Guide to buy Today’s Best Under Sink Water Filters for Kitchen

Water plays a very vital role in most body functions.

It’s essential in the production of cells as well as the optimal functioning of all body organs.

As such, it’s crucial to have clean drinking water in your home.

For this reason, under sink water filters are very popular due to their convenience and space properties. Nevertheless, picking the right one can be daunting.

Below are tips for choosing the best under sink water filter for your kitchen:

  1. Have your water tested

best under sink water filter

In most places, tap water is ordinarily safe for adults to drink. However, for young children, expectant women, the elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems, this may not be so. They are at a higher risk of harm from contaminants in tap water.

Although city utility companies prepare annual statements of the water quality in all homes, ensure that they provide you with a report.

Also, have your water tested for lead, and this helps in picking among the different types of filters. The report reveals the types of contaminants in your water, making it easy to choose the right unit.

  1. Review the installation method

Review the installation method of under water sink filter

Some companies manufacture units that you can easily install while others require experts to fix them. But an easy to install under sink water filter saves you money on costly installation services.

  1. Read the performance datasheet

The performance data sheet shows the effectiveness of the device in eradicating contaminants.

It also notes all the pollutants that the unit can eliminate and gives additional information regarding the degree of pollutant removal. And this ensures that your unit will effectively remove contaminants from the water in your home.

More so, choose one based on the filtration methods. Some of them are carbon filtration, sub-micron filtration, and ion exchange.

These are some of the latest techniques that ensure the elimination of all types of contaminants. Once you’re sure of the effectiveness of the filter, you can now go ahead and install a permanent water filter in your kitchen. This way, you ensure a constant supply of clean water for your loved ones.

  1. Consider the unit capacity. 

Under-sink filters are not very different from the countertop ones. Both are equally effective. But, there are some gains associated with an under-sink design.

-Since it sits beneath the sink, you have lots of space left in the kitchen counter, and this doesn’t upset your kitchen décor.

Also, it utilizes only the cabinet space; this makes it imperative to pick a model with a higher capacity, especially if you have a big family.

cosnider the unit capacity of under sink water filter

  1. Get a warranty

Under-sink filters are hidden, and this saves them from things like cooking oil or food spatters. This way, they have a more extended life span and require less maintenance.

However, the warranty is crucial, and a top-rated under sink filtration system comes with a guarantee.

 A warranty comes in handy if your system develops issues within a short time of usage. This way, you may require a replacement or have the dealer examine it for you.

If it doesn’t come with a warranty, then this could be tricky. Moreover, go through it carefully to be sure of the stipulated provisions.

Take away

Tap water has different contaminants, and it’s essential to pick the right filter for your home. Therefore, before you go shopping for an under sink kitchen filter, have your water tested and be sure of the type of contaminants present.

Remember that, the best under sink water filter is easy to connect and comes with a warranty. By following the above tips for choosing the best under sink water filter, you save yourself a lot of trouble.

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