Calphalon Culinary Excellence: SharpIN Cutlery Sets

A cutlery set is one of your kitchen building blocks, and it is essential to own one.

The suitable collection of kitchen knives go a long way and saves you crucial time. You may buy knives individually or replace old ones, but sometimes, investing in a knife set may just save you all that hassle.

Calphalon Knife Set Reviews

Stainless steel kitchen knives come in 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0 variations. The ‘18’ denotes chromium percentage, while the latter tells you what percentage of nickel is involved.

But leave the specifics aside; all you need to know is the shinier the knives, the heavier the nickel percentage, and hence the pricier they are.

Calphalon, as they do in the cookware business, are just as reputable in their cutlery collections and give you some of the best knife sets the market has to offer.

Whether you want the most robust and shiny knife set or the cheapest one, below is an assortment of the finest knife sets Calphalon cutleries have to offer.


1. The Professional’s Choice: Calphalon Precision Self-Sharpening Knife Set (15 piece)

 One of their prominent collections in the Precision range, this set comes with their signature wooden knife block offering built-in ceramic sharpeners.

It boasts superior high-carbon German steel and full tang construction. You will get restaurant-quality satisfaction in slicing, dicing, and all kinds of chopping tasks.

Construction & Cool Features at a glance: 

  • Molded high-carbon German steel blades retain their shiny texture without rust. The high-carbon allows for easy sharpening and retains the sharp edges after repeated use.
  • Full tang construction provides ergonomic excellence and balance in working to avoid unnecessary accidents and ensuring all contents are cut equally in size and pressure.
  • All knives are smartly labeled for quick and easy identification and management.
  • Bar-riveted handles coated with a polyresin body provide a comfortable grip over any knife and fit in nicely in the palm of your hands so you can work with them for long periods at a time without developing aches.
  • A 15-piece set means it is highly dynamic and versatile in its function. From slicing garlic cloves to mincing meat, or chopping veggies, and carving steaks, this set gives you loads of room to move around and get things done with ease and comfort.
  • Eight steak knives with semi-serrated edges for extra sharpness for cutting steak effortlessly.
  • Calphalon’s famous SharpIN technology automatically sharpens knives with every use.
  • The wooden knife block set contains ceramic sharpeners that keep the sharp edges of each blade sharp and smooth. It also has open slots to add more knives to the collection.

Calphalon Precision Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Cutlery Set

Pros to consider 

  • Dynamic & versatile set with 15 different knives for different purposes.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Value for money for all the features and versatility you gain.
  • SharpIN tech.

Cons to consider 

  • Construction not as good compared to other models that come with triple-riveted handles

Honest Word 

We love this Calphalon Precision cutlery set for two reasons; its price and versatility. You get most of their best features, a high-carbon construction that lasts you long, and all the knives you’ll possibly need in a kitchen.


2. Multipurpose Satisfaction: Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Set (15 piece) 

The Calphalon Classic Knife Set is one of their most elegant-looking collections of knives you can get your hands on. Dressed in a classy silver, the knives come with full stainless steel construction to maximize durability and look chic at the same time.

Construction & Cool Features at a glance: 

  • Built-in ceramic sharpeners that are angled, hone the knives with every use, keeping the edges superior sharpness time and time again.
  • Full stainless steel construction offering longevity and are comfortable for hand wash.
  • Knife blades constructed from high-carbon content and a full-bolster body so you get a heavy-duty knife set in your kitchen.
  • Molded ergonomic design handles featuring their full stainless steel body offers a confident grip and ensures your hands don’t hurt after lengthy periods.
  • Versatile set includes the Santoku knife.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Knife Set

Pros to consider: 

  • Value for money – ease of function with ergonomic design, durable construction, full stainless steel body.
  • Labeled knives make it easy to identify.
  • SharpIN technology.
  • Steak knives come with the same no-stain steel and high-carbon construction.
  • Full tang build.

Cons to consider: 

  • Prone to rust for the stainless steel body.
  • Customers have complained regarding design flaws in holders preventing smooth slide-in and out for knives.

Honest Word

With the silver Calphalon Classic knife set, you get the aesthetics, durability, and functionality on a regular basis. We are skeptical about the design flaws involved in the knife box and advise careful consideration with the particular piece you get.


3. Nonstick Innovation: Calphalon Contemporary SharpIN Nonstick Knife Set (13 piece)

The Contemporary Nonstick knife set from Calphalon is a wonder to own. We’ve seen nonstick cookware and now we have that nonstick goodness in a knife set – so you never have to worry about thinly sliced garlic or leafy greens sticking to the knife blades. This is an assortment of one of the most innovative knives in their range.

Construction & Cool Features at a glance:

  • Fully forged high-carbon construction: full tang, full-bolster body.
  • Ceramic sharpeners in the knife block feature the signature SharpIN technology so every time you pull a knife out it is sharpened deliberately.
  • Nonstick coating prevents food contents from sticking, smoothly cuts through.
  • Serrated edges; effortlessly run the steak knife through the tender steak or the bread knife through toast.

Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery Set

Pros to consider: 

  • Nonstick blades.
  • SharpIN technology in knife block.
  • Made from a single piece of forged steel for maximum rigidness in performance and durability.
  • Easy to clean.

Cons to consider 

  • Design flaw with the length of the paring knife.
  • Block has rubber pegs that can easily come off.
  • Prone to rust.

Honest Word 

This is a brilliant knife set considering innovative features like the nonstick and the SharpIN technology.

But there are some design flaws that may or may not be the dealbreaker for some, it’s better to consult with the store manager before making the final decision.


4. Nonstick Part Two from Calphalon: The Precision SharpIN Nonstick Knife Set (13 piece)

Calphalon has a variety in their innovative sets that offer their trademark features that alleviate food release; the nonstick and the longitudinal ridge for effortless release and food never sticking.

The Contemporary range, sharing similar characteristics and technology, is slightly cheaper. However, the Precision range offers unique bar-riveted handles known to last longer and provide a rigid grip.

Construction & Cool Features at a glance:

  • Nonstick freshness with every slice and chop; food never sticks and offers smooth satisfaction.
  • SharpIN technology in the ceramic sharpeners combined with the longitudinal ridge offers exceptional food release and keeps the edges sharp and retains the shine.
  • Fully forged high-carbon German steel construction offers longer lifespans than usual.
  • Full tang, full-bolster build for maximum rigidity and balance.
  • Unique bar-riveted handles offer ergonomic perfection and prevent hand fatigue.

Calphalon Precision SharpIN Nonstick Cutlery Set

Pros to consider:

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Bar-riveted handles last longer than contemporaries.
  • Superior fully forged construction.
  • SharpIN technology.
  • Steak knives are made from stamped Asian steel.
  • Labeled knives easy to identify.

Cons to consider 

  • More expensive than the Contemporary line, although they share almost similar features.
  • Faulty knife edges according to some customers.

Honest Word

The Precision collection from Calphalon is more popular for its longevity, however, with full-time warranty and a cheaper price you could opt for the Contemporary Nonstick collection. However, you’ll miss the bar-riveted handles.


5. Dynamic & Multifunctional: Calphalon Classic Self Sharpening Knife Set (15 piece) 

This is the go-to version of the Classic line from Calphalon, as you saw the Stainless Steel version previously. It offers the reliability of the Classic collection and unprecedented dynamism to make kitchen life easy every day.

Construction & Cool Features at a glance:

  • The knives are fully forged using high-Carbon German steel that complements it with robustness and longevity.
  • The knife block comes with built-in ceramic sharpeners that keep knives sharp with every release.
  • Triple-riveted handles provide a secure grip and ensure the blades never come off.
  • Full tang construction complement the triple-riveted handles with rigidity and balance.
  • Steak knives come with finger guards for ease-of-use and to prevent accidents.

Calphalon Classic Knife Set

Pros to consider:

  • Triple-riveted handles set this knife set apart from its competition because when you combine it with the fully forged construction, the result is one of the strongest and most durable cutlery sets in your hands.
  • Steak knives are fully forged as well.
  • SharpIN technology.
  • Bang for your buck for the features it offers.

Cons to consider 

  • Doesn’t come with the serrated bread knife (offers the serrated utility knife instead).
  • Not nonstick.

Honest Word 

This is the generic variant from Calphalon, and if you’re only purchasing the first time, the Classic line is a great choice. Its features, reliable construction, and low price are a good deal.

Care for Calphalon Cutlery

 It is important to keep your knives dry and clean at all times. Ensure that you wash them by hand and mild dish soap for a longer lifespan and quality performance. Avoid metal sponges and dishwashing your cutlery. After every wash, dry the knives using paper towels. Always keep them organized in the knife block provided to you.

But with the high-Carbon German steel knives, you have to take extra care. They can react to acidic substances such as onions, tomatoes, or anything citric.

After every washing and drying, apply cooking oil such as camellia oil to cleanse the blades from acidic substances and keep them sharp and functioning smoothly in the long run.


  • Forged vs Stamped; what’s the difference?

Forged blades are the result of hand-craftsmanship. They are made under high temperatures and hammered, tempered, sharpened, etc., into shape, all done by hand. Moreover, they come with full tang and bolster construction.

Stamped blades are pressed out from a thin bar of steel, and most of the process is done by machine rather than by hand.

  • What does it mean to have a ‘full tang’ construction in a Calphalon knife set?

The tang is the part of the blade that extends to the handle; having a full tang, in that case, means the blade extends to the length of the handle, giving balance and strength to the knife.

  • What does it mean to have a ‘bolster’ construction in a Calphalon knife set?

A bolster provides support to the middle portion where the blade and the handle meet. This makes the knife heavier and more in balance, and as a result, protects your fingers.

  • Do all my Calphalon knives need sharpening?

All straight-edge Calphalon knives will require sharpening to keep them performing, except knives like the steak knife, the bread knife, or the utility knife that come with serrated edges.

  • Name the four essential Calphalon knives for any kitchen.

The four essential Calphalon knives include the Paring knife, the Utility knife, the Chef’s knife, and the Bread knife.

The End 

Calphalon knives have given customers a satisfying experience for many years.

They have continued to innovate and improve on existing models. Whether you want a more modern and tech-savvy knife set or want to go manual and old-school their Classic, Contemporary and Self-Sharpening sets have you covered.

If you already own some of the essential knives, you may want to purchase a smaller set variation or if you want a revamp, go buy a new set today.

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