How To Clean Induction Cooktop At Your Home and Increase the Efficiency of Induction Cooktop

With the passage of time, the induction cooktop is gaining more and more popularity. With ease of use, temperature precision, energy efficiency and easy to clean features, induction cooker is a smart kitchen appliance to deal with.

Do you own an induction cooktop? If yes, then you probably know these benefits. But having an appliance is one thing, and maintaining that appliance is another.

Many of the times, people seek the way how to clean their induction cookers effectively. If you are one of them, have a look below.

Tips for Cleaning an Induction Cooktop:

Most people who use inductions consider cleaning it easier than other cooktops as here only the cooking vessel is heated, avoiding too much of a spill. Yet, spills might happen anytime and you have to clean your induction cooker regularly for the best result.

If there is a small spill, do the followings-

  1. Wait a bit while the spill hardens and then use a damp sponge to wipe out the spill.
  2. Pour some cleaner over the cooktop and rub it all over the surface.
  3. Take a dry cloth and wipe off the cleaner from the surface.

How To Clean Induction Cooktop

Beware not to put so much pressure on the ceramic surface or it will get scraps which, of course, you don’t want. With this type of cleaning, your cooktop will be more efficient to use all the time and will last long.

If there are some heavy spills and you want to get rid of it, follow these steps-

  1. Give the residue time to become hard. Then pour some ceramic cleansing liquid over it.
  2. Take a cooktop cleaner pad and wipe it. Do it a couple of times if needed.
  3. Use a scraper to remove the residue. But be very cautious about the pressure.
  4. Then take a paper towel or a soft dry cloth to wipe off the cleaner.

How To Clean Induction Cooktop

That’s all for the residue on the surface. Remember 3 things, ceramic cleaner, soft dry cloth and no pressure. But if you are looking for cleaning the stainless steel part or if you want to remove the hard water spots you have to do something different.

For cleaning the stainless steel surface, take some soapy water and rinse a cloth in it. Then wipe the surface gently. But do keep in mind, I said ‘soap’ not ‘detergent’. Because detergents have particles in them that are harmful to the steel in the long run.

And as for the hard watermarks on the surface, first, pour some non-diluted white vinegar on a cloth and wipe the ceramic surface with it. Then apply some cooktop cleansing cream to give it a final touch.

Whatever you do, don’t use these following things to clean your cooktop-

  • Metal Scrubs
  • Bleach
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Caustic Cleaner
  • Washing Powders

Now you know what to use and what not. Happy cleaning, worry-free living.

Best of luck.

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