Circulon Momentum: Quality Afforded to You

Circulon is a line of cookware owned by Meyer Corporation, a cookware distributor from California. Its roots lie in Hong Kong, crafted from scratch with Stanley K Cheng’s hands, the CEO and chief inventor. 

Go with a brand that has been in the game for decades. A brand headed by one of the finest minds in the cookware industry, aka Stanley K Cheng, evolved into the cookware market back in the 80s with the world’s first hard-anodized aluminum cookware. Through the years, they have consistently reinvented, innovated, matured, and discovered what it means to make the best cookware that provides you the same perfection every time. 

Circulon Momentum Reviews

Circulon Momentum Stainless Steel 5 Piece Saucepan and Frying pan SetSave Time, Energy, And Cook The Best Meals!

The Circulon Momentum series is one of their finest. They are known as market leaders for their premium quality and durability by providing hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Circulon Momentum Stainless Steel Saucepan/Frypan set is an all-around winner. It is a class apart with consistent cooking results, superior construction, a sleek finish, and an overall masterpiece. 

circulon momentum reviews

A Fine Collection

It comes with a 14cm milkpan so you can warm up some milk for the mornings, along with the breakfast eggs sizzling on the 25cm frypan (lots of room), three different sizes of saucepans at 16cm, 18cm, and 20cm – it fulfills all your stewing, simmering and sauce-making needs in one assortment. 

The TOTAL Nonstick System & Durable Construction

To ensure the sausages sizzle and the pan pizza slides right onto the plate, the Circulon Momentum cookware set comes with its signature TOTAL nonstick system.  A triple-layer advanced nonstick coating with circular grooves they call their ‘Hi-Low’ design ensures maximum resistance to abrasion (metal-utensil-safety assured). That same feature gives the food the sleek ability to slide right off the pan and onto your plate.

circulon momentum stainless steelThe circular grooves make the pots and pans exceptionally efficient at quickly heating up and spreading it evenly throughout the cookware; hence you get the perfect cooking results every time. The Total nonstick system with its premium features lasts 15 times longer than the rest. And you can cook healthy and inhibit a healthy cooking lifestyle with every meal you cook, thanks to their superior nonstick that requires little to no oil to cook. The results are concretely felt over the months as you visit your cardiologist for a monthly checkup. Moreover, the Momentum series is free of PFOA, toxins, lead, and cadmium – just that extra measure of safety. 

circulon stainless steel cookware It is constructed with high-quality, durable stainless steel that doesn’t warp and lasts longer than regular stainless steel. It assures the cookware heats evenly and quickly while being crucially convenient to clean up. Another bonus is that it is dishwasher-safe, so why worry about cleanups at all? In contrast, it also supports all cooktops, and especially induction, because who doesn’t own one these days?  Finally, it is oven-safe up to 204 degrees Celsius, so you can cook some oven-baked pasta in the oven and cook the sauce on the stove. 

  • Compatible with all stovetops, including induction
  • Lightweight and flexible to carry around at 12.54 pounds
  • 4.7 rating out of 5 stars on Amazon
  • Customer’s favorite
  • Value for money
  • TOTAL nonstick system on stainless steel
  • Oven & dishwasher-safe
  • Expensive
  • Complaints regarding the poor nonstick performance
  • Cheaper aluminum alternatives much more robust in material 


The Circulon Momentum series is expensive but provides excellent value for money with consistent quality and construction. Stainless steel cookware set with their triple-layer nonstick is a significant seller as well.

Circulon Momentum vs Symmetry vs Genesis

Circulon is a brand that comes with variety and options. It makes buying a hassle-free and time-saving activity. Their various collections account for the fact that all your needs are met as an individual customer. We’ll look at three Circulon ranges that include: the Momentum collection, the Symmetry collection, and the Genesis collection. 

circulon momentum vs symmetryThe Momentum 

The Momentum collection, known to be their ‘economic’ range, offers a more extensive portfolio. Unlike their esteemed Symmetry collection, they have stainless steel offering multipurpose cookware options in different materials. Nevertheless, Circulon Symmetry offers stainless steel bases on their hard-anodized aluminum cookware, therefore more versatile, unlike the Circulon Momentum collection, making them cheaper. 

The Symmetry

However, the Circulon Symmetry collection is Stanley’s high-profile cookware range. Boasting a premium hard-anodized aluminum build, they are more expensive than the rest of the bunch. They have more individual variety in cookware than Momentum and are packed with more attractive attributes than the others. All Symmetry cookware is induction compatible as well (a must-have for premium cookware these days). The Total nonstick technology is ever-present in Symmetry cookware, combined with the triple-layer nonstick that offers superiority over competitors every day of the week. The Momentum collection, however, does not provide the triple-layer nonstick on all of their cookware. 

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The Genesis

The Genesis collection is much similar to the Momentum range for its affordability and features. Genesis cookware comes with the Total nonstick system (that involves the triple-layer nonstick coating), the hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel options in construction, and almost similar handles just like the Circulon Momentum range. However, the Genesis stainless steel is only dishwasher-safe; the hard-anodized aluminum should be hand-washed. Another vital difference between Momentum and Genesis is their handles. Genesis offers all stainless steel handles, ensuring higher heat resistance at 500 degrees Fahrenheit than the silicone-wrapped handles of the Momentum collection that is oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit only.  

Wrap Up

In the end, it comes down to your budget and your specific needs as a customer. A couple would buy a particular range of cookware much different from a bachelor living in New York, working 9-5. Ultimately, the Circulon Symmetry, Premier, Ultimatum collections are the high-end ones, whereas the Genesis and Momentum ranges are budget-friendly options offering similar functionality on a regular basis. 

Bonus Round: Ways To Keep Your Circulon Performing Consistently

Remember to store your hard-anodized aluminum far from the stove to avoid oil splashes and contamination. The aluminum cookware is made to stack up on top of one another, hence keep them in one place like that to prevent dents and scratches, but make sure the pile involves only hard-anodized aluminum and not other cookware such as stainless steel. 

circulon momentum vs genesis

Stainless steel is prone to rust, storing them around moisture and openly wet places like around the sink. To wash them, wipe off any leftover residues from cooking, and allow the cookware to cool down. Use a mixture of warm water (avoid cold water when the cookware is hot to prevent warping) and mild detergent soap to scrub the cookware with a soft sponge. Be gentle but vigorous to ensure the mixture gets to the toughest nooks and corners. Repeat the process as necessary. Clean and dry at room temperature.

A quick solution to getting rid of burnt stains and stubborn grease is a vinegar solution. Fill up your cookware with water and a tablespoon of vinegar (use as necessary), and boil the mixture. Afterward, let it cool down, pour out the liquid, and rewash using mild dish soap and soft scrub. 

Summing It Up

Circulon is a brand you can easily rely on for a good year or two. They perform great under high heat and cook efficiently under low heat while also requiring minimal use of oil for healthy cooking. A comprehensive list of cookware lines means Circulon is inclusive and embraces all customers and their subjective needs and wants above all. 

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