The Go-To Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher Review 2023

Imagine a classroom. Now imagine a quiet classroom; silent isn’t it? A quiet classroom is considered to have around 40 decibels. The KitchenAid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher runs at 39 dBA, which is practically like a whisper around your ears. 

At a Glance Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher

  • Automatic Temperature Controls

  • Optical Level Indicator

  • Removable Water Filter

  • Water Soil Sensor

  • Easy Adjustable Upper Rack

  • Fast Heated Drying System

  • Dishwasher with 3rd rack

  • Large Culinary Basket

  • Recessed Heating System 155°F

  • Speedy Bottle Wash System

  • Dishwasher with grinder

  • 1- Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Smooth Towel Bar Handle

  • Delay Start Option

  • Strong Stainless Steel Interior

  • Quickly & Effortless Wash Cycle

  • Easy Touch Control

  • Noise Only 39 dB

  • No Battery Required

  • Low Electricity Consumer Sytem

The KitchenAid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher is for the modern kitchen. Its stainless steel design, a coarse handlebar, and all the controls on top add a premium feel to your kitchen. It comes with three racks, with an adjustable top rack, and lots of space for utensils. The dishwasher also comes with two spray arms, and thanks to their intricate shapes and positions, the water reaches every corner. One of its unique features is the ‘bottle wash’ option; it allows you to thoroughly wash out residue inside bottles. However, for its price range, there is room for improvement.

How They Look & What’s Special

The silver and glossy look is fingerprint-resistant and gives the dishwasher an industrial appearance inside and out. The build is strong, and the feel is premium to touch.  Its textured handlebar provides you with a firm grip, and upon pulling it outwards, the top controls that were otherwise out of sight now available for use. It has a blue light that indicates when the machine is operating, and the KitchenAid brand logo is located towards the bottom. Inside, the two spray arms on the top and the bottom spray clean any dish, thanks to the four jets on the bottom arm. This dishwasher comes with a newly replaced addition, its filters; they are the major contributors to the minimal noise at 39 dBA instead of conventionally used grinders. The third rack is a great addition for getting more washed in one cycle; however, because of its flat structure, bowls and ladles or any such round-shaped dishes or utensils will not fit.

kitchenaid dishwasher troubleshootingTherefore, you can only get utensils and cooking tools like knives and forks, spatulas, and Tupperware lids fitted in for a wash. Moreover, once the top rack is adjusted, it leaves lesser room for the rack below, and as a consequence, a full-sized dinner plate will not fit. Another particular feature that comes in handy is the baskets that come with the package. They come with the package and allow for more room for getting utensils and the such washed. The bottle jets are a great feature; if you have children and need feeder bottles cleaned and available at all times or a regular runner who carries a sports bottle – this feature is essential. 

Let’s Get Real – How Well Does It Perform? 

The top controls give you five options to choose from for a wash cycle; ProWash, Tough, Normal, and a speed cycle category with two options; Express Wash and Rinse only.

The ProWash option can take a maximum of three hours. It operates with an optical sensor that deals with the amount of detergent detect the temperature of the water, and the amount of soil. These help to automatically regulate cycle time and how much water is used to give the best cleaning results. 

kitchenaid diswasher reviewThe Tough cycle takes two and a half three hours whereas the Normal cycle takes one and a half hours to two and a half-hour. However, according to numerous users, it has been recommended to use the ProWash and Tough wash cycles with high temperatures for the best cleaning outcomes. In fact, the Express Wash that takes slightly over an hour does a better cleaning job than the Normal Wash cycle. Despite it all, the Normal wash cycle is the most efficient and green in terms of the least amount of time it needs and only uses 2.7 gallons of water. 

However, this dishwasher does a brilliant job of drying the dishes even before the cycle is complete. The heating metal rod at the bottom and the fan enhance the drying process by heating and drying the dishes efficiently. Customers have had no complaints; whether you use the ProDry or the Extended ProDry option, both give out adequate results. Moreover, even the Express Wash dries out the dishes quite well without using the ProDry or the Extended ProDry options at all. 

kitchenaid diswasher manualsIf you or a family member have the flu, the SaniRinse mode will be your companion. It operates by raising the main wash’s temperature from 40 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius and then raising it further up from 60 to 68 degrees celsius during rinsing. This helps wash and sanitize dishes with enhanced care making sure health and hygiene remain a top priority. 

Now let us finally get to the pressing matter that may probably be the most significant factor in your decision to purchase this Kitchenaid dishwasher; the cleaning performance in reality. What the users have reminded us of time and time again is its poor performance in terms of dishwashing – its literal purpose. It is known to have performed poorly in the spinach food stain test. Regardless of the feature-packed attraction, the customers stressed the importance of scraping and rinsing the dishes every time before loading them in the dishwasher. This can understandably be the deal-breaker for many of us.

Room For Improvement

Customers have come with high praise for the noiseless operating this dishwasher brings, and for some this may be the standout factor. Throughout history, the noise that dishwashers make has remained a headache for customers and as times have passed, manufacturers have brought innovative changes to best deal with noise reduction. This KitchenAid dishwasher provides an almost silent dishwasher in the KDTE334GPS model. There have been complaints regarding the third rack’s flat structure, as it only fits cooking tools or essentially small items. This is precise because other models of the same price range provide a wider space in their third racks for bowls and spoons, etc. Lastly, its long wash cycles have been an issue for some, but if you’re the type to turn it on and carry on with your day, this should not be a cause for concern.

kitchenaid dishwasher reviews

Summing It All Up

The KitchenAid KDTE334GPS Dishwasher is the right choice for you if you are looking for a touch of class in your kitchen that also performs almost silently. It’s noiseless operating is a major attraction. However, there is room for improvement in its dishwashing capabilities and wash cycle durations, especially when it does not necessarily give you a bang for your buck. Therefore, you may consider other options that come with a greater value for similar prices.

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