True Induction S2F2 Double Burner Induction Cooktop

Cooking is an art for some people; a passion that they enjoy in life. And when you’re a good chef, you have to be ready to cook outside of your comfort zone at any given moment. But the good news is there are products that making cooking a breeze, even if you don’t have a gas stove top.

True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner is energy efficient and features two burners, rather than one. As a chef, that’s definitely a plus because it means you can cook more.

True Induction S2F2 can be used on all different counter tops, making it quite useful and safe. It’s made of Glass-ceramic(the type of cookware you can simply clean with hot water and a sponge). And it also features a control panel with 10 quick-touch settings for adjusting the burners temperature, which ranges from 140 to 450 degrees.

True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner

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Quick Specification of True Induction S2F2

Dimension: 23.625 x 14.125 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 11.2 pounds

Manufacturer: True Induction

Model Number: S2F2

Warranty: 2 Years

Types: Portable

Number of Burners: 2

Voltage Uses: 120 volts

Current Uses: 15 amps

Sneak Peek of Key Features

  • Seamless ceramic-glass cooktop makes it easy to clean
  • EZ Touch Controls makes its control quick and easy
  • Special Power sharing technology
  • Both burners are 1800 watts.
  • Temperature settling Range from 150°F – 450°Fwith 10 different quick touch controls

Functionality 5/5

True Induction S2F2 is very easy to set up and it heats up, nice and fast. True Induction uses innovative power-sharing technology, allowing you to use the full 1800 watts of cooking power and that matters.

Did you know most dual counter top burners only reach up to 900 watts? That’s why True Inductions S2F2 has won over so many homes and cooking enthusiasts.

Style 4/5

When it comes to kitchens, most people love decor and cookware that matches. True Induction S2F2 is black and will match any style of kitchen. It has beautiful ceramic glass cooking surface and is durable.

Did you know that True Induction S2F2 Cooktop has become quite popular among TV manufacturers because of its unique, slim, ceramic style finish—making your kitchen look luxurious!

Durability 5/5

True Inductions S2F2 It’s made of Glass-ceramic(the type of cookware you can simply clean with hot water and a sponge) which also makes it quite durable.

Extras 4/5

Other than it’s beautiful features, True Induction S2F2 is a double burner. Dual burners are hard to find and that’s an awesome extra feature. The fact that it’s lightweight and only about 11 pounds mean it’s portable and it can be taken anywhere.

Is True Induction S2F2 Perfect for Outdoor?

If you have an electric generator for camping, it’s perfect for cooking meals in the outdoors as well. And the best extra of all, it’s energy efficient. That means you get heat only where you need it.

And it’s ease of use is a perk, you get that benefit of a control panel with LED digital displays, which are much easier to read and they’re located right underneath both burners. And get ready for this one, it even has safety features, True Induction S2F2 only heats up where it needs, right where cookware is already located. If there is no cookware detected then, no heat will be distributed.   


True Induction S2F2 comes with a two-year warranty, so you can rest assure that you’re happy with the product you’ve put your hard-earned money into, if anything happens from the time of purchase, all the way to the two-year date, you’ll be covered.


And when it comes to cooktop features that will make you think “I want that now,” then you’re in luck because True Induction S2F2 cook-top offers some pretty sweet features, including:

  • Heating sensors that turn off when no cookware is detected, the burner will automatically turn off.
  • Timer functions and exact temperature settings are available for exact cooking times and temperatures.
  • Energy efficient and portable, which means you can use True Induction S2F2 anywhere there’s power.
  • Excellent for apartments that don’t allow stove-tops and college dorms.
  • 1800 watts of amazing, cooking power.
  • Extremely simple to keep clean and store.
  • True Induction is powerful enough to start boiling water for about a minute.


While you do need a power supply to use True Induction S2F2, it certainly does the job when in use. And it’s a double burner cook-top with the extra feature of being “energy efficient.”

True Induction S2F2 comes with a two-year warranty so you can rest assure that you’ll love the product your buying. And the fact that it fits with nearly every style of the kitchen makes it that much more attractive.

True Induction S2F2 is perfect for apartments that don’t accept stove-tops, and they’re perfect if you’re just looking for an extra burner for cooking.

True Induction S2F2 will make your cooking routine easy and fast; it’s one product you want your kitchen to have available at all times for cooking.

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