What Makes a Good Charcoal Grill?

The best barbecue experience merits the right grill. With many options in the market, most outdoor BBQ enthusiasts love a good charcoal grill. However, deciding between a kettle or a barrel is a tricky decision to make, unless you know what you want. There are several types of charcoal grills, but the majority fit between kettle or barrel grills. How then do you choose the best one for your backyard? Here is the ultimate guide to help you decide.

Buying Guide Charcoal Grill:

Barrel grills

The Barrel grills appear like a steel barrel sliced into two equal half. The top half acts as the cover, while the bottom half holds the charcoal chamber. Then, the grill has a chimney attached on the top of the barrel to control smoke, while the vents allow for circulation when the lid is closed.

With the barrel grill, you enjoy more flexibility and capacity to hold your meat, since it is much larger than a kettle grill. They, therefore, befit grills for at-home grilling, events, commercial and mobile food-service applications. If you want an extra-large barrel grill, then you can find one that allows you to use wood logs in addition to charcoal, wood chunks and chips, for an even better taste. It is why barrel grills are particularly common for commercial use. Other than that, the barrel grill works great during the warm seasons, especially summer, because they have a low capability of retaining heat.

Given the sizes of the barrel grills, you can expect them to get costly, sometimes as high as $1,000. The best bit is that you get value for your money because it has more notable features than the kettle grills which are very simplistic as will be discussed below. Overall, the barrel grills are the perfect choice for slow cooking and smoking meats for large gatherings, parties, and events.

Kettle grills

The kettle grill takes a much smaller size than a barrel grill. You would quickly consider this grill for at-home grilling purposes, more especially to feed small gatherings of people. It even requires less fuel to operate at higher temperatures, which for most people, is a win.

The charcoal grill is portable and has a round or oval shape to it. The defined bowl is what holds your coals, not to mention, allows for the retention of much of their heat. People will often prefer this charcoal grills because they have simpler grilling tasks with shorter cook times as compared to the barrel grills.

Given its sizes, the kettle grills are more economical than the barrel grills. If you want a simple grill that is relatively cheap and still gets the job done, then the kettle grill should be your choice.

The better option?

Choosing the best charcoal grill smoker combo is an overwhelming decision. Before you get swayed back and forth on which grill to choose, ensure you have consideration for some of the following factors:

Size of the grill – if you need a bigger grill, especially for the cooking surface, then the barrel is best.

Temperature control – given your geographical location and the amount of temperature control you want to exercise when grilling your meat, your choice changes. The lid of your grill has a major role in temperature control. The walls and egg-shaped design make the kettle grills better in temperature control

Cooking Uses – if you want to indulge in heavy grilling, then the better option would be the barrel grill.

Cost – how much are you willing to spend on a charcoal grill? Ultimately, the bigger the grill, the more money you have to spend on it. Further, the more you pay, the better quality you get, regarding a sturdy construction, and a grill that produces a better flavor.

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