how To Cut Frozen Meat Without Defrosting

It is very hard to cut the frozen meat, and you have to put some extra effort into it, but if you put it underwater, it might become easier for you. But if you don’t have time and want to cut the meat while it’s frozen and solid, then it is impossible with your normal kitchen knife.

How would you cut the frozen meat? The answer is that you would need an electric knife or a butcher’s knife because they have more power to cut the solid meat. But you might not know how you can cut the frozen meat, so we will show you the best ways to cut the frozen meat.

Cutting The Frozen Meat With The Butcher’s Knife

As we said before, cutting the butcher’s knife is very hard, and you would need a butcher’s knife to cut it. But not everyone knows how to cut the frozen meat with the butcher’s knife, so we will tell you to step by step how you can cut the frozen meat.

Knife to cut frozen meat

  • The first thing you need to do before cutting the frozen meat is to put your gloves on because the frozen meat is very hard, and you don’t know when the knife will slip and can cause any injury so that the metal glove will save you from it. You will find these glovers from any local or online store very easily.
  • Now, this is the time to cut the frozen meat. Hold the knife firmly with your dominant hand and put the cutting edge on the frozen meat. This would help you cut the large pieces of the frozen meat, and it can also cut the bones in your frozen meat.
  • When you know that everything is in your control and you can cut the control of the knife, then start pushing the butcher’s knife upward and downwards.
  • Make sure you put the right pressure on the knife because the frozen meat is very hard, and a little can cause trouble for you so, be careful about it. Now maintain the same speed, and you have the larger pieces of your frozen piece for you.

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Cutting Frozen Meat With Electric Knife

This is also a perfect method to cut the frozen meat and very easy. If you know how to cut with the electric knife, what if you don’t know how to cut? Don’t worry; we will tell you how you can cut the frozen meat with an electric knife.

Knife to cut frozen meat

  • The first step is finding the flat surface to cut the meat; it could be your kitchen counter. This would help you to hold the knife firmly. Now put out the electric knife and make sure the cord is not tangled and on the right side of you.
  • Now you need to put the knife’s blade on the frozen meat and put all your fingers away from the edge because it can cause any injury. Now plug in the cord, and you are ready to cut the frozen meat.
  • Now press the start button and put very little pressure on the knife. Cut the large and small prices of the solid meat very easily with the electric knife. But as we said before, make sure your fingers are away from it, and you are holding it attentively because one major mistake can cause big trouble for you.
  • Sometimes when you cut with the electric knife, the blade does not completely cut through the knife so, you can rotate the knife and then cut it from the other side of the meat; this would help you fully cut the meat.


Q: Is it Easier to Cut Frozen Meat?

Ans: The best way to cut thin slices or strips of raw meat is to put it into the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour before cutting so that part of it is partially frozen. By doing this, you will slice the meat more easily. It is best to slice frozen meat before it has thawed completely.

Q: How do you cut frozen ground beef?

Ans: Hold the frozen beef firmly on a cutting board while using a sharp knife, ideally a serrated one, and watch it slowly back and forth. Cut slowly and steadily. You can also use this approach if the piece being cut is only one to two inches thick. 


Cutting the frozen meat might be a very hard task for you, and you can’t cut it with your normal knife so, you would need an electric knife or a butcher’s knife for it because it is very solid and hard. We told you about both these methods and how you can cut the frozen meat with the electric knife and the butcher’s knife. 

If you have read the article carefully, you will be able to cut the frozen meat very easily with the help of these two methods. We recommend you go for the electric knife because it does not require much effort like all other methods, but you have to be more careful with it. 

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