Gotham Steel Crisper Tray – A Healthy Way to Eat Your Favorite Fatty Food

Let us begin on a funny note.

There is a sweet little fat boy by the name of Danny in my neighborhood. One day, I asked him, “Dear, why do you not go on a diet? It is good for you.” He replied, “I am always on an SEA food diet. I SEE food, and I eat it.”

I think Danny might not have read the “Gotham Steel Crisper Tray Reviews.”

No one likes to be called, ‘Fatso.’ Yes, it is in your hands to ensure that you remain trim and fit. You can still see your food and eat it but healthily.

When I say, ‘a healthy way,’ I mean without the unnecessary oils, butter, and other fats. Is it possible? Of course, it is.

The Gotham crisper tray is the answer you are looking for.

Gotham Steel Copper Crisper Reviews 2021(Updated)

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What is the Gotham Crisper Tray?

It is a beautiful and innovative technique using which you can cook your favorite food without using oil. If I tell this fact to Danny’s mother, she would be the first one to order it online.

How is this Possible?

All through our lives, we have been using oil to fry our foods. Yes, they are tasty and crispy when we have our French Fries. However, they take a toll on our health. This method of oil-free cooking is the one we have been waiting for all these years. Let us see how to use Gotham Steel crisper tray.

In simple words, this is a baking rack that you place inside the oven. The heat circulating around the food gives it a crispy taste. In the conventional oven tray, the air does not circulate around it. In this way, the crisper tray is better. Let us see the benefits of using this Gotham Steel crisper tray.

Benefits of Using this Tray:

  • No need to flip your food as air circulating around your food makes it crispier without you having to flip it.
  • Get golden and crispy food just as if you have fried them, but without oil.
  • This is a non-stick cookware thereby making it easy to clean it. You can toss it around inside your dishwasher.
  • The durable titanium construction makes it a pretty strong product.
  • Easy to grip handles allow you to remove the tray from your microwave oven easily
  • There is no chance of any spillage because the copper tray catches the crumbs, drips, and splatters.
  • The rectangular shape ensures your food cooks evenly on all sides.
  • This tray can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Gotham Steel Crisper Tray Reviews:

1. Gotham Steel Crisper Tray Set

  • Frying your foods without a trace of oil is possible with this crisper tray. In addition to frying, you can grill and bake your foods too.
  • The air circulating inside the oven allows you to cook the food evenly from all sides. There is no need of flipping the food for making it crispy as you normally do so. This enables you to get perfectly golden crispy food without having to add oil or butter.
  • Cleaning your tray is not an issue at all because it is dishwasher friendly. Follow the Gotham steel crisper tray instructions to avail all benefits.
  • No grease = No fuss
  • Get high-quality crispy food without using oil
  • High quality looks
  • Little longer to cook than the time mentioned in Gotham crisper recipes book

2. Gotham Steel Nonstick Copper Crisper Tray

  • By allowing the air to circulate around the food, this tray enables even cooking. Hence, you get crispy food that remains crispy until the last bite.
  • This is a great tray to have to pizzas, oven fries, and other foods that require browning.
  • The best aspect is that you do not need even a cooking spray, leave alone oil or butter, to fry your favorite foods.
  • Toss it into the dishwasher with ease for a great cleanup operation.
  • The food slides out beautifully
  • As there is no oil, you have long-lasting food
  • I am allergic to PTFE. This tray is PTFE / PFQA / PFOS free.
  • The basket should have been attached to the tray.
  • The copper coating on the basket is an issue as it turns black occasionally.

3. Copper Chef Crisper Deluxe

  • Copper Chef Crisper DeluxeHeating your food up to 4500 might spoil your food, but not this tray. Your food does not require any turning or flipping over. The best part of it all is that the food does not burn.
  • Air circulation around the food is possible because of the ceramic coated non-stick basket.
  • You do not find any crumbs falling off from the cakes you bake because the cookie sheet catches them all.
  • This tray is a large one, just about the right size to cater to my family.
  • Love the size of the tray
  • Less fat and calories so that we remain healthy
  • Copper does not rust
  • I did not know that I had to soak the copper tray initially before using it.

4. Bacon Bonanza

  • Bacon BonanzaThe rack is placed in such a way that it causes fat to seep away thereby ensuring your bacon remains free from grease and residue. You get your bacon crispy and perfectly cooked.
  • The non-stick nature of the rack does not allow bacon strips to stick to the rack. It is easy to serve. Use your non-stick drip tray to prepare other items.
  • Cleaning this tray should not be an issue at all because of the dishwasher friendly feature.
  • I do not have to use oil for cooking. That is the biggest bonus for me.
  • The food does not stick to the tray thereby making it easy to clean.
  • The rack is a non-stick item, but the pan is not.

5. Multipurpose Crisper Basket

  • My family is important to me, more than anything else. This multipurpose basket allows me to enjoy time with my family while cooking them a delicious dish at the same time.
  • I do not like to use oil. The technology in use in this basket permits me this luxury. I have by pizzas and fries as tasty as if it had been fried in oil. Hence, I end up consuming fewer calories thereby making me fit and not fat.
  • I love the confidence shown by the manufacturer as he offers a lifetime guarantee on this product. By the way, no one else does, I suppose.
  • Crispy, crunchy food without a trace of oil
  • Evenly cooked food
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Not perfect for all Gotham crispier recipes as I found cookies getting over-baked.

6. Gotham Steel Brooklyn Brownie

  • One of the best trays for baking brownies and cookies, you have a self-slicing pan to help you in the process.
  • The best aspect of this product is that it allows me to mix the batter right into the pan.
  • You get 18 crispy brownies in one attempt. It is a pleasure to see the brownies pop out of the tray one by one.
  • You need not use any butter or oil thereby helping you to maintain your calorie count.
  • I love being able to mix the batter in the same tray thereby saving me the inconvenience of transferring from one tray to another.
  • I love cakes. This pan helps me bake some of the best cakes in the neighborhood.
  • One of my friends got a fake piece when we both ordered together

7. Gotham Non-Stick Copper Cookie Sheet

  • If cookies are what you love, you cannot get a better cookie sheet than this product. The greatest advantage is that you do not have to any butter or oil.
  • Being non-stick cookware, food foes do not stick to the pan thereby allowing you to clean it easily.
  • The Aluminum and Titanium finish is scratch resistant.
  • Heat up your food even up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Clean your pan easily and maintain it as if it were new.
  • Oil and butter-free, hence no chance to put on weight
  • The titanium finish is a great one and scratch-free as well
  • After a couple of uses, the gray paint comes off the bottom of the pan.

8. Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama Nonstick Crisper Tray

  • One aspect of this product I love is the appearance. It makes for a great sight.
  • You can bake your cakes, cookies, Pizzas and fry your chips without using any oil or butter. This provides me with a great option to remain fit and indulges in my favorite food at the same time.
  • Cleaning this tray is a dream. Toss it in your dishwasher and out it comes sparklingly clean.
  • The appearance is bewitching
  • Performance-wise, I am impressed
  • The Gotham crispier tray instructions say that you get crispy food without flipping. Occasionally, it was not the case.

Final Words:

We have just reviewed eight of the best Gotham crisper trays. The common factor in each one of them is that they allow you to fry foods without using oil or butter. That should gladden the hearts of people who are worried about their calorie intake.

Now, Danny should not have a problem in choosing any one of these eight trays and ensure that he remains fit.

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