How to Maintain White Kitchen Tiles

Tips and tricks on maintaining the white kitchen tiles and have them be mint and fresh looking.

Kitchens are that special place in the house where many people prefer using white tiles. White tilings provide for a much more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the kitchen. They also look much cleaner than tiles of other colors and give homeowners the perfect look and feel to prepare their meals in. 

best kitchen tiles cleanerKitchens are particularly vulnerable to getting dirty quickly. This is the room where you prepare and cook all the meals. There are bound to be some spills and drops in the kitchen. If you do not know the right way to clean them, it will quickly lose the shine and freshness you had when you first installed your white kitchen tiles. Read on to know about the perfect cleaning tips and tricks that professionals employ to keep the kitchen looking brand new for longer periods of time.

Use White Vinegar To Clean

Cleaning solutions that are based on natural materials are a much safer option than cleaning solutions made using chemicals in a laboratory. Cleaning solutions using this formula are particularly useful and you also get the added satisfaction of saving money when you use this type of product rather than the commercially made ones.

How to clean White Kitchen TilesWhite vinegar is an excellent option to consider for your kitchen tiles. This has long been used by homeowners to have their kitchens cleaned properly and thoroughly. White vinegar is extremely effective in cleaning grease, disinfecting properties, and also has the property of removing all unwanted odors from the kitchen tiles. White vinegar has also proved effective against smoke stains. The kitchen is placed where there are bound to be some smokes produced, after all, kitchens are places where food is cooked, so smokes are inevitable.  A mixture of white vinegar and water can be the ideal natural cleaning solution for the regular maintenance of the kitchen tiles.

Cleaning with Baking Sodas

Another natural alternative to commercial cleaning products is baking sodas. This is a proven method to clean up grease and oil stains from your kitchen wall tiles. The ideal way to clean using baking soda is to pour a bit of baking soda into the surface you are looking to clean and then proceed to clean the surface in question with a sponge-like material. You have to make sure that you are gentle when cleaning with baking soda. Just do not rush anything and do not apply too much force when you are cleaning with this method. 

how to clean kitchen tiles groutAfter you have rubbed off the excess dirt, grease, and slime off of the kitchen tiles, a dry piece of cloth is recommended to wipe down the surface you are cleaning. This is done to make sure that you do not leave any residue of the baking soda on the tiles. You should also make sure to have the piece of clothing you are using to clean the tiles be properly rinsed and cleaned after every use, this will make sure that your white kitchen tiles look as good as new for much longer periods of time.

Cleaning using Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils are another option for you to consider when cleaning your kitchen tiles. This is another natural alternative to commercial cleaning products on the market. This is another ingredient that is almost always readily available in most kitchens. This means this is yet another cleaning product that most of us have available right in our kitchens. 

how to clean tiles with vinegarIt may come to you as a surprise, as it does to many people, but vegetable oil is extremely useful in combating and cleaning grease and oil stains. This method of cleaning is akin to fighting fire with fire and is often known as, fighting oil with oil. The proper method of using vegetable oils to clean your kitchen tiles is to pour some of the vegetable oil onto the surface you want to clean and then use a paper towel to scrub the surface in question. This should be done thoroughly for maximum effect. Vegetable oils are a great way to fight off grease and oil stains on your kitchen tiles and have your entire kitchen looking like it is in mint condition.

Using Salt to Clean the Kitchen Tiles

This is another item in our list that no kitchen should find themselves short of when cleaning the kitchen. Salt is particularly effective in soaking up grease stains. All that is needed to be done here is to sprinkle a bit of salt on the surface in question and then have the surface be wiped down with a bit of vegetable oil using a clean piece of cloth or a sponge. 

If you are considering getting an all-white kitchen or already have one, cleaning and maintenance should not be an issue for you to consider when you make the decision. If you deploy the methods listed above and use them effectively and regularly, you will have no problem maintaining your white kitchen tiles.

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