True Induction S2F3 Double Burner Induction Cooktop

“True Induction” is one of the best-trusted manufacturers in the United State of America. This company produces quality induction cooktop and induction cookware. True Induction brought another brand new product of true induction double burner series.  This model is called True Induction S2F3.

True induction S2F3 cooks faster and very easy to control. This cooktop uses less energy and it is one of the best energy efficient cooktop. This induction cooktop got a very good customer reviews and rating in Amazon. So here comes the complete review of this double burner induction cooktop.

True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner

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Quick Specification Of True Induction S2F3 Cooktop :

Brand Name: True Induction

Model: S2F3

Height: 3.0 inches

Length: 24.5 inches

Width: 15.0 inches

Number of Burner:  2

Voltage: 120 Volts

Wattage: 1800 watts

Sneak peak of Features:

  • Risk-free 60 Day Trial Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Power invariance technology for sharing the power
  • Built-in safety mode functions for security of burners
  • 10 Quick touch level selection
  • Exact Temperature Settings range 150°F – 450°F
  • 0-150 minutes timer setting
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Power level 1800 Watts

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Best Features of True Induction S2F3 Cooktop

  • Durable Surface

The surface of true induction S2F3 is made of classic Schott-Ceran smooth ceramic glass. This glass top is made by German. The surface is 100 percent scratch free. It is proven to resist very high temperature. True induction S2F3 has no crevices in the surface that’s why this cooktop is very easy to clean. This double burner can hold up to 35 lbs weight easily.

  • Power invariance technology

This power invariance technology of true induction makes it unique than other double burners in the market. In other double burner induction cooktop, each of the burners uses half of the power. But True induction S2F3 shares the power conveniently. For example, if one burner uses 600 watts than another burner can consume up to1200 watts. Isn’t it cool!!

  • Built-in safety function

When the timer reaches 150 minutes, the build in safety mode will active. The “safety mode” can be recognized by “EE” indication shows in LED light display and a beep sound of induction cooktop. The cooktop has to be restart again to work with the double burner. Just press “ON/OFF” and the cooktop will work again.

  • Quick touch level selection

True induction S2F3 has 10 level setting. If both the burners are operating then they will share the level. Such that, the combined total will be 10 levels. For Example, if one burner is using in level 4 temperature mode than another burner can operate at level 6.

  • Temperature settings

True induction S2F3 has 10 different temperature setting range between 150°F – 450°F. When you press the “Temp” bottom than the temperature will be 270°F by default. When you increase the temperature by pressing “+” bottom, the temperature will be increase 30°F.  As its temperature increment and decrement is 30°F.

  • Timer setting

True induction S2F3 has auto timer setting. You can set the timer 0 minutes to highest 150 minutes. The timer operates with increments of 5 minutes. If you have timing instruction of cooking then you can set the timer with specific temperatures setting.

  • Warranty

True Induction S2F3 comes with 60 days risk free trial. If you don’t like this induction cooktop, you can return it within 60 days. It also has two years warranty.

  • Noise

True induction S2F3 create some noise but the noise level is not annoying. The noise comes from internal fan running in the induction cooktop. As this cooktop is set in countertop the sound will be really low level.

What kind of cookware in needed for True induction S2F3 Cooktop ?

When buying cookware for induction cooktop you have to maintain following criteria:

  • The cookpots or pans must be made of ferromagnetic material like cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and steel enamel.
  • The cookware bottom must be flat
  • The diameter of cookware must be 5” – 10” inches


True induction S2F3 is energy efficient, easy to control and durable. You can set this induction cooktop into the countertop of the kitchen. Price of this induction cooktop is affordable. Maintenance of this true induction is not actually difficult and this is very easy to clean.  If you want to cook faster in kitchen, you can buy this product undoubtedly. Overall true induction S2F3 is trustworthy for modern kitchen.

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