Best Induction Cookware Reviews & Guide 2018

Having the right set of cookware in your kitchen is considered to be of utmost importance nowadays. With the advent of the television sets and the internet, more and more people are getting exposure to world class chefs and kitchens, flaunting their skills on Master Chef Series, The Mind of a Chef or Cooked etc.We see that having the right cookware is just as important as the technique of the cook. One of the most exciting varieties of cookware nowadays is the induction cookware. However, the question here is, with so much information to go around, how do we ascertain which the best induction cookware is?



Personally, when I am having doubts about any product, I like to get a feel for the customer response to that particular product. I think that this should be especially true in the case of cookware. It is quite possible that we might be tempted to go for the more expensive brands and end up with a product that does not suit our purpose.  

Cooking is an art in my opinion. And like all artist, a cook has their select set of tools that he/she is most comfortable with. So, in order to make the said selection, the best source of information would be the induction cookware reviews.

Online blogs, as well as publications like “Cooks Illustrated”, have dedicated portions that include the experiences of what the actual end user feels like about a certain brand.It is quite possible that if you refer to this review, you might find a brand that is not so expensive, yet meets all your cooking requirements perfectly.

Best induction cookware

Why Special Cookware Needed For Induction Cooktop?

The сoated copper induction coil is located under a glass plate through which a high frequency electric current flows.

Heat is accumulated in the copper coil with a current; the result is a magnetic field which starts to act on the bottom of dishes, heating it together with food.Induction cookware has necessarily built in magnetic disk, which produces eddy currents.Modern induction cooker will not work if it put an ordinary frying pan or saucepan.Induction cooker can recognize induction cookware if:

  • Pan size is not less than 70% area (no less than 12 cm in diameter) of the total area of induction hotplates.
  • Your induction hob simply will not turn on if the diameter of the pan is less than 12 cm.

This is due to the fact that the surface of the plate could accidentally get metal kitchen accessories that magnet (eg, knives).To ensure that plate will not turn on, manufacturers of induction cookers put such a restriction, thereby protecting consumers from simple human carelessness.As a result of this limitation, true lovers of coffee to make coffee in Turku suffered.Unfortunately, the bottom of the tiny Turks induction is less than 12 cm and, despite the fact that the magnet will be attracted – Turk induction surface “does not see” and, accordingly, will not turn on.

How to Check which Cookware are Suitable for Induction Cooktop

Let us recall, that the principle of induction cooker work is that it is only activated when on the hotplate are put the dishes, which have ferromagnetic properties.As a rule, the manufacturer puts a special compatibility with the induction icon on product packaging The easiest way to check the suitability of the existing house pans and pans for the cooker is to attach to the bottom of the pan a little magnet. It must adhere.Therefore, best induction cookware cannot be made of aluminum (which has no special ferromagnetic layer on the bottom), glass, ceramics, porcelain, copper.It is useless for your new cooker.For induction cooker, it is suitable to buy cookware made of cast iron, “stainless steel” and aluminum (with a special ferromagnetic layer).So, you have decided on how many new pots and pans do you need, a volume, and other kitchen utensils, which will be on your new cooker. And you’re ready to start looking in the (online) stores of kitchen supplies.

What should you know about how to choose the right cookware for induction stove?

  • The bottom of the cookware for induction cooker should be at least 12 cm in diameter, to have sufficient area of contact with the hob.
  • The thickness of the bottom of the cookware must be a minimum of 2 – 6 mm.
  • Some manufacturers have applied to the bowl with ferromagnetic properties special markings.
  • The order of average prices is 2-3 thousand rubles for the pan, the pan for 3-4 thousand.
  • Cookware for induction cookware is suitable for use with conventional cookers – electric or gas.


Before, making any plans about buying new cookware, the first thing that you need to do is an inventory of your kitchen. Trust me, you don’t want to end up buying more than you need as unused items will just waste away and you’ll probably end up giving them away to clear space.

You must be very clear about what is it that you need so that you can look up discount offers accordingly. The second most important thing is the recognizing your taste, and determining the type of food that you like to mostly cook. If making pizzas is your thing, then you will probably look at an iron skillet.

Whereas, making sauces or pasta probably require a 3-Quart Saucier. There is a lot of variety in cookware like stainless steel or ceramic etc. So this should also be factored in when making a decision the next time you decide to go for some kitchen shopping.


Coming back to what we discussed at the start of this article ‘the induction cookware’.

Before we proceed any further and are in the position to have an opinion about the Before we proceed any further and are in the position to have an opinion about the best induction cookware, we must first, for the sake of our uninitiated readers, give a brief overview of this fantastic variety.

Most of us are already aware of gas stoves or electric stoves. The gas stoves use the thermal energy from the burning fuel for heating up the food.

On the other hand, when the current passes through the filament of an electric stove, it heats up and this heat dissipates into the food and the surroundings. The induction cookware works on the principle of magnetic induction. 

The biggest advantage of induction cookware over the others is its ability to achieve high temperature very rapidly.

This is because all the heat is generated in the vessel itself and not from any external source.Aside from the one big advantage that we have just mentioned, there are other aspects related to induction cookware as well that have made them quite popular among the masses.

Induction cookware allows the users greater control over the temperature.This makes the cookware easy to use and much safer than its counterparts.Also, this type of cookware does not dissipate as much heat energy into the surrounding resulting in more bearable kitchen temperatures.


Before moving on to the induction cookware reviews there are some topics that need to be discussed.The most important of which are the terminologies that many might find confusing.

I am hopeful that after going through the brief descriptions below, you will be in a much better position and can make a better decision regarding the cookware that is the best for you.The first thing that might puzzle you when buying the cookware is determining what is included in a set.

The main components of a cookware set are skillets, pots, and stockpots.It is interesting to note here that lids are not an accessory but are considered as a separate piece. Other items such as utensils and even cookbooks can be parts of a complete cookware set. One should keep in mind that while buying new cookware.

Material Used for Best Induction Cookware

The next biggest question regarding cookware is regarding the maker of the set. There are four main options in this category which are as follows:

  • Non-Stick
  • Ceramic-Coated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron

Each of these has a type has their pros and cons and should be considered when making a choice about the type of cookware that best suits your needs.

The best thing about the non-stick pans is that they do not require any oil. You can put the food straight away on the pan for cooking. This material type is best suited for making meals with high protein content like scrambled tofu. However, non-stick pans are not very long lasting and are best used for a couple of years normally.

Like non-stick pans, ceramic-coated pans can also be used without any oil and are considered best for making vegetables. However, if you are more into high-protein food, then you might want to try and avoid ceramic-coated pans as the food will tend to stick to the base.

Stainless steel has the advantage that they can withstand very high temperature and these utensils are also very durable. That is why a good stainless steel set rarely needs replacement and are a great value for money. On the downside, cooking food on stainless steel can be a bit tricky and needs a lot of practice.

And finally, we have Cast Iron. Cast Iron utensils are also very durable and will keep serving you for years to come, provided you take proper care of them. Cookware made of Cast Iron is also microwave friendly so that is another plus point. But, this kind can be difficult to handle as cast iron cookware is quite heavy even without any food in it.

Best Cookware Brands for Induction Cooktop

I think that now we have completed the necessary pre-requisites and are now ready to discuss some induction cookware reviews. Although there are many good brands out there that might cater your needs, I have found, through considerable research, that the following three brands are the best as far as induction cookware is concerned.

  • Circulon
  • Caplhalon
  • Flavor Stone

Let us now take a brief look at these brands and what do they have to offer.

Circulon Cookware

Best Induction cookware

According to a renowned source of information regarding cookware, the Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set with the bronze exterior and stainless steel base is one of the best and most economical complete induction cookware set out there. Circulon is a brand that is trusted and relied upon by some of the best professional cooks out there. The products are high quality with A grade stainless steel finish for superior durability. They are also easy to handle and have secured silicon coated handles.

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Calphalon Cookware

Best Induction cookware reviews

The second on our list is the world renowned brand, Calphalon. This US-based brand, started by Ronald Kasperzak back in 1963 is known for is known for its contemporary designs and ultra-durable products. One of the best induction cookware sets that will fulfill all your needs is the Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware 11-Piece Set. The aluminum finish means that high temperatures can be reached in the minimum amount of time. This particular set with its black non-stick finish is among the most sold induction cookware sets out there.

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Flavor Stone Cookware  

Induction cookware reviews 2016

Last but not the least, we have Flavor Stone. Flavor Stone, a proprietary of Sapphire™, is also one of the top most induction cookware brands out there. This brand is especially prominent because of its looks. According to online sources, the Flavor Stone 11″ Blue Sapphire Essential set is among the top most sold induction cookware sets nowadays. The sapphire look of the utensils is because there is actually a layer of sapphire inserted into the maker of the set. The silicone covered handles ensure easy handling and there the set also comes with a special cookbook containing recipes from some of the top cooks in the world.

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It is not compulsory that you have to buy from these three brands only. There are also other very good brands out there and you should also keep them in consideration. Just google ‘best induction cookware reviews’ and you will find a sea of information at your disposal. The aim of this article was to provide the user some useful insight so that the next time you go shopping for some induction cookware, you can get the exactly what best serves your purpose.

Important Features of Induction Cookware Set

Before we conclude this article, there are a few more points that I would like to share with my readers regarding induction cookware set.

  • Buying a cookware online might seem very tempting as it saves you from a lot of hassle. But trust me, the more time and effort you invest into this, the happier you will be. After all, it is you who has to use the set (unless you have bought it as a present for someone). There are a lot of things that one cannot judge just by looking at the screen of your personal computers such as weight. The feel of a cookware set is very important. How it feels in your hand. How much is the weight? If your cooking set is too heavy on its own, then you might not enjoy cooking in it so much. This means that your money has basically gone to waste.
  • It is also important to note which type of cookware is easier to clean and which ones are not. Cast Iron especially is not that easy to maintain, therefore, if you do not want to see yourself scrubbing your cast iron pans then it is better to consider something easier such as stainless steel and non-stick pans.
  • It is also important to note that whenever you are about to buy a cooking set, you should carefully read all the product description present on the product packing and the accompanying brochures. There have been instances when people buy cookware that does not comply with their preferences. For example, one should always try and find out if the cookware can be cleaned in a dishwasher beforehand.
  • Another very important thing from a safety point of view is determining whether your cookware is microwave safe or not. You must confirm this from the shopkeeper and double check this information. Even if your cooking utensils are made of a material that is microwave safe, the handles can still cause problems especially the plastic ones. Silicon handles are usually safe but cannot withstand very high temperatures in the ovens. Also, please note that stainless steel products should never be put inside the microwave oven. Again, reading induction cookware reviews will help you a lot in this matter.
  • And finally, for the benefit of our readers, I would like to point out that not all of the pots and pans that you have in your kitchen arsenal necessarily be induction compatible. The easiest way of determining this by using a magnet. As we explained earlier, induction cookware works on the principle of magnetic induction. So if you are ever in doubt about a certain pan or a pot and want to find out whether they will work with your induction cooktop or not, simply bring a magnet into the vicinity of the piece in question. If the magnet sticks, then it will work otherwise not

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How Induction Cooktop Work with Cookware?

When working with a hob it is desirable to use a special dish made of a material with suitable characteristics which effectively absorbs the energy of the magnetic field. These characteristics are the resistivity and magnetic permeability (affects skin layer depth). Contrary to popular belief, cookware material for induction heating principle is not obliged to have ferromagnetic properties, but in practice in order to achieve high efficiency (without which the use of such plates would not make sense) were only suitable material-ferromagnetic metals, in particular – carbon steel (skin- layer are much thinner, and hence their resistance arising therein when placed in a magnetic field of eddy currents is much higher, and the heat in the same magnetic field also higher), so that the dishes for induction furnaces can be checked magnet. Modern induction cookers automatically detect suitable cookware and only, in this case, goes to the operating mode (include magnetic field).

On sale, there are steel wheels, which are heated directly from occurring induction field and allow you to use the dishes, which in itself for such plates are not suitable, as well as due to the thickness of the disk are aligned fluctuations in heating-cooling temperature using a plate with a pulsed power adjustment.

I hope that you found this article to be useful and have picked up some important tips for the next time you go kitchen shopping.