Ruffoni Cookware – The Cleopatra of Cookware (Editorial Review)

Italy and food is a love story we are accustomed to. Good food and cooking are foundational to Italian culture, bringing people together, uplifting the community around each other. Ruffoni cookware is one such cookware brand. Birthed by Antonio Ruffoni when he made his first copper pot to mark his son’s birth, Fremide, in 1931, the cookware brand has gone onto grow, all the while remaining a family business in its essence. Their use of traditional, age-old craftsmanship methods resonates in their culture of staying local and genuinely Italian. For every piece of cookware you buy from them, you get the love of family, the handmade feel of local communities, and the elegance of Italian beauty.

In 2010, Ruffoni cookware befriended another cookware specialist and genius Stanley K Cheng. From then on, they have gone onto incorporate modern technologies in their production methods while staying true to their roots of hammering and crafty finishes of copper onto other multi-layered materials – something that’s never been done before.

The brand remains an inspiration for cooking. Their friendship with chefs worldwide allows them to keep innovating and catering their cookware to a more cooking-based experience that fulfills all customers worldwide. 

Ruffoni Symphonia Prima Stainless Steel Triply Copper Cookware Set – 7 Piece, BrownAesthetic, Elegant, Superior Heat Conductivity

The Ruffoni Symphonia Prima Stainless Steel Triply Copper Cookware set is a delicacy to look at in its brown tint and use. Symphonia, meaning ‘symphony’ in Latin, truly gives you the seamless experience of an orchestra of music, and your kitchen is your theatre. Each pot and pan piece is hand-hammered and given a shiny polished finish that perfectly adds to the kitchen decor. 

ruffoni symphonia cupra review

Even though the cookware set is primarily stainless steel, the core is constructed with copper-wrapped thick aluminum to provide superior heat conduction (hence it’s called tri-ply). In contrast, the interior is bonded with stainless steel to provide excellent durability, easy cleanup, and convenience. The lids are mirror-like and snug-fitting, so all those good flavors and heat remain inside. The shiny and ergonomic cast stainless steel handles with a copper accent provide a perfect grip, and the stamped copper signets are a Ruffoni signature. Connoisseurs and food critics alike will love the gourmet-cooking the Ruffoni Symphonia Prima cookware line offers. 

The Pluses

The Ruffoni cookware set of pots and pans is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They are compatible with all stovetops, including induction. Moreover, they provide an excellent tabletop performance. The cookware set also offers a lifetime warranty.

The Negatives

The cookware set is rather expensive and is primarily made from stainless steel; therefore, it won’t be as durable as cookware made from hard-anodized aluminum. They are not dishwasher-safe as well, so cleanup will be complicated and time-consuming.


The Ruffoni cookware set is perfect as a gift. However, if you are an avid-cooker with a passion for an enhanced kitchen experience, this might just be the cookware set and brand for you. Utilize this cookware set to cook unique recipes for family dinners, with its superior heat conduction, long-lasting durability, and just the satisfaction of serving in cookware that looks this fancy. 

Ruffoni 4″/0.61-Qt. Mini Pot with Lid Tri-ply Stockpot, 4 Inch, CopperBenefit From the Pros of Multi-Layered Metal Cookware

The Ruffoni Tri-ply Stockpot with lid in copper is beautiful to look at, and you’ll realize that when you serve the chicken meal resting warm inside it, directly from the pot itself, and get more glances at its shiny brilliance than the food itself. But it cooks just as well; the stockpot is constructed mainly of copper (staying true to their copper craftsmanship) but has a thick aluminum core to ensure the best heat conduction and retention. 

ruffoni copper clad cookware

The copper finish on the exterior gives it better durability. Simultaneously, a polished stainless steel interior adds food contents’ flexibility to move around and the most effortless cleanup. Their elegance exceeds expectations, as the exquisitely-shaped cast stainless steel handles are double-riveted as well, so you can carry the stockpot from the stovetop to the oven and the table without a worry. Cook saucy spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, or a portion of turkey, and gather around with family and friends for the best-cooked meals. 

The Pluses

The Ruffoni mini pot is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made from the traditional production methods of Ruffoni, by the hands of their local craftsman, while remains contemporary to modern design and aesthetic. Great for simmering food, braising meat, deep-frying chicken, cooking soup, etc. Compatible on all stovetops including, electric, gas, and induction. 

The Negatives

The stockpot is relatively expensive compared to many contemporary brands that offer almost the same features. It is also not as big, which is essential for pots to have, as you will be cooking larger meals in them. They are not dishwasher safe as well, taking up time to clean. 


The Ruffoni Triply stockpot is an excellent addition to your kitchen, given its durable construction of multi-ply metals like copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Its superior ability to conduct and retain heat is essential for slow-cooked meals. The stainless steel interior allows for easy cleaning with hands, regardless of not being dishwasher-safe. A quality stockpot is a must for any kitchen, and if you are willing to spend, spend where worthy. 

Ruffoni Symphonia Prima 7-Quart Covered Braiser, Stainless Steel – Durability, Versatility, and Quality Performance!

Another Ruffoni hammered stainless steel brilliance is their Symphonia Prima 7-quart covered braiser. In size, it’s smaller than a stockpot but taller than a frying pan, but it gives you the luxury to host large family dinners. Whether you want to braise some meat, cook a stew, simmer your gravy, this braiser will perform excellently from the stovetop to the oven and to the dinner table. You will find a seamless momentum in your cooking throughout the process of every meal. 

ruffoni stainless steel cookware review

A braiser must be efficient in dealing with different temperatures and ensuring evenly cooked meals. The Ruffoni Symphonia Prima Braiser does just that with its aluminum alloy core impeccable in heat conduction and retention (for those slow-cooked meals in low heat). In contrast, the interior is a polished stainless steel finish for convenient cleanup (a significant time-saver). However, their exterior, also constructed from stainless steel, is unlike other stainless steel pots and pans. Their artisanal craftsmanship of hand-hammered, tri-ply stainless steel provides guaranteed durability and sustainable performance in the long run. The elegant-looking, dual-riveted handles are comfortable to touch and adds convenience in handling the weight. The lids are perfectly snug in their fit, so they can seal in the cooking fluids and flavor while maintaining the optimal heat to soften or toughen the meat you’re cooking.    

The Pluses

The Ruffoni Symphonia Prima 7-quart braiser is made from cast stainless steel and is compatible with all stovetops, including induction. Their heavy-duty build ensures performance in high heat and is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, you get a premium handmade cookware all the way from Italy.

The Minuses 

The braiser is not dishwasher-safe, and like all Ruffoni cookware, is quite expensive (you could buy an entire cookware set for its price). It is also stainless steel and so is lightweight compared to copper or aluminum. 


This is a braiser for the extravagant evenings when you cook your secret family recipe and serve it as a royal meal. Its premium quality and build make it worthy for many to purchase it on first-look. 

Ruffoni Cookware vs All-Clad Cookware vs  Mauviel Cookware: What’s the Difference?

In the world of copper cookware with layers of metal alloys, what is it that makes Ruffoni different? Ruffoni cookware provides their signature hand-hammered technique. But it isn’t just for the ‘aesthetic’, as has been proven by their years of consistent quality and durability. The hand-hammered approach enhances the heat conductivity by ensuring invariable distribution of heat and air. It makes Ruffoni cookware more resistant to damage and adds to long-term durability. Moreover, their hand-crafted process of lining each of their pots and pans with nonreactive, pure tin provides an uninterrupted flavor of every meal you cook without the pungent taste of metal interfering. 

ruffoni vs all cladRuffoni’s testament to its traditional, age-old production methods uplift their performance through the decades in terms of performance. Their pots and pans carry on with their elegant design and provide excellent heat distribution and temperature control, staying true to their history and heritage. Their product-oriented focus has made them the renowned brand they are today, and you can always place your faith in a brand that started as a family business and went on for generations. 

They have not been shy to boast premium prices on the pricing, as it resonates with their premium products. They are a premium brand, and upon first glance, anyone is safe to assume they are looking at a top-of-the-line cookware product that will be costly. However, their premium prices may be just worthy to many of you for their history and quality consistency. 

All-Clad is one of the renowned pioneers in the cookware business that has been in the game for decades. They were the early innovators that made multi-ply metal cookware a thing; you can always trust All-Clad for their composite material cookware. 

All-Clad producers produce their cookware with a copper core with stainless steel for superior durability and quality performance. The copper core is combined with double-layer aluminum and another two layers of stainless steel on top of that. This gives anyone a picture of heavyweight cookware; however, the brilliance of All-Clad cookware is that they provide the benefit of heavy-duty performance while being relatively lightweight. Hence, when you buy All-Clad cookware, you are guaranteed even heat distribution consistently throughout the cookware. This is evident when you notice a few pancakes are slightly overcooked than the rest, which is why an evenly distributed heat surface is essential. In terms of value, All-Clad’s pricing is quite similar to Ruffoni; however, you get value for your money with every piece of cookware.

Mauviel, last up on the list, is another copper cookware genius. A French brand, established in Villedieu-les-Poeles, a Normandy village in 1830, has its heritage built on their area rich in copper manufacture history. Their fame comes from their brilliance in quality and design. Mauviel offers an extended portfolio of copper and stainless steel cookware. 

In terms of their build, they are more about getting the work done, less about looks. Mauviel supports all stovetops besides induction; however, they provide an induction stovetop disc for your cookware. Their pricing represents their reputation and is similar in range to Ruffoni and All-Clad cookware.    

The best of the best will be the Mauviel M’Heritage if you’re looking for the best copper cookware. The All-Clad D5 Stainless Steel cookware set will be the number one option for stainless steel cookware. 

mauviel vs all clad


Can Ruffoni cookware be customized to my specifications?

Yes, some of Ruffoni’s cookware can be customized accordingly.

What’s the first thing I do after purchasing my new Ruffoni cookware?

Don’t tear the packaging and get to cooking right away, even though they look all shiny and exciting. Instead, wash the cookware with lukewarm soapy water with a sponge (avoid metal sponges) and let them dry off completely before your first usage. 

How do I enhance the lifespan of my cookware? 

Don’t put them in the dishwasher; instead, wash them manually with mild dish soap and soft sponges. When cooking on stovetops, use low to mild heat, and avoid leaving the cookware on high-heat for long periods. 

What are some of the cookware lines and their key differences?

Ruffoni has Symphonia Prima, Symphonia Cupra, Opus Cupra, Opus Prima, etc. The Symphonia Prima is made of stainless steel and supports all stovetops, including induction; the Symphonia Cupra is solid copper and does not support induction. The Opus Cupra is made of solid copper and is oven-safe up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the Opus Prima is made of stainless steel, supports induction stovetops, and is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Is Ruffoni a Chinese owned brand?

Ruffoni is a cookware line whose parent firm is Meyer Corporation( parent company Meyer Manufacturing and Co. based in Hong Kong), based in California, United States. But its products are made in Italy. 

Summing it Up

Ruffoni cookware will remain a renowned name in the business for years to come. Their friendship with Stanley K Cheng took them to another level, and you, as a customer, are assured of quality and performance. Ruffoni is a brand that will be worthy of your hard-earned cash.

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