10 Kitchen Decorating Fails People are Still Doing Now

Are you planning to decorate your kitchen? Then keep in mind that this area is usually the heart of a home. Aside from being the birthplace of delicious foods, this is also where most families bond. This is where the most intense and fun discussions are usually made, too. With that in mind, it is truly necessary to carefully plan how you should decorate your kitchen.kitchen renovation fails

The process of arranging and embellishing your kitchen should be given special and careful attention. You also need to avoid some of the most common kitchen decorating fails and mistakes that a lot of homeowners do, including the following:

Kitchen Decorating Fails People are Still Doing!!

1 – Not adding a personal touch

While it is extremely important to make sure that your kitchen is decorated in the most functional way possible, you should not also completely forget the significance of adding decorations. The decorations should not only make your kitchen look good but also should say something about your personality. This means that the kitchen should have your own personal touch.

You should start by filling the area with kitchen appliances and utensils. This should make the kitchen functional. After that, integrate your personal touch and soul to it. In such a case, it helps to add some artworks, small knick-knacks, and rug designed to not only make the area feel and look comfortable but also bring out your character. Because these additions are personal, you will surely be inspired to use your creativity each time you cook.

2 – Making it excessively white

It could be that you are painting your kitchen walls entirely with white or most of the furniture, utensils, and other kitchen accessories, and decorations are white. Avoid this mistake as much as possible. Keep in mind that kitchens are usually messy. Even if you or everyone in the household are naturally clean, organized, and neat, there is still a great chance for various ingredients, like the marinara sauce you are using, to stain your wall. With that, save yourself from all the hassle and go for other colors – that is, if you do not want to hire 24/7 cleaners who can maintain the cleanliness of the place.

3 – Excessive use of open shelving

Another common kitchen decorating mistake revolves around the storage space. When designing your kitchen, one thing to keep in mind is to balance function and beauty. This is the key to making the space look great. You can add open shelving if you want to display an heirloom collection or wish to integrate a contrasting material.

However, avoid using it all over the entire kitchen as this also means that all the things there will be visible and on display. Instead of using open shelving alone, mix it with enclosed storage, too. This is a big help in making your kitchen well-curated and clutter-free.

True, open shelving is eye-catching. It would begin as well-organized and perfectly styled. After some time, though, it gets dusty, cluttered, and unsightly. This is the reason why mixing it with enclosed storage is advisable.

4 – Disregarding the original architecture

If you want to have a well-decorated kitchen, then do not disregard your home’s original architecture. Note that everything you put inside your kitchen, even the famous Amish kitchen furniture items, should be in line with the overall architecture of your home. Your goal is to establish consistency in different parts of your home.

If your kitchen décor is not in line with your home’s architecture, then it would look trendy but not intentional. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should limit design options. Just a minor connection to the original architecture of your home is already enough.

For instance, if you want your kitchen to have a Spanish theme, then it is unnecessary to invest in heavy wood cabinetry. You can just go for white and bright cabinets with hints of natural textures and iron hardware. This would be enough to make your kitchen feel and look genuine without having to indulge in the true Spanish design.

5 – Poor and inadequate lighting

A nicely designed and fully functional kitchen should have proper and sufficient lighting. What you should do is to add several sources of light. A wise tip is to install a LED strip beneath the upper cabinets to provide enough light for the countertop. Overhead track lighting is also helpful as it tends to illuminate the kitchen.

If there is still enough space for decorative wall lights, then consider adding one or two. Make sure to use a high-quality and warm light, so the space will look and feel inviting and cozy. For spaces with recessed lighting, integrate pendants. You may also want to put dimmers in your kitchen.

6 – Not making your kitchen utensils and essentials accessible

Make sure that everything you need, especially in cooking, is within easy reach. For instance, if you often use Amish cooking utensils, then store them in a place where you can easily grab them whenever you need them for cooking. Commonly used ingredients, like sugar and olive oil, should also be quickly and easily accessible.

A wise tip is to set up practical stations that will help you organize all your kitchen stuff. For example, if you have a coffee maker, then ensure that spoons, cups, and sugar are close to them. Use a tray to arrange all your cooking oils in a single spot then put it close to the stove. These are just minor improvements, but these are enough to make your kitchen look great.

7 – Excessive use of colors

As much as possible, do not use too many colors in your kitchen. A colorful kitchen may look lively, but there are also negative effects as far as the overall design is concerned. For instance, if your kitchen is intensely green or blue, then this might significantly lessen the choices that you have for colors in other parts of your home. This might also look extremely overwhelming.

However, this does not necessarily mean restricting to neutral palettes. What you should do is to choose a single accent wall. If you still find this unsatisfying, then go for chic extinguished shades. You may also want to use greenery, patterned rugs, window treatments, and art to layer colors. Look at it as the total of many parts instead of just one part of the design that delivers the message of your chosen color.

8 – Not setting aside enough space for gatherings

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen is often the heart of any home. You can’t maximize its full potential without setting aside enough space where people can sit and gather. In this case, you may want to invest in a bistro table (even just a small one), some barstools, and bench. Your goal is to make your kitchen a fun place for you and your loved ones to hang around.

9 – Picking the wrong countertop

Another common mistake of homeowners when designing their kitchen revolves around the use of countertops. During the countertop selection process, one made of natural stone and comes with plenty of attractive veining, and character can excite a lot of people. However, keep in mind that marble is a delicate material, especially if you intend to use it in the kitchen.

That said, be wise in maximizing the use of your available space. This means that if you wish to avoid the stress of having to clean your counter each time you drop something, then stay away from those made of marble. However, if you are the type of person who can disregard the markings and stains in natural stone, then you can go ahead and pick this type of countertop.

10 – Not paying attention to the positioning of kitchen appliances

When decorating your kitchen, it is also crucial to take into complete consideration the positioning and placement of your kitchen appliances. You may want to avoid the mistake of positioning your kitchen appliances, doors, and drawers too close to each other. You do not also want to position them in a way that they open to each other at inner corners.

When creating a plan for the inside corners, factor in the appliance handles’ and cabinet hardware’s projection. Imagine the drawers and doors being open simultaneously so you can determine whether they don’t block each other. Also, position them in a way that they don’t block access to upper cabinets and countertops.


Decorating your kitchen is an activity that you should plan carefully and seriously. Pay close attention to everything related to the whole decorating process, including accessorizing. Set a budget for accessories prior to the kitchen decoration project, but make sure to go for quality instead of quantity.

Look at it as a chance to integrate texture, color, and any other vital element that seems to be lacking in your kitchen. Do not forget to provide the space with proper ventilation, too. 

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