Le Creuset Cookware Review 2020

If you’re reading our Le Creuset cookware reviews, you probably now recognize one glaring truth about cookware—they’re not all the same.

Even at first glance you’ll realize how true this is, especially with a look at the first Le Creuset cookware set you encounter.

Le Creuset Cookware Review

The first thing you’ll notice is probably its color. It’s as if the brand doesn’t believe in making any sort of plain-looking cookware.

That has been true ever since Le Creuset came out way back in 1925. They launched an enameled cast iron cochette (pot or saucepan) that year with an eye-catching red color that’s truly hard to ignore.

The problem is that once you get over the color and check out the rest of the specs, it’s also hard to ignore the price. These cookware items aren’t cheap by any means.

They’re so pricey that getting a Le Creuset cookware set is considered an “investment” these days.

Top 3 Reasons to Go with Le Creuset

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So the question is: do you enjoy any sort of “profit” when investing in a Le Creuset cookware set?

The answer isn’t all that simple, as it depends on whether what you get matches your needs and preferences. However, there are 3 specific reasons for why Le Creuset cookware is so special:

Brand Reputation

The Le Creuset brand has been around for almost a century now, and all this time they’ve established a reputation for elegant excellence. They make these things pretty, but they’re also high quality in terms of performance and durability.

People in the know are aware of the premium Le Creuset reputation, and these sets are admired and treasured. It’s pretty common for one generation to pass on their beloved Le Creuset cookware to the next generation.

Premium Production Methods

Le Creuset has adapted with the times, so they do use some modern manufacturing methods. But their methods still involve handcrafting and unique molds. That way, each piece (especially with their Dutch ovens) are never really the same.

They use only the highest-grade cast iron, and these aren’t the recycled stuff that may come with weaknesses and impurities. They also cover the cast iron with 3 layers of enamel, so they won’t chip or wear down even over time.

Quality Control

Once they’ve made their cookware, they each undergo fussy inspection by 15 French artisans for each item. Those cookware items that these people don’t think deserve the Le Creuset brand are set aside and not sold at all.

How to Pick-Buying Guide

When it comes to picking Le Creuset cookware sets, the usual criteria don’t apply. Instead, focus on the following factors:


Some families love the colors, and they may go with colors that match either modern trends or their personal preferences. In fact, there are even guides about choosing the color that matches your personality. Here are some color examples that should suit certain personality traits.

  • You’re passionate, unabashedly opinionated, and care more for results.
  • You’re a sophisticated, analytical thinker, who’s also dependable and loyal.
  • You’re calm, gentle, authentic, and helpful. You’re also open to trying new things.
  • You’re artistic, spiritual, and maybe even eccentric. You’re also driven and like to seek adventure.
  • You’re a creative thinker full of joy. You’re also a people person who can be quite persuasive.
  • This is the first classic color that Le Creuset came up with in their cast iron cookware, and it remains a favorite. This is for unique people with sensitivity and insight, and who come off as both confident and cheerful.

As you may have noticed, plain colors aren’t really part of the Le Creuset deal. You’ll find colors here that you won’t find in any other cookware sets.

le creuset reviews


Le Creuset offers several different materials for their cookware. Each one offers a different set of advantages.

Enameled Cast Iron

These come with chip-resistant enamel to preserve their terrific colors. But it’s not all about the looks.

The cast iron works with all types of stovetops, including induction. It distributes the heat evenly, and it retains heat well. The nonreactive interior doesn’t affect the taste of the ingredients.

The recessed-edge lids lock in the moisture and heat, while the handles and knobs are all ergonomic.

Stainless Steel

These have a stainless-steel exterior that’s been infused with titanium for added strength, while it also resists scorching and even discoloration after so many years. The core is aluminum, for even heat distribution.

This material is best for induction, but it works for everything else too. They’re also oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.

Each one comes with a drip-free rim, ergonomic “stay cool” handles, and fitted lids with relief vents. You also get laser-etched markings for convenient measuring. It’s dishwasher-safe too.

Enamel on Steel

Basically, you now get the colorful sets normally found in the cast iron for your stainless-steel cookware. This uses carbon steel, with quick heating.

Toughened Nonstick

This isn’t like the temporary nonstick you find in cheaper cookware. Instead, you get 3 layers of reinforced nonstick coating that’s also free of PFOA. Their process prevents any warping, and the nonstick really lets the food go very easily. You can even use this with metal utensils.


This gives you excellent heat distribution and retention, and you can set this in the freezer broiler, microwave, and the dishwasher. The glazed exterior works like nonstick, but it resists stains and scratches.

le creuset reviews

If you really want to try Le Creuset, you should start with their 16-piece Cookware Set, Cerise.

This comes with pieces from all the bright-colored product lines, with different materials to showcase each type.

Le Creuset 16-piece Cookware Set

Your set includes:

  • 75-quart cast iron saucepan
  • 5-quart cast iron round Dutch oven
  • 25-inch cast iron skillet
  • 8-quart enameled steel stock pot
  • 4-quart stoneware covered rectangular dish
  • The Cast Iron Way to Cook cookbook,
  • 5-piece silicone utensil set
  • Wooden spoon

It’s no enough to just read the Le Creuset cookware reviews. With this set, you’re well on your way to fully appreciating what Le Creuset can really offer.

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How to Clean le Creuset Grill Pan

Although convenient for making tasty treats, the le Creuset grill pans seem like the universal gatherer of oily gunk. It’s designed ridges that help cook food evenly also catch all the burnt food bits, grease, and spices, and every le Creuset owner knows what a task it is to clean these out!

However, it is not impossible to exorcise the dirt out of these bad boys. You just need to follow the correct techniques and tactics given below:

Clean before you dirty it:

A little known technique for your le Creuset grill pan care is to clean the pan before you even start cooking. Check the seasoning of your pan first. The le Creuset grill pan comes pre-seasoned, but you can never be too sure.

If it seems like the seasoning isn’t adequate, simply wash it off with water to remove any dust from, put it on the oven with a medium flame, let the water evaporate, and finish by applying a fine and well-spread coating of vegetable oil. You can do this step whenever necessary. The oil layer will preserve the “non-stick” feature of the pan.

le Creuset Cookware Using Tips

Unpack properly: 

It is necessary to prepare your pan thoroughly before its first use. Remove all the packaging materials and stickers from the pan, soak in warm soapy water for a bit to remove adhesive from the stickers and/or any dust, wash with running water, and air-dry. Voila! Your Le Creuset pan is ready to go on top of the oven.

Cook a bit differently:

We know that special things need special treatment. Your Le Creuset pan is a sophisticated item, so you need to customize your cooking methods while using it. But it’s worth the trouble when you see the delicious food cooked with the pan right in front of you.

The official website of the Le Creuset band provides detailed instructions on how to cook using this grill pan. Some of them include controlling the temperature, using the correct amount of oil, preparing the pan, etc.

Use a special sponge:

I know the kitchen towels do an abysmal job of removing the food residues, or rather, they do nothing at all. But don’t get frustrated and start scratching the pan’s protective enamel layer with steel wool or steel pad. Use a soft sponge or a nylon scrubber to reach all the narrow ridges and remove the gunk effortlessly. Make sure to not use any abrasive detergent while cleaning.

Heat/Steam the pan:

Sometimes warming up your pan gets the job done. When you see the right amount of oily bits stubbornly collected onto the pan, pour some warm water into the pan and let it sit for a while. Then use a soft brush to remove the food bits from it.

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