Create an Outdoor Kitchen For an Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience

simple outdoor kitchen ideas

If you have a larger backyard and lack ideas to fill up space, then an outdoor kitchen is a great choice. There are many benefits in having a kitchen in the yard. First, it can significantly increase the value of your property. Second, keeps the smells outside of the home, and third, it saves utility bills. If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, here are the ways to do it:

Add a Barbecue

There’s no al fresco experience in the backyard without a barbecue during the summer. If you decide to have a barbecue stand, you can opt for classical stainless steel, combined with desert-like orange kitchen elements, that will make you feel warm and comfortable. Add a slightly darker shade of orange, or even a completely different colour, like blue, to create a visually striking contrast. Be sure to have a seating arrangement nearby for your guests. For the ultimate picnic experience, you can have benches with tables. Of course, before you install the grill, make sure that you have all the necessary permits, and always hire a professional to do the gas connections for you.

how to make a simple outdoor kitchen

Have an Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace can definitely add a sense of familiarity and comfort to your outdoor kitchen. Just imagine the romantic dinner in the warm spring evenings or cozy nights spent in front of an outside fireplace, wrapped in your favourite fuzzy blanket, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Usually, outdoor fireplaces were made of bricks, but nowadays you can use steel, wood or even concrete.

Make sure you cover your fireplace when you’re not using it. In case you’re undecided, you can also create a fire pit. Fire pits are great if you love spending evenings with your family and friends, and they have a similar vibe to a campfire. The only issue is that the fireplace is not portable, so you need to think carefully before about setting it up.

how to make outdoor barbecue kitchen

Make sure that You’ve Got the Paving Right

You can have the most beautiful outdoor kitchen, with the shiniest accessories, but that’s literally nothing if your paving isn’t there, or even worse, it doesn’t look right. There are many options, so before you decide to buy anything, make sure you’ve found the perfect choice that will look good in your outdoor kitchen (and the rest of your backyard). If you’re into a classic and timeless design, then you should consider slip resistant cobblestone since it’s cost-effective, durable and elegant. There are different colours, textures and sizes, so finding something for yourself shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Create Some Shade

We all long for summer until temperatures start soaring and there’s no shade in sight. In order to avoid that, you should get a beautiful pergola with some fans. Aside from protecting you from the sun, pergolas are great for intimate evenings with your partner or fun gatherings with your friends. During the evenings, adding scented candles will only make sure that the atmosphere is more romantic and cozy. Before you start digging, check with your local authorities whether you need to obtain approval. Aside from wood, you can have a pergola made of stone and be sure to wrap it in vines or curtains for some extra elegance.

Make a Lovely Dining Space

A great kitchen is nothing without a proper dining room. In this case, you don’t need a typical dining room, but you should definitely create a space for eating outside. You can add a dining space within the kitchen, or make it adjacent or even completely separated. Be careful not to put a table near the barbecue or the oven. You should place the table near the door for easier access to the house. Basically, the size of your yard will dictate the size of the dining space. Even if your yard is small, there are still ways to create a beautiful dining area.

how to create an outdoor dining area

These are some ideas for having an ultimate al fresco dining experience. Even if you don’t prefer eating in the backyard, having an outdoor kitchen will make your home seem more elegant and expensive. Consider it as an investment for the future, but also give yourself a chance and soon you’ll fall in love with making food and eating outside.

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