Fissler Cookware Review: Why It’s a Professional’s Choice

Fissler, a German line of professional-grade cookware brand, has been around for four decades.

From manufacturing the first aluminum pots and pans for electric stovetops to the most groundbreaking pressure cookers the world has ever seen, they have come a long way.

They have remained leaders in their industry for their consistent perseverance to the market’s needs and a knack to reshape what we perceive as the very best. And when you work with professionals for professionals, your products are considered your forte.

Today we look at some of their reputable stainless steel cookware and pressure cookers that might just be a purchase away from being the next groundbreaking move for your kitchen.

Fissler original profi-collection Stainless Steel Cooking-Pot-SetThe Legacy Line of Stainless Steel Cookware!

Fissler’s original profi-collection has been the constant star that took them to the very top. A line of high-grade and sturdy stainless steel pots and pans that has won so many reviews and the professional’s approval gives you the right cookware to adequately address your kitchen needs.

Their Cooking-Pot-Set is elementary for any kitchen; it combines the essential stockpots, frypans, and saucepans that any aspiring chef would buy. 

fissler pots and pans reviewsOnly the finest 18/10 stainless steel is used to make this cookware, and it performs the same on every stovetop you can get your hands on. Moreover, it also provides superior resilience to scratches and erosion. You can remain tension-free regarding acidic foods and remain hassle-free when it comes to cleaning. 

Their signature cook star base is engineered to ergonomic perfection. Hence, it sits perfectly on any stovetop category and functions to give you the most efficient heat conduction, retention, and evenly cooked food.

And while you’re at it, mix in their vast and roomy stainless steel handles that let you carry the pots and pans from stovetop to oven in a blink. The cookware set is relatively lightweight at 20.3 pounds. 

fissler cookware germanyAnother standout union of features that do you right is their heavy metal lids and the Condensate-Plus curvature at the center of each. Cooking low-heat meals that take up your precious time and patience to the boil comes out perfect due to the heavy lids that sit tight and lock in essential moisture and heat inside.

The narrowed-down arch of the lids in the center ensures all condensed steam trickle down, so the seared meat comes out extra soft and toothsome. When it’s showtime, the wide-angled pouring rims prevent any spillovers so that you can serve your magic cooked in a pot with confidence. 

Why Say Yes?
  • There are three different sizes of stockpots, a saucepan, a frying pan that are all consistent in their uses, and heavy-duty performers.
  • Save time filling up the pots and pans to the last drop of fluids without a measuring container because of their detailed measurement marks
  • Their handles don’t heat up when you’re cooking
  • Compatible with all stovetops, including induction
Why Say No?
  • Relatively expensive compared to competitors like Cook Standard Cookware and All-Clad
  • Stainless steel is fairly lightweight compared to hard-anodized aluminum pots and pans

Now What?

The original profi-collection is renowned for its quality and performance. Even though they can be on the pricey side of things, your money is a five-star investment if you purchase this entire set of functional, daily use cookware

Fissler Valea Stainless Steel Saucepan SetPerfect Assembly of Saucepans!

Cook anything liquid, simmer your curry, boil some water for your ramen noodles, and heat the stew in this culminated culinary combo of saucepans and a stewing pot because you can!

Four saucepans of varying diameters leave room for more and save space for less. They come with rugged handles to provide a handful of grip, so you’re good to go from kitchen to table with ease. Their glass lids are snug-fitting and allow seamless supervision of your cooking.

Made from durable stainless steel, the cookware has its Superthermic base that ensures even heating and deals with the ins and outs of temperature variation effectively. 

fissler cookware set review

Why Say Yes?
  • Oven-safe and the glass lids are oven-safe as well up to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Time-saving, easy cleaning whether in a dishwasher or by hand, thanks to the smooth texture of the cookware
  • Guaranteed Fissler quality
  • Superior heat distribution
Why Say No?
  • The glass lids don’t have vents, and can get steamy preventing you to see inside
  • Cheaper alternatives

Now What?

There are always alternatives to look at, or individual pieces from other cookware brands may be better regarding performance, quality, and durability.

Fissler is known for their premium prices simply because they are reliable. You may want to decide between going for the whole set or individual pieces, all available at your convenience.

Fissler vitavit Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Set – Timesaving and Easy!

Pressure cookers are miniature machines in the kitchen that deliver food at a faster rate. The hiss and the steam, all so familiar, our grandmothers cooked the best recipes using them since time immemorial.

Fissler brings new meaning and possibilities with their Vitavit and Vitaquick lines of pressure cookers. Built to perform, they make your daily hurdles easy to manage and save crucial time. 

The Fissler Vitavit Pressure Cooker set of 6 with a pressure cooker, pressure lid, skillet, glass lid, insert, and tripod to cook you any and every meal you can think of. Excel at your beef stews, finely chopped pork servings, zucchinis, and the whole bunch of juicy goodnesses. 

fissler pressure cooker reviewThe pressure cooker set comes with their masterclass Vitavit Pressure Control system that lets you known when to raise the temperature or lower it from the beginning to the end of the cooking procedure through the help of an indicator. 

The pressure cooker comes with three different pressure settings, so you can decide how slowly or quickly the meal cooks. Fissler’s brilliant positioning aid warrants ergonomic seating and sealing without a worry.

It’s innovative locking indicator that turns green and makes a clicking sound ensures your cooker is safely closed and ready to go. And when it’s time to clean, the handle is removable for added convenience. 

fissler vitavit vs vitaquickMoving on to the pressure skillet, an upgraded version of a frying pan it gives you its suppleness and the power of a pressure cooker.

It comes with their patented honeycomb textured base called the Novogrill; use minimal oil and perfectly brown your salmon fillets, fry your chicken without getting them soaked in a pool of oil, and sear a freshly cut portion of beef. The Vitavit set is a power couple for its excellent combo of smart features and premium quality. 

Why Say Yes?
  • The pressure cooker set comes with the Cook star base that is compatible with all stovetops, including induction.
  • A traffic light system that indicates how much pressure is required turning cooking in a  pressure cooker into a fun and straightforward task
  • Has measurement marks for easy filling without a measuring cup
  • Vitavit pressure cookers are known for their quietness and steamless cooking
  • An ergonomic shape that allows easy piling and saves space in the kitchen racks
  • Very easy cleanup – just rinse with clean water
Why Say No?
  • Costs a fortune
  • Complaints of handles coming off
  • Hawkins pressure cookers can reach higher pressure settings

Now What?

Fissler brought the first pressure cooker with multiple settings in the valve in 1950. They have a reputation to defend when it comes to their pressure cookers. Regardless of price, you can rely on them for premium performance and long-term results.

Fissler Protect Steelux Premium Non-Stick Fry Pan Stainless steel CookwareTop-of-The-Class Fry Pan

The Fissler Protect Steelux Premium Nonstick Fry Pan is one of the best in the business. Its 11-inch of goodness is constructed from 18/10 stainless steel that is resistant to heat, durable, and supports all stovetops.

Sauteing veggies or scramblings eggs will never be more comfortable, thanks to its rounded base that allows your utensils to reach every nook and corner of the pan effortlessly. Additionally, its Protect Plus nonstick coating is a solid selling point.

When you bring in the top-notch nonstick sealing that lets you cook with no oil and fry the best chicken, there’s not much else to consider—their superior nonstick results in the best movement of food and effortless food release. Lastly, the safety handles are convenient when you don’t have to worry about them heating up, and they provide you with a reliable grip. 

fissler crispy steelux premium fry pan review

Why Say Yes?
  • It has wide-angled rims that let you pour without drips
  • Cook star base for superior heat distribution and retention
  • The hook-in function of the safety handle lets you use a splatter shield for extra safety
  • PFOA-free nonstick
  • Healthy cooking using low oil
Why Say No?
  • Nonstick coating may wear out over time, according to customers’ reviews
  • Pricey for one fry pan

Now What? 

Not many negatives considering its premium construction and reliability, but as always, Fissler cookware are expensive. But this is one of the best frying pans that gives you loads of features to reconsider the price tag. 


Why a Pressure Cooker?

The key difference between a pressure cooker and a regular one is the temperature. A pressure cooker achieves significantly higher temperatures than a standard cooker, which results in a drastic reduction in cooking time (by 70 degrees).

This saves more energy and the result of which is food cooked with care. Your meals come out more rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

How should I approach cleaning my Steelux Premium Fry Pan?

Clean your fry pan with warm or hot water (preferably), or simply use a paper towel to wipe it clean. In the long run, manually wash your fry pan with mild dish soap (avoid harsh cleaning agents) and gentle scrubs, and season them with oil from time to time for longer-lasting nonstick. 

Vitavit vs Vitaquick, what’s the difference?

They are elementarily the same in terms of pricing, design, and features. However, the Vitaquick is much more manageable for beginners, especially Vitaquick pressure cookers. 

What are the different cookware lines in the Fissler portfolio?

Fissler cookware includes the Original Profi-Collection, the Fissler Solea, and the Fissler Luno.

What is the main difference between cladded (All-Clad) cookware and disc-based cookware (Fissler)?

Cladded cookware is generally more expensive but is more flexible in terms of practicality than disc-based cookware. Moreover, because cladded cookware has multi-layered walls, and disc-based cookware has thinner walls and a thicker base, the latter is lighter in weight. 


Fissler cookware is premium quality and does perform well in the kitchen. Their stainless steel is generally better than regular stainless steel, but you pay relatively high prices (especially for individual pieces).

Fissler can be substituted for a more affordable price range with brands like All-Clad cookware around, which provide just as fierce quality and performance. However, the Fissler pressure cookers are top-class, and you are better off owning one than not.

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