Lagostina Cookware: Italian Artistry

Carlo Lagostina is the man behind the brand; founded in Omegna, Italy, in 1901, the brand soon became Italian pioneers of cookware. They are known for their immaculate Italian craftsmanship, exquisite design, technological innovativeness combined with premium quality materials. 

They have numerous cookware, both available as individual pieces as well as sets to choose from. Today we review the best Lagostina cookware set in the market right now.

 Lagostina Cookware Set Reviews

Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware SetPremium Quality Cookware That Performs on The Daily!

The cookware set is a pleasant sight to look at; its posh hammered copper exterior and shiny stainless steel interior combine for an aesthetic allure. It is an intelligent allocation of brilliant and practical features that make the cookware set stand out in every kitchen. You can cook pasta, saute veggies, add some spice to your chicken curry in the saucepan, or scramble some eggs for breakfast with this do-it-all set of pots and pans. 

lagostina cookware review

The key attributes that make Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Stainless Steel the ball-player in the kitchen are the following: its tri-ply construction hammered copper exterior, high-end 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface, tapered rims, cast stainless steel handles, and lids. 

The Tri-Ply Build & Heat Management

The Lagostina cookware set is made to last and perform heavily every day of the week. An aluminum core interspersed between a hammered copper exterior that is stainless and a professional-grade nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel interior makes the pots and pans exceptionally durable and meet benchmark quality. 

The copper exterior is inherently efficient in conducting heat and, most importantly, retaining it. Retaining heat in cooking semantics means it can hold on to the heat long after it’s removed from the heat source. This allows you to cook in low temperatures, save energy, and even store food for long periods without losing the flavors and heat. 

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The cooking surface of any cookware is elementary to the results you achieve. You can buy the most expensive cookware, and if the cooking surface is not up to the mark or doesn’t suit your stovetop, then none of it matters. Hence, Lagostina pays equal attention to performance as it does on looks and aesthetics, giving us the surgical-grade spotless 18/10 stainless steel interior. It ensures flexible movement of food, so the sugary substances don’t stick, and you can flip your pancakes and stir your gravy with utmost ease and comfort. The surface is also known for its ability to sear and brown your food to perfection. So get the salmon fillets out of the freezer and season your pan with butter. Brown the salmon fillets with the butter and honey garlic sauce, squeeze in some lime juice, and taste the best homemade salmon fillet you’ve ever made!

Lastly, the aluminum heart makes heat transfer efficient and effective. It combines with the copper exterior’s ability to deal with excessive temperatures and the stainless steel interior’s suaveness to give you the best cooking performance every time. 

Ergonomic Design

Cooking on any stovetop is better done when you can comfortably handle the pan with confidence. You can freely swing your pan back and forth as you mix in the gravy to your meat and smoothly toss and stir the contents without worrying about a mess. A carefully engineered ergonomic design brings together all the necessary tweaks to make you feel in control at all times. Maintaining your own pace when cooking is vital in making sure the food you cook goes your way and you don’t bend to its mishaps. 

The stainless steel lids, spotless like a mirror, are heavy and snug-fitting. They seal in all the precious steam and moisture inside, without which your food never tastes right. A well-designed lid is essential for cookware like stockpots where you cook large meals over long periods. The condensed steam pouring back in, the moisture not escaping, and the heat levels inside maintained optimally are crucial in ensuring the meat is tender. The curry is evenly spiced, the chicken is smoky enough, etc. This is precisely accomplished through the finely made stainless steel lids from Lagostina.

lagostina martellata review

Secondly, the cast stainless steel handles are another boost to cooking with confidence. If your handles are too small compared to the rims’, then it’s probable you may just drop them and create a hot mess. In contrast, a handle that heats up reasonably quickly will cause avoidable accidents. Lagostina’s handles made from fully cast stainless steel are bonded onto the cookware with these in mind. A cast handle is more robust the higher the carbon content involved, and a full cast stainless steel handle is anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive. Thanks to the brilliant construction, the handles are built to last a lifetime, and you can carry your heavy pot with ease from stovetop to oven and table hassle-free. 

The tapered rims are made to avoid spillovers and allow easy pouring of liquids. So when you have an excess of cooking liquid you need to get rid of, conveniently pour it out with ease.  

  • Copper exterior offers fast heating and cooling time, precise temperature control
  • Tri-ply construction ensures heat conduction and retention, even heat distribution
  • Compatible with glass, ceramic, gas stovetops
  • Hammered copper exterior aesthetically pleasing and highly durable
  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Broiler-safe for added versatility in cooking
  • An assortment of basic pots and pans for cooking family dinners
  • Highly-rated cookware set on Amazon
  • Ergonomic handles, lids, and rims
  • Italian crafstmanship
  • A gorgeous design fit for any kitchen decor
  • Incompatible with induction cookers
  • Expensive
  • Copper exterior discolors and damages over time
  • The dishwasher can ruin the outlook
  • Copper exterior requires extra maintenance

Two Cents

The Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set is expensive but classy, prone to discoloring, but equally well-performing on the stove. First-class heat mastery earns it high ratings. If you are searching for cookware that looks pretty but performs like a monster truck, this cookware set might just be your perfect fit. Its tri-ply construction and the hammered copper exterior and aluminum core provide you with the best cooking performance all around. The cookware set is definitely worth buying. 

Lagostina Pots And Pans Reviews

Lagostina Giada Stainless Steel Dutch Oven with LidThe Prettiest Dutch Oven Out There!

The Giada collection is one of Lagostina’s acclaimed cookware gems. Their dutch oven flaunts an eye-catching aesthetic in its polished stainless steel body and performs just as well with a copper tri-ply construction adjoined. You can practically fulfill a range of cooking functions with this gem; whether you want to boil pasta water, saute veggies, cook a colorful stew, and bake some cheesy lasagna, just go ahead and do it! 

lagostina ambiente reviewWatch out for its superior triple-layer construction and a seamless cooking surface, and its robust handles and hammered copper lids.

Flaunting The Brilliance of Fine Construction & Elegant Interior Surface

The Lagostina Giada Dutch Oven was built from scratch for premium performance. A mirror-like stainless steel body befriends a tri-ply copper base, rigid and ergonomic in its place, which allows for superior heat conduction and retention (perfection for slow-cooked meals like the gravy to your curry). Copper is significantly superior in heat management and transfers over stainless steel and the fusion earns the dutch oven deserved praise. And combining its equally well-engineered stainless steel cooking surface, the case becomes too convincing to dismiss. The subtlety of a premium-grade stainless steel cooking surface is truly felt in the foods you cook on them. The copper and stainless steel come together to give you the creamiest plates of pasta, the equally sweet and spicy corns for your gravy, savory ramen noodles, and quickly boiled water as well. 

lagostina copper cookware review

Hammered Copper Lids & Stay Cool Stainless Steel Handles as Well

The beautiful stockpot also offers the allure of copper in its snug-fitting lids. Hammered to robustness, the lids seal in precious steam and moisture to ensure refined cooking performances every time. Meanwhile, the pot is very flexible and easy to carry. Thanks to its stainless steel handles that are riveted onto the body, the weight is distributed evenly, and the icing on the cake is its stay-cool feature that ensures the handles are safe to touch at all times.   

  • Oven & Broiler-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Copper tri-ply base
  • Stay-cool riveted handles
  • Giada signature
  • Superior heat management and transfer
  • Aesthetic cookware
  • The hammered copper lid is tight-fitting
  • 4 quarts, lots of room
  • Lightweight at 3.99 pounds
  • Copper prone to discoloration and damage
  • Relatively difficult to clean

Two Cents

The Giada dutch oven is one of the best out there. It’s copper and stainless steel tri-ply construction and a spotless cooking surface make it hard to say no to. Moreover, their copper base ensures a long-lasting heat performance, and at 3.99 pounds, it is relatively easy to handle. 

Lagostina Nera Hard-Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware OptionsFrypan Dressed With Pot Features!

This frypan range from Lagostina is right there up top with the best frypans and skillets in the cookware market. A finely engineered work of practicality and versatility, the frypans can become your most favorite kitchen companion in no time. 

Lagostina frying pan reviewIts hard-anodized aluminum assembly, with a supreme nonstick, finely built handles, and guess what? Lagostina’s signature hammered stainless steel lids make the frypan first-rate and on top of anyone’s shopping list at the home depot.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum + Dual Layer Nonstick – Masterclass cooking and comfortable cleaning 

A genuine work of technological craftsmanship, inspired by generations of Italian culinary excellence, the hard-anodized aluminum body is twice tougher than stainless steel. It conducts and retains heat mercilessly well, so don’t bother frying your eggs without oil. On that note, the nonstick is what makes this frypan option worth double the consideration. 

Two layers of nonstick coating that also provide metal utensil safety build up the premise for sleek flipping pancakes out of a beginner cook, the avid cooker’s passion for refining their regular bacon to red hot perfection, and the motivation in the lazy washer through easy cleanup.  

Want to know more?

lagostina pots and pans reviews

Cast and dual riveted stainless steel handle + Hammered stainless steel lids – the cherry on top!

Usually, when sauteing your finely chopped spring onions, diced garlic, and tomatoes, you wish your frypan came with snug-fitting lids to allow them to sear and bathe in the smoky moisture and heat for those lingering minutes before take-off. And the cherry on top is that Lagostina adds this convenience with premium quality and hammered stainless steel tightly fitting lids. Now watch your sliced and diced veggies sauteed ideally.

  • Oven & broiler-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Frypan with hammered stainless steel lids
  • Dual-layer nonstick
  • Easy cleanup
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Double riveted cast stainless steel handles
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • Expensive but gives value for money
  • Faulty handles

Two Cents

The frypan set in grey comes in 10 & 12-inch options and provides more than the regular pans. Its hard-anodized aluminum body and two-layer nonstick give it the value it earns for the price you pay. The snug-fitting hammered lids are a bonus you generally don’t get with frypans and come in handy as you’ll use frypans every day. 

Extra Tips

Yes, the copper exterior loses color and starts looking like old rusty cookware soon enough. But with color, the quality does not fade. And there’s an easy solution to bring back the cookware’s newness like when you first bought it. 

Follow the three steps: 

1) Clean the pot or pan thoroughly with clean water.

2) Using a copper-safe cleaning agent and a soft dishcloth, scrub the cookware gently but attentively so as not to miss any discolored spot 

3) Afterward, rinse the pot or pan and allow it to dry completely at room temperature 

4) Repeat as many times necessary, and you will get the shiny copper look back in no time

A Game for Two: Lagostina vs. All-Clad

Lagostina, although an Italian company, manufactures its cookware in China. All-Clad is an American giant of cookware, and their quality, performance, and reputation are unmatched. All-Clad began their journey in the 70s, and through technological innovation, top-notch engineering, and craftsmanship, they have defied the standard time and time again.   

lagostina vs all cladLagostina, in contrast, has been in the game since 1901. One man’s Italian family brand has garnered its reputation through finely crafted artisanal cookware worth being kept in museums. They are famously known for pressure cookers.

Now we arrange the two side by side for a duel to see who comes out on top. 


When it comes to pricing, there is a significant distinction between the two brands. One is made in the USA, and the other in China. Lagostina is cheaper because it is made in China and is more durable than All-Clad. 

Clean & Care

All-Clad cookware is relatively convenient to clean for its durable stainless steel build; however, leaving them untouched for long will cause the body to lose its shiny feel. The nonstick All-Clad isn’t dishwasher-safe and hence needs manual washing mild dish soap and soft sponges. Lagostina, on the other hand, is better washed manually than with dishwashers to sustain quality. But always clean and dry each cookware after use thoroughly.

Heat Management

All-Clad is famous for its ability to cook in high heat temperatures; however, it isn’t as thermally efficient as Lagostina’s copper cookware. Lagostina provides even heat distribution and is the best at browning, searing, sauteing your food to perfection. It is better in cooking evenly cooked food because it distributes heat throughout the pan, unlike All-Clad.


All-Clad has received complaints in the past regarding their sharp and sturdy handles that are uncomfortable to hold and don’t distribute the weight evenly, making it harder to carry them around. Lagostina handles, even though they are better designed, tend to heat up and can cause accidents. 


All-Clad provides a wide range of cookware in their portfolio, and they are expensive. If you are looking for a renovated kitchen, making a hefty investment on an All-Clad cookware set may last you for years to come. Lagostina offers a smaller range of cookware but isn’t as expensive, and in terms of design, thermal conductivity, and other smart tweaks, they are a brand worth buying.


How to keep my Lagostina cookware in mint condition?

Don’t let your cookware go through drastic temperature changes. After use, let it cool down before rinsing it thoroughly with clean water. Scrub gently with mild dish soap, and wash to let it dry afterward. 

I have used metal utensils on the cooking surface of my Lagostina frypan. What should I do to get rid of the scratch marks?

Sprinkle baking soda liberally onto the affected spots. Add a tablespoon of vinegar and fill the container with water. Boil the mixture for ten minutes. The grease and marks will loosen up. Gently scrub and dry off completely after the final wash.

Does Lagostina nonstick include PFOA, PFAS, Cadmium, or Lead?

No, Lagostina has remained committed to safe cooking and avoids the use of such substances.

Three crucial tips for maintenance and care of my Lagostina cookware

  • Do not leave your cookware uncovered; use the lids provided.
  • Make sure your Lagostina is induction compatible to prevent damage to its base
  • Always clean the cookware manually and avoid harsh cleaning agents and steel wires

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