Top Kitchen Design Trends

Even before the New Year had set in, the discussions about the revolutionary changes in the kitchen designs for the year 2019 among the designers were in action. For the many past years, we have cooked in a four-walled place without paying much attention to the little details of the kitchen room that could enhance the cook’s mood and make the whole process of cooking a lot more entertaining. This year in 2019, the kitchen also known as the heart of the home will be modernized and updated according to the latest fashion trends.

top kitchen design trends

Sinead Trainor, kitchen category manager at LochAnna Kitchens says in this regard that, “Personalization will be big in 2019. The tail end of 2017 has seen the emergence of more bold colors and textures in kitchen doors and this will follow into the New Year.” She also said, “The mix of striking solid colors and wood grains will retain its popularity. Along with this, the industrial textures like concrete will play its role to make the kitchen décor interesting. The artistic visualization of the consumers is compelling them to review the variety of designs and go with bold styles and color options.” These and a lot of other updates in the kitchen design trends are to be seen but the top ones that we love the most are as follows:

  1. Playing with the color contrast of the modern cook place

Though the neutral tone of the kitchen offers a peaceful place to work and has been the state of art color of the kitchen since a long time, major changes are now seen in the kitchen wall, sink, countertop and cabinet colors. The people are now open to accepting tones from a wide color palette and love to see contrasting colors in their kitchen. The trending color contrasts in fashion these days include:

  • Shades of blue
  • Creating wow factor with pink, yellow, green and blue
  • Bold and vibrant schemes
  • Gray is the new color of choice
  • Blue and green contrast or all-violet tone
  1. Introduce automation in your kitchen

Are you looking for a huge change in your kitchen?

It is the twenty-first century; wouldn’t you want to add automation to the room? From the sensor-activated lights to the smartphone’s app connected appliances like the meat thermometer/ pressure cooker, the hands-free faucet to the egg minder; there are a lot of smart appliances that you can add to your kitchen. This not only gives your cooking place a modern look but also makes it easier for you to work around. For instance, you are cooking and your hands are dirty, you can put them under the tap and enjoy washing the hands with clean water. The hands-free faucet also comes in handy for the younger children who cannot reach the tap rotator. They can gain benefit from this smart faucet instead.

  1. Organized storage solution cabinetry

The world-class kitchens are shifting from the shaker style cabinet to the ones with slimmer and flat-front panels. Though the former ones worked perfectly provided they were designed adequately, the latter ones add in style and increased usability to the kitchen. A well-organized and developed cabinetry is really important for the storage of the kitchen items like cutlery, utensils, cookware, wastebaskets, spices, trays and so on. Moreover, the color green is emerging as the favorite color for the cabinets. The trend of two-tone cabinets is also nicely setting in.

  1. Integrated appliances

By integrating the appliances in the kitchen, you get the chance to make it look visually stimulating. The key is to keep the place organized and place appliances of daily use at an arm’s length maintaining the overall decorum. For this, you can find a slightly hidden place for the big appliances so that they do not steal the gaze as one enters the kitchen. And, place small appliances in front at the desired place.

  1. Banquette setting

The main idea is to introduce a seating arrangement in or nearby the kitchen. The banquette setting in this regard seems suitable but to be sure, the decoration and arrangement must be done according to the latest rulebook. From picking the right furniture (modern chairs, cushions or no cushions, glass top table or marble top table slab) to hanging the pleasant chandeliers; everything matters a lot. This area is supposed to be your eating together place; wouldn’t you want to make it eye-pleasing for everyone?

  1. Add a tinge of black to the room, would you please?

Black is the color of elegance and it completely turns around the look of the small room. All you have to do is add black fixtures and faucets to the place, the reason being that it is a universal color and it goes well with nearly every color contrast of the room. Other than this, you can introduce appliances like microwave, refrigerator, and ovens in black color as well.

For restaurant chefs and home cooks, the kitchen is a place where they spend most of their time. Thus, it is very important for their health and the family’s well-being to move around in an up to date, trendy kitchen. 2019 is all about innovation and a well-designed kitchen is among the top goals to achieve.

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