VonShef Portable Digital Electric Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner Hob – Black

The VonShef Portable Digital Electric Induction Countertop Cooktop is great for people who have small kitchens. The cooktop goes well for those who have a temporary camper van set-ups or travel frequently. It is good also for people who have RVs and have limited place to cook.

VonShef Portable Digital Electric Induction Countertop Cooktop

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This kind of cooking is not only powerful but portable as well as it is a fast and energy efficient method of cooking. This cooks the food safely. It also has controls which are activated by touch and it has a LED screen display which displays 4 digits. There is a total of 10 heating settings as well as 10 different power settings as well. The timer is programmable for 3 hours. This is made of toughened black glass for the top and a ceramic plate which is scratch proof. This is usable only with induction pans. The size is 11.4 “ x 14.” X 2.5” and it weighs 7.8 pounds.

Control Buttons

This cooktop is easy to use. The heat settings are adjustable from 140 – 464 degrees Fahrenheit and there are 10 different ones to choose from. This allows complete control to the user. This has responsive like gas stoves but unlike gas stoves this allows the user to choose the exact temperature that the food needs to be cooked at.

There are 10 levels of power which start at 200W and the max is 1800 watts. This allows you to get the right temperature for your cooking. The timer which is present also can be set so that you can cook and set this to even 3 hours in cases of slow cooking.

The Surface of the Cooktop

The surface is of black glass and there is a ceramic plate which is scratch proof. This surface makes it easy to clean and you can simply wipe-clean it with a damp cloth. There are no knobs and there are no grooves so the spilled over food does not get baked and dried as well as is hard to remove from such places. However, as this works on induction, one should, however, use induction pans and vessels which have a diameter of 10.2 inches or lesser.

The Heating

The heating is done by a single burner. This is, therefore, good not only when you need some extra cooking space but also when there is not much counter space. This also allows the heat directly to go to the hob and therefore the pan heats up and not the surface of the hob. This results in cooking which is fast, which uses energy efficiently and which is safe as well.

This allows food to get heated evenly and so there are less chances of it getting burnt.

Since the heating is through electro magnetic waves, the cookware should contain ferrous material. This can be tested by checking the cookware with magnets. If the magnets stick, it will work on the induction cooker. If the cookware sticks but not well, then the cookware will not work well with the cooktop.

As this heats through electromagnetic waves and there is no flame involved the kitchen does not get heated on prolonged cooking.


There are 10 levels of power and these are adjustable from 200W right up to 1800W and the surface of the stove top only appears hot due to the heat of the vessel on it, else it is cool and safe for a person to touch.


There are various utensil detecting sensors to the device and in case the cooktop is on but there is no pan on it then the sensors sense it and automatically it shuts down. The same goes for pans which are not made of magnetic material. If you place them on the cooktop, there is an alarm which beeps to inform the user that the pan or the vessel needs to be changed.

Ventilation system

This cooktop has a ventilation system and it has an internal fan. This allows the efficient operation of the components.

Safety measures

There are a number of safety features with regards the VonShef Portable Digital Electric Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner Hob – Black. This protects it from getting overheated. It also cuts off if there is no pan on it, it also informs if the cookware is not correct.

In fact, as the surface remain cool, it is safe even for families where there are small children. There is no open flame so no chances of anything catching fire.

The Accessories

This cooktop comes with a user manual which informs of the different parts of the cooktop, the proper way to set it up, the safety features and guidelines, the correct way of using it and more. There is also a power control which comes with the cooktop.


This is 11.4 inches x 14.1 inches x 2.5 inches

It weighs 7.8 pounds


  • This is easy to use and safe to a great extent; it has a number of safety features
  • Sturdy design offers durable performance
  • An effective method of cooking
  • One can read the error codes easily and without any ambiguity
  • It is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Addition to the elegance of the countertop

Other particulars

This is manufactured by VonShef and designed for home use.

It has 6 controls – minimum, maximum, up and down. There is the select where you can select the power, temp, time and on/off conditions etc.

It is black and silver and very sleek and posh looking

This has an LED display.

Of course, you can use just those vessels made of cast iron and stainless steel. In this case, you cannot use even stainless steel mixed with aluminum or nickel.

To sum up, The VonShef Portable Digital Electric Induction Countertop Cooktop is elegant, powerful and efficient one. Choose it as your fair cooking companion!

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