Temperature Control Settings Guide Line for Induction Cooktop| ‘Hot’ is not Always Good

Maybe you are walking along a road and you come across a charming boy or an attractive girl, and you first think will be, “Oh my, he/she is damn hot!” The hotter they are, the more you like them.

 Well, the case is not so similar while you are cooking. In the culinary world, you can’t get anything good with too much heat. It’s very important and critical to know the temperature level required to accomplish the task of cooking. Though various models of induction have various temperature settings, I will try to sort out which level is suited for different food items.

Generally, the inductions have a temperature range of 38° Celsius to 260° Celsius. Now let’s have a look at the temperature settings for different food items.

Temperature Settings Guide Line for Induction Cooktop

How to Use Induction Cooktop

What Temperature Setting Should be Used for Which?

  • Remember, you don’t need the top heat from an induction to cook anything. If you do so, your food will likely to go char. You can only use the highest temperature when you have a big load of the liquid substance to be boiled. Without that in particular, avoid using this setting.
  • When you want to boil your vegetables, you need to have a simmering temperature. Normally, the simmering temperature is just under the boiling point. To find this point, adjust the temperature level till your water is bubbling.
  • When we think of a deep fry, we bear a common notion that the fry should be under extreme heat. But actually, it’s the opposite. You should heat up your oil over a low heat and then fry the meat for a long time under a consistent medium low or medium setting.
  • Dry fry or stir fry may sound easy to the ears, but trust me, the easier it sounds, the tougher it is to make. Set your temperature in a medium state to just dry the pan. Do not heat it up more, or your fry will be overcooked.
  • In case you want to have a barbecue party in your backyard, an induction cooktop is the best thing you can use. While making a barbecue, the consistency of the heat level is way more important than the intensity. Many people wonder, what the best temperature level for a barbecue is. It’s 93° Celsius to 121° So set your induction accordingly, and taste the awesomeness.
  • You can also go for sautéing. In that case select the temperature level just below medium. It will allow your oil to heat up and cook your meat slowly.
  • For steaming the vegetables, you just need the correct amount of heat to give the vegetables a tender softness.
  • Cooking delicate dishes, like a sauce, may be, requires low heat.
  • Melting frozen foods or keeping the foods warm after it’s cooked also require low-temperature setting.

The table below shows the temperature need for some of the popular food item using induction cooktops:

No Setting Temperature Cooking Function
Warm Low 100°F (37°C) Just for warming
Warm Low 110°F (43°C) For melting chocolate/ wax
1. Low  150°F (65°C) For slow cooking
2. Medium-Low 180°F (82°C) For chicken stoke, sauces
3. Medium-Low 210°F (99°C) For Russian steamed vegetables
4. Medium 240°F (116C°) For a Chinese chicken roast
5. Medium 270°F (132°C) For Italian pasta or noodles
6. Medium-High 300°F (150°C) For a perfect pancake
7. Medium-High 360°F (182°C) For French crispy chicken fry
8. High 390°F (199°C) For a dish of fresh popcorns
9. High 420°F (216°C) For Indian mutton chop
10. High  450°F (232°C) For Quick searing of marinated chicken
Sear Max-Sear 575°F (302°C) For searing

As far as I know, cooking is all about the right amount of heat and the right amount of cooking time. To some people who don’t have any slightest idea of how even an egg is scrambled, high heat can cook a food faster. They do a simple math like, under 100°, a dish needs 30 minutes to be prepared, so if we up the heat by 200°, it will take only 15! If only cooking was so easy!! So choose the right heating point for yourself.

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