7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Coffee Machine for Home

When it comes to finding a new coffee machine for your home, there is a range of questions that you’ll want to ask yourself before making a purchase. Below, you can learn about the main factors to consider to ensure that you can pick a coffee machine that’s best suited for you and your home. 

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How Many People In Your Home Drink Coffee?

Considering how many people in your home like to drink coffee is one of the biggest factors to consider before you make a final decision on which machine to buy. 

If you live with multiple people who enjoy drinking coffee daily, then you’ll want to find one that has a larger capacity. This is because coffee machines with larger capacities allow you to make more coffee in larger batches. 

As a result, you won’t have to waste time refilling the water reservoir, adding more coffee, and waiting for the brewing process to complete multiple times. You can simply do the process once and make enough so that everyone can have a cup of coffee. For example, if there are four coffee drinkers in your home, you may want to consider a 4-cup coffee maker to make everyone’s coffee at once.

Another one of the elements that come into play when considering the number of people in your home who drink coffee is how fast the machine is at brewing. If everyone’s often in a rush to get their caffeine fix in the morning before heading out the door, you’ll want to use a machine that has quick brewing times. 

Alternatively, using a coffee machine with programmable features could be more beneficial. These machines let you set a specific time for the coffee to start brewing so that it’s ready to go by the time everyone comes down in the morning. 

Is The Machine Simple To Use?

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How easy a coffee machine is to use can make it more of a pleasure for you and everyone in your home to use. If you’re looking at coffee machines that seem too complicated to operate, it may put you off wanting to use it as much. 

Some machines simply involve filling up the water reservoir, adding the capsule or grounded coffee, and pressing a button to start the brewing process. Others feature various gauges and levers that require you to do a little more to make your coffee. 

Therefore, you must think about how easy your coffee machine will be to use so that you can feel confident about making cups of coffee. 

How Easy Is The Machine To Maintain?

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Properly maintaining a coffee machine is the best way to ensure that you can continue using it for years to come. However, if you don’t keep up with the maintenance, it can drastically reduce the overall quality and durability of the machine. 

Therefore, you’ll want to carefully consider how difficult your chosen coffee machine is to maintain to make sure that you’re able to clean it regularly without feeling like it’s too much hassle. 

Depending on the coffee machine that you’re interested in, the cleaning and maintenance process may vary slightly. Some machines come with an internal cleaning system that’s great for ensuring that everything inside can continue functioning properly. Others will come with parts that can be removed to be washed by hand or put into the washing machine. 

Some coffee machines require daily cleaning whereas others may only need cleaning out a couple of times a week. Be realistic with how much time you’re willing to spend cleaning and maintaining a coffee machine so that you can find one that’s best for you. 

How Large Is The Coffee Machine?

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Those of you who have a smaller space available in your kitchen will want to be more specific when it comes to considering the size of the coffee machine that you’re looking at. Having a smaller kitchen space means that you’ll be more limited to the more compact coffee machines. 

Purchasing a coffee machine that’s too large for your kitchen may require having to move things around. Moreover, if it’s too large, it may look aesthetically unpleasant compared to the rest of the items in your kitchen. 

Coffee machines with capsules tend to be the most compact and easy to slot onto kitchen countertops. However, if you have more space available, you won’t have to be so concerned with how big your coffee machine is.

Do You Want An Automatic Or Manual Coffee Machine?

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Automatic coffee machines are the easiest type to use as they simply involve pressing a button and watching your coffee being made. They’re best for people who are interested in making their cups of coffee fast and with minimal effort.

Manual coffee machines, on the other hand, can be a more rewarding way for you to make different types of coffee. You’re provided with the opportunity to have more control over precisely how you want to make and drink your coffee. 

This is because you can find the kind of coffee beans that you like and grind them down to your preference before brewing. It’s a long process but for many people, the extra effort is worth it to enjoy coffee that has been made exactly how you like it. 

What’s Your Budget?

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Your budget will be one of the biggest factors when it comes to the type of coffee machine that you purchase. We recommend that you set out a clear budget range before you start looking for coffee machines.

That way, you’re prevented from being swayed too easily and going beyond your means. Researching coffee makers that are within your budget is a crucial step. There are some excellent cheaper coffee machines available for those of you on tighter budgets.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to enjoy great tasting coffee from home. Having said that, it may also be worth saving a little more and finding a coffee machine that you love and can make use of for years to come. 

What Type Of Carafe Do You Want To Use?

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There are some key differences between the various types of carafes that are available. They include glass, stainless steel, and thermal carafes. 

Glass carafes are great for letting you have a clear visual indication of how much coffee you’ve made. They also enable the aroma of coffee to spread which is a great benefit. 

However, stainless-steel and thermal carafes allow you to make coffee that can remain heated for up to one hour. Glass carafes tend to keep coffee warm for up to 20 minutes

So, you’ll want to think about how long you want to keep your coffee heated for when it comes to deciding on the type of carafe you want to use. 


With so many different types of coffee machines available, finding the one that’s right for you can be tough. But now that you have a better idea about the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself before buying a coffee machine, you can feel more confident about choosing one that you can enjoy and make the most out of. 

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