooktop is not very big if anyone wants to use a big induction pan or pot. Without this, there is not any fault in the design.


1)Comparing with its size and price this cooktop can deal with big jobs in a short amount of time.

2)It can boil liquids and cook the desirable recipes without producing any extra amount of heat.Thus it keeps the room temperature as it was before.

3)If we remove the cooking pan/boiler this induction cooktop will automatically turn itself off.And its temperature will go down immediately.You can even place your hand on it to check.

4)Thinking about going on an outing?Then make your experience a little more fun by taking this small sized cooktop which takes a small place in your basket and cooks some extraordinary dishes.

5)Comparing to other cooktops,this one is featherweight;so you can carry and move it to anyplace you want.

6)Completely safe and suitable to use,people from any age can use it without having to worry about any accidents.


1)Suitable cookware is essential.Instead of using stainless cookwares,you should use cookwares made of substances that attract magnet.


Ques: What is the maximum weight limit for this cooktop? how much water can it boil in a quick time period?

Ans: It can take up to 25 pounds of weight at one time.Maximum 6-7 gallons of water would be perfect if you want to do it fast.
Ques: What kind of cooking pan is best to work on induction??

Ans:Best way to find this answer is by testing the pan with a magnet.If it sticks to that pan then its perfect for use on induction cooktop.

Final Verdict

Secura 9100MC induction cooktop is the perfect and best induction cooktop in the small budget. This Induction cooktop is not only very economical but also very durable. This cooktop will take up small space in a kitchen. It operates very fast and cooks extremely fast.

It can cook anything like eggs, BBQ, Deep frying and much more without creating so much heat in the kitchen. The Induction cooktop is safe from burning and catching fire. So, Secura 9100MC is perfect for the beginner in the kitchen.

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