Practical Ways to Make Your Kitchen Breathe Again

The kitchen is the place where everything comes together: that’s where we eat, prepare food, have a morning coffee and sometimes even sit there with the whole family. Therefore, it’s important to make a kitchen look comfortable and pretty, so everyone would feel welcome and positive. Decorating your kitchen isn’t always an easy task, but with some effort and inspiration, it’s possible to turn it from drab to fab. Without further ado, here are some tips that will turn your kitchen to an elegant, yet practical space for everyone

Space Saving Ideas for Kitchen:

utilizing small kitchen space


Make it light 

There’s nothing sadder than a darkened kitchen, especially on a gloomy morning, when making a cup of coffee is the only thing you need before being ready to leave the home. In that case, turning the lights on might seem like an obvious solution, but it would be better to have a kitchen that’s well-lit, even when it’s cloudy and rainy outside.


That’s why it’s necessary to install large windows and hang the curtains that are breezy, but thick enough to give you the privacy without absorbing much light. Similarly, painting your kitchen in neutral colors and opting for furniture made of natural wood is definitely going to open up space and add a whole new dimension. During the evening, you should focus on getting the lighting that’s durable and makes the kitchen come to life every time you switch on the lights. 

Don’t forget the appliances

Even if you prefer your kitchen slightly retro, having appliances will significantly make your meal preparation easier, especially when you’re too busy to peel, chop and grind your ingredients. Getting a blender, or a juicer will provide you with a healthy and fresh smoothie each morning without taking too much of your time.

how to make more counter space in a small kitchen

Also, if you’re looking to buy a new stove or a fridge, it’s best to focus on those that fit well with your kitchen’s aesthetic. Hence, opting for a stainless steel refrigerator may come across as strange if the rest of your kitchen has shabby-chic decor. But, having new and modern appliances can have a positive effect on the way your kitchen looks and feels, so if you’re feeling frustrated with your old microwave, don’t hesitate to replace it with a newer model.

kitchen space saver shelves

extending kitchen into dining room

As we mentioned previously, in order to have a wholesome-looking kitchen, it’s crucial to use furniture, appliances, and colors that sit well together. For example, if you’re a fan of rustic home decor, adding rustic sliding barn doors will ensure you have enough space without having to open and shut the door every time you enter or leave the kitchen. That being said, having rustic decor requires you to carefully pick and match other furniture and decoration pieces so your kitchen won’t look out of place. Of course, if you consider yourself knowledgeable when it comes to indoor design, you can choose contrasting colors and furniture pieces, just make sure to create a unique theme or aesthetic that will make everything look well-put.

Change the way you store things

clever storage ideas for small kitchens

Having a bit of creative mess can look fun at certain moments, but if you truly want to make your kitchen breathe, it’s crucial to make space for things that really matter, like kitchen appliances. Now, maybe your kitchen is too small, or you don’t have enough shelves to store all your boxes, bags and jars, but fear not, because you can always get affordable wire shelves and under-cabinet baskets. Additionally, you can add more space to your kitchen by utilizing unused wall space or corners, but always make sure to store things neatly, so you won’t end up using that space to dump stuff you don’t need. The key is to cleverly use your space, so your kitchen will look organized and neat.

Even if your kitchen is small, there are ways to make it look stylish and pragmatic. The best way to achieve that is to keep the fine balance between decor and practicality since, after all, the kitchen is meant to be used every day. Just remember to focus on making it well-lit and functional, and everything else will fall into place. 


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