Protecting Your Family With a Kitchen Water Filter System

The kitchen is where the most essential and crucial water usage occurs—these range from drinking water to cooking and washing. The health of your family depends on it. This calls for a Kitchen Water Filter to filter the water for use at your Home. You do not need your kids to get infected as a result of impurities from the water that you feed them. Neither do you want your utensils and water systems getting clogged with stains from unfiltered water, which may bring about wear and tear?

Under-Sink Water Filters or the Kitchen Water Filter Systems? provides cleaner and better-tasting water at the turn of your kitchen tap. This ensures that the water you use for cooking, washing, drinking, and cleaning for you and your family is free from contaminants and impurities while maintaining the optimal levels of important minerals in the water.

Contaminants and Impurities

Water is a solvent. This means that it can dissolve various particles and chemicals, which makes it contaminated. Despite being colorless, odorless, and tasteless, the water may still not be healthy for consumption. The impurities and contaminants in water may include dirt and dust, harmful chemicals, biological contaminants, total suspended solids (TSS), and radiological contaminants. Generally, the impurities can be classified into dissolved and suspended solids, where the suspended solids are the substances that are not completely soluble in the water.

Unfiltered or untreated tap water contains more dissolved impurities and contaminants that you can observe under the naked eye. [See the image below: a typical presentation of dissolved impurities in a single drop of water.

water purification systemsAccording to the Open Learn education blog; water has to be of a certain quality to be fit for consumption by your family. Given that most of the water comes from the kitchen, the need for a Kitchen Water Filter in your house is essential in ensuring that the water meets the quality requirements.

The source further directs that no natural water found on earth is pure, not anymore. Elements such as sodium nitrate that are highly soluble in water are usually present in large quantities. Natural untreated water has more than 15 types of impurities and compounds that make it unfit for consumption. This ranges from Chloride to Nitrate, Sodium, Silica, Iron, Sulfate, and variating PH levels, which may be harmful if not within the recommended measures.

Therefore, identifying the contaminants present in your water is important, which is achieved by testing the water or reviewing the local water report in case of a public water source.

After identifying the contaminants, you can easily acquire the best kitchen water filter system or under-sink water filtration system to install in your home.

The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Water Filter in Your Home

It goes without saying that the kitchen water filter purifies and gets rid of contaminants in your home or kitchen water and hence makes it fit for consumption by your family —given that most of the water that goes into the body comes from the kitchen.

Why has a kitchen water filter system purify only the kitchen water instead of having a whole house water purification system?

drinking water filtration systemThe choice depends on your capability and a wide range of benefits given below;

  • Firstly, the kitchen water filter makes the water safe and improves its taste.
  • The quality and healthier water directly affect and improves the growth of your family members.
  • Under-sink water filters do not require additional space as compared to other systems such as the countertop water filters. They only take up space under the sink.
  • Also, they are fairly easy to install and cost-efficient
  • The kitchen water filters also come in different models that are easy to maintain.

However, they filter at only one point of use and require the installation of a water filter tap. Regardless, it is highly recommended to have the kitchen water filter system installed in your, as opposed to having none.

How You Decide The Best Kitchen Water Filter System to Buy

It is important to note that you cannot buy water purification and filtration equipment from any online store, or any store for that matter, without having a comprehension of the nature of your water and the contaminants in the water. You have to comprehend the contaminants in your water and hence purchase the water filter that is designed to remove the designated contaminants. Water is always different due to different sources and surroundings, making the water have different compounds and elements relative to the source and the environment.

Kitchen Defender Water Filter effectively gets rid of most of the water contaminants and impurities. Check out the image below of the Kitchen Defender Water Filter.

countertop water filterThe Four-stage Kitchen Defender with UV light is recommendable to use for rainwater and spring water. Notably, the Kitchen Defender water filter systems are customized with various specifications relative to your requirements, scope of installation, and the water’s contaminants as per the water report.

Without any doubt, you get the best kitchen or under-sink water filter system for your home and get to experience the best quality water among other happy clients.

Reverse Osmosis System in the Kitchen Defender Water Purification System

The reverse osmosis in the kitchen water filter system makes it more effective by removing the water contaminants from the water using pressure to force the water molecules through the water filtration system’s semipermeable membrane.

During the process, the contaminants are filtered out and flushed away, leaving clean, delicious drinking water.

drinking water filtration system under sink


The Kitchen water filtration system is important to ensure that you and your family are protected against contamination and consuming impurities in the tap water. To get the best Kitchen water filtration system, visit and get your Kitchen Defender Water Filtration System that is customized to your specifications. This could be the Three Stage Kitchen Defender, 6 stage custom reverse osmosis system, or the Four-stage Kitchen Defender with UV light used for rainwater and spring water.

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